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Well,Ive sendt a couple of messages,updated some,but at the same time I feel like Im not entirely rid of the stress involved at all times.
I know people say dont worry,but at the same time its something I do think about even if I shouldnt.

Weeks fly by faster than expected.

Sometimes stuff happens,sometimes oppertunities arise,and some times mood switches.

I think the best thing is propably just to follow your own flow,and try to make it as simple as possible for yourself,and everyone else involved.

Ive meet alot of nice people on this site,and I would like to play something with you all.
So many good games.
Time is restricted,focus/attention may be moved,and there is time consuming long games I really would like to get into aswell.
RPG aspects or just challenging games that requires alot of practice.

Ive compilled a list of agreements/talks in chronological order,around the time I remember agreeing them.
Blacklist beeing the oldest,dating back to January,Ive postponed this too long,but Ive switched my focus towards it,sorry Roy :)

List of agreements contains :

Splinter Cell Blacklist
Enemy Front
Alien Breed series
The Outfit
Cod : Ghost
Dead Space 3
AC : Assault Horizon (mostly just idling,so I'll be able to enjoy a x1 game or 2 here at same time)

Daggerdale/Crimson alliance/Defiance (1 guy not on TA,said we could do 1 of those)

Ruse co-op
Red Alert 3
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City
Final Exam
Rekoil : Liberator ( talks of this in the past,double boxing ,forgott to check in)

Diablo 3 Dlc ( I might move this up,as Ive though about making this my 200th completion. I got
alot of history with Diablo 1 and 2 and might just celebrate that with a more
significant number)

Vermintide playing casually here and there. Plan was more frequently come Winter.
The Divison playing this with my brother back and forth,he has his pc run now so dont kow when
we will pick that up.

Full Mojo Rampage My cousin,who is also switching games frequently so when we will return for this idk.

There is some quick arcade games inbetween.
Some I can double box or do do in a few hours.

Then we have other talked about games:

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 &2 (360)
Sacred 2
Dungeon Defenders etcetc,I cant recall atm.

What I do know is :
Im currently idling clicker heroes on x1,Ive been doing that for the last couple of weeks.
(Getting close,around 3300 now,but that game took longer than anticipated,I must have done something wrong,but I cant be bothered sitting with calculators etc)

So Ive had alot of time for 360 games.
And Ive had a kick on arcade games tbh.
I got a shitload of arcades in the backlog so Its been nice to catch up on some of my own game plans while idling Clicker Heroes.

Ive started going through the campaign for Ghostbuster : Video Game to clear up space on my 360 Hd.
I will then install Splinter Cell : Blacklist for next.
Hopefully I'll have time to do both of these before Clicker Heroes is done.

Cause I will get Enemy front out of the way then.

There is a huge list of games I want to play on my own,so I will slot in games whenenever I please,where I do see em fit.

Crossout might be next grind project as I like to keep 1 of these going in the background of whatever else I do. Or 7 days ,marvel heroes,idk.

Killing Floor 2 comming end of this month,29th of August,and Im thinking about picking that up and just play while the community/player base is fresh as that requires no organising at all.

Well,Im thinking ahead now,cause I dont even know if I'll be in this apartment ;)

I live month by month,I had my car trip along the shore of Norway,West side.
Looking for a job on a fishing boat.

Inbred occupation,I got literally same reply everywhere.

"alot of interest,employments usually go through family/friends", so there was long queues.

I kinda expected that,but I had to take the trip. Ive not been north yet,still possibilities.
Im thinking further north there might be small towns in need of work force,cause there is not enough people who wants to settle in a environment like that. Idk,im not done.

I went through the companies registred in the goverments index and found basically 300-400 registred Fish companies with more than 2 employes.

So yeah,now I have 300-400 numbers to call through,I f-ing hate phones. I prefer face to face,thats why I went driving,but I'll pull through.

Its like I've lost interest without the competitive part lately,kinda regrett I did not join leap Frog :)
Slowly fading.
Games is fun,but there is alot of fun here in life,Ive given it more balance,not staibilized yet.

Sometimes I pre order games,and Blackhole was the latest on that list.

"This time around im going to sit down and actually play a pre order"

Well,I'll just add it to the list.
Latest ones is Rise & Shine (seen on sale at twice allready I think),Subterrain

Funny,cause Splinter Cell : blacklist was also a pre order back in the days,Ultimate edition.
Could prop got it for 1/10 of the price now.
Going at this pace,I will get around the pre orders on x1 in a couple of years ;)

Had my first sailing trip last week,I loved it. Its something I want in the future,sail around the world,so thats why I did not get around for Blackhole.
It was a nice experience,oppertunity arose,jumped on board,had fun.

Some of the games might change order for all I know,cause some are agreed with same people,so if we choose another,fine.
It will just replace the one in line.

Trying to get some progress on Sanctum 2 now aswell,but Ive allways had difficulties comitting in weekends,I like to keep those open.
I end up going left and right,doing whatever,as soon as Im bored.

Weekdays is more prefered,going about daily buisness,then you have time to sit down at evenings.

You see where I am now,Im not pushing.
If you get tired of waiting,just let me know,I hold no grudge,and hope you wont either.
I just know I have to follow my own pace to keep gaming on a fun level.

I allready know all of you said no stress,but as long as I got comittments I have difficulties shelving them/getting them off my mind. If a oppertunity arise,do whats best for you :)

Figured this post could work as an establishment,instead of typing messages back and forth,all over the place.

Suck it
Have a nice week.

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PermalinkFootball interested ? Look here (friends)
This is according to the Premier League starting on the 11th of August.

I dont know if you ever heard of Fantasy football ?
Sign up in top right corner.

Basically you are handed a sum for buying players, £100 in this case.
Every player is given a value based on earlier performance,although "newcommers" to the premier league is given an estimate.

This can differ,you might end up with a bargain,or you might end up with a loss as long as value of the player can increase/decrease based on playtime/performance.
We have all seen in the past that players with a proven record in another league might not have the same success in PL.
Different environment/physical demands/language barrier etc.

Game is built by real time performance,there is nothing you can do except having belief in the team you setup.

I will give some quick info for those not familiar with this :

You pick 15 players,field 11 each round.
Your bench consist of subs,which you can change before a new round as you please.

Your bench does not count into the points you receive,so you got to pick the 11 you feel has the best chance to score you points before deadline.
Usually 11:30 -12:30 same day as the first match in a new round. I had a break last year,so not sure if they have changed it.

Points are as follow :

2 points for every player who has stayed on the field for 60 minutes +
If a player gets subbed halftime or in the 59th minute you will receive 1 point

Goalkeeper will get +1 point for every 3rd crucial save he does,from what I remember
(never really understood what they classify as crucial save ,cause Ive counted more than what the goalkeepers are recognised with in certain matches )

He will also net +4 points if he is able to prevent any goals.
+5 points if he saves a penalty.

Defenders will get +4 points if their team keeps the scoresheet at 0.
Midfielders +1

Now for the attacking part (goals) :

Defenders +6
Midfielders +5
Forwards +4

What the Gk gets I can't remember.

Every player with an assist gets +3 points,no matter where he plays on the field.

Other noteworthy points is
-2 points for "burning" a penalty,meaning either outside of goal or GK saves. GK will get +5 if a player shoots outside of goal aswell.

-2 points for a red card and
-1 point for a yellow card

There is also a bonus within each match. 3 additional players will receive +3,+2 and +1 point respectively.
Normally based on standout performances,man of the match etc.

I did some FAQ reading and it actually says :
"The three best performing players in each match according to the Bonus Points System (BPS) will receive additional bonus points. 3 points will be awarded to the highest scoring player, 2 to the second best and 1 to the third"

Transfers within the season is possible. You get 1 free transfer each round. If you want to transfer more you will get a -4 point withdrawal for each extra transfer within that week.

You can also save your transfer for upcomming round meaning you have 2 free tranfers the next round. MAX free transfers you can have saved is 2.

Each round you have the option to captain a player on your field,and vice-captain one.

This means,whoever you have as captain that round will score double points.

Example : Kane slots 3 goals against Arsenal as I believed he did this season ?

You would get +2 points for playing 60 minute +,+12 points for 3x goals,most likely 3 points for man of the match totalling 17 points.
With him as captain you would net 34 points.

Vice captain steps in with the same effect should your captain suddenly not play that round.

If there is a player among your choosen 11 who should not play.
He will be traded automatically with your 1st option on your bench,after round is done,and points are beeing calculated.

There is also a couple of bonuses you are limited to,which is :

The Wildcard chip can be used twice a season, once in the first half of the season (before 23 Dec 14:00) and once in the second half of the season.

Earlier they had 1 wildcard for when the january transfer market was open and 1 you could use whenever you wanted through the season,changed this 1-2 years back.

2. Bench boost
Self explanatory ,your bench will receive points the round you play it. 1 time bonus.

3. triple captain
Your captain is tripled instead of doubled upcomming round. 1 time bonus.

You can setup your team how you like within some restrictions:

4-4-2 , 3-5-2 , 4-5-1, 5-3-2 or 4-3-3 from what I recall. Experiment,just try changing what you want and game will either allow or disallow.

You are restricted to 3 players from the same team aswell.
Along the season players will increase/decrease in value.

Say you bought a player for £5.0 and he does good,he might increase to £5,6 within a couple of months.
IF you want to sell this guy you will get half the increase back,meaning you will get +£0,3 of the £0,6 he has increased.

This might open up possibilites for you on other players you could not afford in the start etc,if you are willing to sacrifice.
I think the value is increased/decreased based on how many % of the people playing the game has this and that player on his team.

I've been running leagues with friends/co-workers for 5-6 years,but had a break last season.
Normally we had a entry fee of £45 each person. cap limit of 20-30 people.
Got payed up front and put them on a different account.
Over the course of the season its not much considering there is 38 rounds to be played.
Payout was this :
1. 70%
2. 20%
3. 10%

What I will do now,is just for fun,but I will donate 1 360 game for each round based on the ones Ive allready completed.
Will make a list of what games there is to choose from over the season+ I'll be doing some more 360 games to add to that list.
I'll throw in a $25 gift card for usage on U.S server aswell (x1)

If this is of any interest I would like some inputs on the rewards.

1 spot Im thinking will get to choose first.
23 games + the gift card.

2 spot
10 games

3 spot
5 games

How do that sound ?
Same will go for me,If I get 1st spot,I'll choose what games I want to keep from the list etc.

Im setting up my team as we speak and I've called the league :

"Quest for glory" , had to implent a gaming reference.
You can change back and forth how much you like until the season starts.

MAX cap limit is 25 people. Free league
But im also considering a head to head league with no rewards,if interested,just fun.
Max 20 players I think that is,cant remember.

People allready on my friend list here on TA will get first priority,and if there is not enough football interested among you,friends of allready friends will hopefully fill up rest of the slots.

I have named my Team Freebirdx3,and would like whoever joins up to join with their Ta nick aswell,but some might have allready made their account,so no biggie.
Just more fun knowing who we all are,points rewarded is down to luck many times.
Its not to point fingers on anyone. There is hit and misses.

If there is anything Ive forgott or you have questions feel free to ask.

If not there is also a FAQ on the site giving you answers to stuff I might have forgott or did not explain well enough.

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PermalinkStill Here
Well,as you have seen,Im still scoring points.

Why ? you may wonder.

I allready spoken with some of you,others Ive delivered messages through.
I will quikly explain in case there is something Ive forgott.

Yeah,I should have a break,and Im looking forward to that break,BUT.

As long as we are still in Gtasc,I refuse to give up without a fight,its just the way I am.
On my vacation I had time to reflect,look at what I neglected etc,took some coffe visits and spoke with people I cheerish.

From my stand,I was ready to call it.
Get back to my relaxed life,pick up on appointments/stuff Ive delayed.

Touching the xbox gave me no satisfaction at all when I got home.
I needed to switch focus,move my attention towards other goals.
I just wanted to finish Battle Island : Commanders before I tossed the towel.

Then after non-stopping that 20 hours last week,I took a break leaving me even further away from the 3000 medals needed.
I was tired and pulled out another quick game to get me motivated.
In Gtasc there was this bonus last week,where you had to start and finish 7 1000 G games within the week.

I looked at my backlog and figured,"what the heck,all these games got to go sometime anyway"
Our Team pulled through ( forgott to collect the bonus though :)

So we are still here.

As some know,I rented this apartment for 1 more month.
Landlord did not have anyone new before August.
I spoke with him last week and he offered me 1 more month,cause the new ones had gone back on their agreement. Propably found something cheaper. I said I would think about it.

Ive taken some classes this week,and will do the same next week.
Week after Im travelling along the shore of Norway speaking with ppl in the fish industry.

I looked at the calender and thats actually the last week of July,so I might aswell just do that.
Im getting it 40% off, from what I originally payed,so there is no point stressing atm.

I dont have a full time job waiting yet,but Im determined to land that soon.
Fishing is something Ive always been curious on,and I like hard work.
I always reach my goals,so I dont see why I should not land this.

There is 1 personal achievement I would like before Gtasc is done though.
And that is 1st spot on weekly TA scored,just because.

I was going to go for that this week,but seeing there was some crazy kangaroos bouncing all over the place,netting 15K TA within 2 days I figured this was not the week.

Shifted gear and slowed down,jumped on D4 instead which was imo an amazing game.
I do understand why this game got voted as best in its genre here on Ta in 2014.

I really enjoyed the look/feel of the game.
Story telling,music,the japanese touch. (Ive had love for japanese movies etc,in the past)
Some characters reminded me of MGS in a way.
Relaxing,no missables as you have the replay episodes option available to mop up.
You can just explore,discover and take your time enjoying the game.
The satisfaction of getting some of the diamond achievements is so much better when just going about your own buisness.

I did some research,and got alittle bit dissapointed when I saw the announcement of Hidetaka Suehiro resigning from Access games.
Letting us all know there would be no second episode of D4,what a bummer.
Hope this will change in the future.

Hidetaka Suehiro is also the director behind Deadly Premonition,which Ive been meaning to play for years.
I dived it years ago and my first impression of this game was really good,not the best of graphics,but the story seemed very interesting.
I wanted to play more,but continued my dive.
As a result,its just been stuck there.
After playing D4 I cant keep on delaying it for much longer.

If we manage to stay in gtasc this week,Im going for 1st next week.
Any challenge is welcome,guess I will start preping Adventure Pop etc,to see if I can get myself a good start.
Hopefully the Kangaroos are done puking out games by then.
Competition is getting fierce,but it is also enjoyable.

Theme for next week will be "Eat my shorts".
As long as nothing unforseen gets in the way,I'll push.

Will get back to agreements eventually.

Have a nice weekend peps.

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