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Halo 2 in Under 2 Hours Total Segmented Is Complete! (1:56:15)


Good speedrunners accept their skill level and hope for the better run. Great speedrunners improve their skill and perservere until the better run.

Unlike a lot of games that are regurally done fast, halo in perticular relies a lot on RNG (random number generator) especially on Legendary. What this means is that not one playthrough of a mission is EVER identicle to another. Which leads me to say that yes, you can practice various tricks to a point of consistentcy and get better at enemy management for efficient killing but there will always be RNG which ultimately makes or breaks your run. It takes a lot of patience but you can form consistency strats which you'd preferably do in a full game run for the sake of more favorable RNG. I however am just doing an segmented run, so stand alone ILs (Individual Level) one by one.

Just to give you an idea of what I mean by RNG and the shear randomness, let's say you replayed the same checkpoint walking in the same stright line, past the same elite;
- The first time you may get hit once and recieve very minimal damage but make it past
- The second time you may get hit once again but recieve considerably more damage and barely make it past
- The third time the elite may miss you altogether and you survive with full health
- The fourth time you may be hit 3 times in quick succession and almost instantly killed
It is a matter of luck applicable to many variables, be it the enemy path taken, the type of enemy spawned, where they spawn, whether they hit you, how much damage they deal etc. It is this reason I respect any gamer who dares endeavour a Halo Legendary speedrun grind up the leaderboards which in my opinion is one of the hardest to do so on toast

Before I get into MY times here are my personally, recommended times for monopolized:
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Halo 2 Annivesairy Co-op and Solo (Skull) WR Runs

External image


    Cairo Station -
    9:48 - Solo - Rank 75th (3 Deaths)

    Outskirts -
    4:51 - Co-op - Rank 32nd (0 Deaths)

    Metropolis -
    5:00 - Co-op - Rank 4th (0 Deaths)

    Arbiter -
    4:20 - Solo - Rank 24th (0 Deaths)
    Now stop telling me how dank your arbiees are compared to mine haha :P

    Oracle -
    14:49 - Solo - Rank 25th (0 Deaths)

    Delta Halo -
    2:13 - Co-op - Rank 1st (0 Deaths)
    Achieved Co-op Skull WR splitsreen by myself! ;)

    Co-op Skull World Record

    Regret -
    15:29 - Solo - Rank 272nd (2 Deaths)

    Sacred Icon -
    12:26 - Solo - Rank 246th (1 Death)

    Quarintine Zone -
    8:15 - Co-op - Rank 16th (0 Deaths)

    Gravemind -
    23:32 - Solo - Rank 68th (15 Deaths)
    Finally sat down and spent some time on this! :)

    Uprising -
    0:55 - Co-op - Rank 1st (0 Deaths)
    Solo is yours for now M4G II TihMaX...

    Co-op Skull World Record

    Solo Skull World Record

    High Charity -
    4:53 - Solo - Rank 17th (0 Deaths)
    Finally got the deathless and 3s off cryphon :D

    Great Journey -
    9:39 - Solo - Rank 26th (0 Deaths)
    Got the sexy deathless wink

Certain times were good considering the number of deaths and a couple times might still get a speed run not being in the top 100, sacred icon and regret, but they're good enough to submerge me into the depths of the very few and make this endeavour culminted for me at least. Unbeknown to me this achievement alone ignited a love for gaming more intrinsic than gamerscore ever was. Speedrunning really is the pinnacle of gaming for me <3
Posted by Games Master on 02 January 16 at 18:46 | There are no comments on this blog - Please log in to comment on this blog.
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