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omgeezusTOEMomgeezus completed the game TOEM and is the 3,615th gamer on the site to complete it
omgeezusTOEMomgeezus won 18 Achievements in TOEM for 755 points
omgeezusTOEMCosplayer achievementomgeezus won the Cosplayer achievement in TOEM for 46 points
omgeezusTOEMA great story achievementomgeezus won the A great story achievement in TOEM for 26 points
omgeezusTOEMCollect them all achievementomgeezus won the Collect them all achievement in TOEM for 72 points
omgeezusTOEMIce fighter achievementomgeezus won the Ice fighter achievement in TOEM for 44 points
omgeezusTOEMStrong as an oak achievementomgeezus won the Strong as an oak achievement in TOEM for 43 points
omgeezusTOEMAll geared up achievementomgeezus won the All geared up achievement in TOEM for 24 points
omgeezusTOEMHappy youth achievementomgeezus won the Happy youth achievement in TOEM for 25 points
omgeezusTOEMSeaworthy achievementomgeezus won the Seaworthy achievement in TOEM for 41 points
omgeezusTOEMCalm as the sea achievementomgeezus won the Calm as the sea achievement in TOEM for 39 points
omgeezusTOEMAnd some more achievementomgeezus won the And some more achievement in TOEM for 47 points
omgeezusTOEMSplish-splash achievementomgeezus won the Splish-splash achievement in TOEM for 27 points
omgeezusTOEMWazzuuppp achievementomgeezus won the Wazzuuppp achievement in TOEM for 27 points
omgeezusTOEMSelf portrait achievementomgeezus won the Self portrait achievement in TOEM for 27 points

                  Status change by omgeezus at 05:05 on 01 Oct 2023omgeezus status: "You know how they say that 'youth is wasted on the young'? Well, I say don't let the wisdom of age be wasted on you.”
Comment by WSTLNDRJoe at 12:17 on 01 Oct 2023

A classic quote from a wise man 😁👍

omgeezusTOEMomgeezus won 5 Achievements in TOEM for 135 points
omgeezusTOEMKing's new shirt achievementomgeezus won the King's new shirt achievement in TOEM for 26 points
omgeezusTOEMMoonlit beauty achievementomgeezus won the Moonlit beauty achievement in TOEM for 26 points
omgeezusTOEMMaximum vacation achievementomgeezus won the Maximum vacation achievement in TOEM for 27 points
omgeezusTOEMPro gamer achievementomgeezus won the Pro gamer achievement in TOEM for 27 points
omgeezusTOEMThe Royal Castle achievementomgeezus won the The Royal Castle achievement in TOEM for 26 points
planting42Back to School Targetplanting42 has earned Silver in the Back to School Target
omgeezusVenbaomgeezus won 2 Achievements in Venba for 85 points
          Secret Achievementomgeezus won the Secret Achievement in Venba for 30 points
omgeezusVenbaomgeezus started the game Venba
omgeezusTOEMomgeezus won 25 Achievements in TOEM for 745 points
omgeezusTOEMA majestic hotel achievementomgeezus won the A majestic hotel achievement in TOEM for 20 points
omgeezusTOEMYou found us! achievementomgeezus won the You found us! achievement in TOEM for 42 points
omgeezusTOEMExperience TOEM achievementomgeezus won the Experience TOEM achievement in TOEM for 40 points
omgeezusTOEMSo close now! achievementomgeezus won the So close now! achievement in TOEM for 24 points
omgeezusTOEMSnowy peaks achievementomgeezus won the Snowy peaks achievement in TOEM for 23 points
omgeezusTOEM100 followers! achievementomgeezus won the 100 followers! achievement in TOEM for 24 points
omgeezusTOEMA new job achievementomgeezus won the A new job achievement in TOEM for 25 points
omgeezusTOEMThe big city achievementomgeezus won the The big city achievement in TOEM for 22 points
omgeezusTOEMA sparkling jump achievementomgeezus won the A sparkling jump achievement in TOEM for 23 points
omgeezusTOEMGoing long! achievementomgeezus won the Going long! achievement in TOEM for 72 points
omgeezusTOEMFlight ready achievementomgeezus won the Flight ready achievement in TOEM for 21 points
omgeezusTOEMCalmed down achievementomgeezus won the Calmed down achievement in TOEM for 21 points
omgeezusTOEMSlow and steady achievementomgeezus won the Slow and steady achievement in TOEM for 39 points
omgeezusTOEMJust a sock achievementomgeezus won the Just a sock achievement in TOEM for 22 points
omgeezusTOEMThe calm forest achievementomgeezus won the The calm forest achievement in TOEM for 16 points
omgeezusTOEMHome sweet home achievementomgeezus won the Home sweet home achievement in TOEM for 18 points
omgeezusTOEMThe beginning achievementomgeezus won the The beginning achievement in TOEM for 15 points
omgeezusTOEMomgeezus started the game TOEM

                  Status change by omgeezus at 15:31 on 29 Sep 2023omgeezus status: Who’s interested in donating to Extra Life for each Trick or Treat I get in the upcoming event? You set the dollar amount, I rack up donations 👀
RandomnuttaAnniversaryRandomnutta is celebrating their birthday today!
Comment by CatDadx78 at 01:10 on 30 Sep 2023

Happy birthday random

omgeezusTrick or Treatomgeezus registered for the Trick or Treat event
planting42Bean Diveplanting42 won 1 achievement in 1 new game as part of their Bean Dive
omgeezusomgeezus has reached a new milestone: Completion Percentage of 45%
omgeezusJourney to the Savage Planetomgeezus completed the story in Journey to the Savage Planet
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