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GalaquaGalaqua has reached a new milestone: 210,000 GamerScore
GalaquaDOOM 64Galaqua completed the game DOOM 64 and is the 19,733rd gamer on the site to complete it
GalaquaBreathedgeGalaqua completed the game Breathedge and is the 116th gamer on the site to complete it
GalaquaDOOM 64Galaqua won 10 Achievements in DOOM 64 for 1424 points
GalaquaDOOM 64Galaqua started the game DOOM 64
GalaquaBreathedgeGalaqua won 24 Achievements in Breathedge for 3535 points
GalaquaBreathedgeQuick draw achievementGalaqua won the Quick draw achievement in Breathedge for 279 points
GalaquaBreathedgeWasted! achievementGalaqua won the Wasted! achievement in Breathedge for 92 points
GalaquaBreathedgeVoyeur achievementGalaqua won the Voyeur achievement in Breathedge for 154 points
GalaquaBreathedgeToucher achievementGalaqua won the Toucher achievement in Breathedge for 135 points
GalaquaBreathedgeCartographer achievementGalaqua won the Cartographer achievement in Breathedge for 169 points
GalaquaBreathedgeMumbo jumbo achievementGalaqua won the Mumbo jumbo achievement in Breathedge for 139 points
GalaquaBreathedgeUndertaker achievementGalaqua won the Undertaker achievement in Breathedge for 142 points
GalaquaBreathedgePersistent achievementGalaqua won the Persistent achievement in Breathedge for 178 points
GalaquaBreathedgeElectronic achievementGalaqua won the Electronic achievement in Breathedge for 116 points
GalaquaBreathedgeSharpshooter achievementGalaqua won the Sharpshooter achievement in Breathedge for 129 points
GalaquaBreathedgeButthurt achievementGalaqua won the Butthurt achievement in Breathedge for 76 points
GalaquaBreathedgeBandit achievementGalaqua won the Bandit achievement in Breathedge for 251 points
GalaquaBreathedgeHacker achievementGalaqua won the Hacker achievement in Breathedge for 111 points
GalaquaBreathedgeDodger achievementGalaqua won the Dodger achievement in Breathedge for 264 points
GalaquaBreathedgeDriver achievementGalaqua won the Driver achievement in Breathedge for 76 points
GalaquaGalaqua has reached a new milestone: 480,000 TrueAchievement Score
GalaquaGalaqua has reached a new milestone: TA Ratio of 2.3
GalaquaBreathedgeGalaqua won 13 Achievements in Breathedge for 1182 points
GalaquaBreathedgeGalaqua won 8 Achievements in Breathedge for 364 points
GalaquaBreathedgeSmuggler achievementGalaqua won the Smuggler achievement in Breathedge for 17 points
GalaquaBreathedgeArtist achievementGalaqua won the Artist achievement in Breathedge for 122 points
GalaquaBreathedgeConcussion achievementGalaqua won the Concussion achievement in Breathedge for 36 points
GalaquaBreathedgeSherlock achievementGalaqua won the Sherlock achievement in Breathedge for 44 points
GalaquaBreathedgeGalaqua started the game Breathedge
GalaquaGalaqua has reached a new milestone: 225 Games Played
GalaquaEcho GenerationGalaqua completed the game Echo Generation and is the 1,493rd gamer on the site to complete it
GalaquaEcho GenerationGalaqua won 35 Achievements in Echo Generation for 1638 points
GalaquaEcho GenerationWoof! achievementGalaqua won the Woof! achievement in Echo Generation for 52 points
Darth AltorAnniversaryDarth Altor is celebrating their 12-year anniversary of joining TrueAchievements.com
Darth AltorAnniversaryDarth Altor is celebrating their birthday today!

Recent Achievements

  • Wasted!

    Not everyone can save the galaxy, but saving it by just sitting on the couch is beyond comprehension - Breathedge

    08 January 2022 - 1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline
  • The breathtaking!

    Believing in yourself and never giving up. - Breathedge

    The breathtaking!
    08 January 2022 - 2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissable
  • Quick draw

    Being the fastest is a real achievement! It's a real mastery! It deserves some respect! - Breathedge

    Quick draw
    08 January 2022 - 1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMissableTime/Date

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