Power outage ruined my achievement streak. My GTASC Team is in the negative as they're obviously not participating. Damn it!


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ScramblesDKHeal: Console EditionScramblesDK completed the game Heal: Console Edition and is the 645th gamer on the site to complete it
dalagar111DIRT 5
            Secret Achievementdalagar111 won the Secret Achievement in DIRT 5 for 45 points
ScramblesDKLoot Hero DXScramblesDK completed the game Loot Hero DX and is the 3,686th gamer on the site to complete it
ScramblesDKLoot Hero DXScramblesDK started the game Loot Hero DX
ScramblesDKScramblesDK has reached a new milestone: 410 Completed Games
ScramblesDKBonds of the SkiesScramblesDK completed the game Bonds of the Skies and is the 154th gamer on the site to complete it
ScramblesDKBonds of the SkiesScramblesDK won 2 Achievements in Bonds of the Skies for 241 points
FITZ 188MLB The Show 21FITZ 188 completed the game MLB The Show 21 and is the 466th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by WN VET at 04:20 on 10 May 2021

GG bro

Comment by The Cherished at 04:20 on 10 May 2021

Nice one!

Comment by Tressilation at 18:15 on 10 May 2021

Very nice!

FITZ 188MLB The Show 21FITZ 188 won 2 Achievements in MLB The Show 21 for 306 points
dalagar111Narita Boydalagar111 completed the game Narita Boy and is the 515th gamer on the site to complete it
FITZ 188DayZFITZ 188 completed the game DayZ and is the 2,274th gamer on the site to complete it
FITZ 188DayZFITZ 188 won 11 Achievements in DayZ for 2904 points
FITZ 188DayZBabyface achievementFITZ 188 won the Babyface achievement in DayZ for 125 points
FITZ 188DayZHeal the world achievementFITZ 188 won the Heal the world achievement in DayZ for 156 points
FITZ 188DayZLobotomy achievementFITZ 188 won the Lobotomy achievement in DayZ for 408 points
FITZ 188DayZClose and personal achievementFITZ 188 won the Close and personal achievement in DayZ for 503 points
FITZ 188DayZGeared achievementFITZ 188 won the Geared achievement in DayZ for 146 points
FITZ 188DayZAct of mercy achievementFITZ 188 won the Act of mercy achievement in DayZ for 20 points
FITZ 188DayZPacify achievementFITZ 188 won the Pacify achievement in DayZ for 93 points
FITZ 188DayZNatural instincts achievementFITZ 188 won the Natural instincts achievement in DayZ for 537 points
FITZ 188DayZMarksman achievementFITZ 188 won the Marksman achievement in DayZ for 691 points
FITZ 188DayZBodily needs achievementFITZ 188 won the Bodily needs achievement in DayZ for 25 points
BigZombieDudeA Way OutBigZombieDude completed the game A Way Out and is the 24,088th gamer on the site to complete it
FITZ 188DayZFITZ 188 won 2 Achievements in DayZ for 441 points
FITZ 188DayZField cook achievementFITZ 188 won the Field cook achievement in DayZ for 299 points
FITZ 188DayZFITZ 188 started the game DayZ
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