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At the end of last year, I came to a realization that achievements were no longer a healthy escape for me. The stats painted a pretty clear picture of heavy achievement hunting with stressful and depressive episodes of life, and so I did my best to cut them out as much as I could.

However, later in the year, I ended up on better medication and was conflicted; I was attempting to move on from something unhealthy for me, which is good, but losing interests in things is a textbook example of depression. So how do you determine which one it is?

Well, my first attempts were pretty miserable. Destiny 2 was found lacking within the first week, and I had to force myself to sit through BioShock Infinite (Xbox 360) as a game on my backlog. That put the concept squarely on the side of unhealthy in my mind, and so I let it sit there for a month or so. I had some travel on the agenda, and where I would normally bust out the Windows Phone for a bit of cleanup, I got reacquainted with the 3DS. When I felt the urge to start up Warframe, I did so on PC. When I did get achievements, they were usually a secondary idea: completing Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition in anticipation of the cross-platform version.

But then last night, a switch flicked. My allergies were acting up, so I confined myself to the office with an air purifier. I had my Steam library at my disposal, and yet despite the problems I was having with streaming to PC recently, I opted to fire up Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments instead. I had finished up the story recently and only had two achievements left.

Time flew by. Any other day, I would've tossed in the towel and went to bed early. Instead, I got that familiar feeling and thought process. I just need one more deduction. Push through this, you're almost there! That resulted in the first completion I've had since July. And despite any reservations I have at the moment, I won't deny that it felt good.

There's a small part of me that remains concerned. I have something of an addictive personality trait, and it feels like getting another hit after being sober. On the other hand, it's a clear goal to focus on when you have a to-do list in games, and there's an undeniable social aspect, given the site I'm writing on.

So I suppose I'm making a tentative return. Achievement hunting was decidedly unhealthy for me this time last year, but it looks like it could be a positive influence now that things are finally somewhat stable.
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