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New Hopes & Futures!
Hey Everyone!

Finding Happiness & Goals
I spoke in my previous blog about Lego completions and as time went on I can now successfully say I have completed every Lego game currently available for Xbox One! I truly enjoyed my experience and can’t wait too go through it again on Xbox 360. I have also been trying to find my happiness which I’ve been struggling with but I am slowly moving back towards that.

Earning Gamerscore & Period Summaries
So I don’t exactly have a goal for when I want too reach 1,000,000 but I believe it will either be by the end of the year or even potentially sooner depending on the rate of earning and title updates or other things! However I am fast approaching 900,000. I am trying to earn around 30,000 each month… sometimes I think it’s a bad goal to set but I somehow manage each time?!

YouTube & Reality
So I know many people spend like every single day earning and obsessing with gamerscore and I don’t want my life too be just this. I love gamerscore but I don’t want it too possess so much… I want to show people I’m Declan too… not just some achievement hunter if that makes sense? It doesn’t mean in anyway I don’t enjoy hunting I just don’t want too be known just for that… that’s why I recently started doing YouTube guides too!

What have you been up too?
- Declan (GamerZz vI)

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