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Games I am working on
List of games I am working on finishing the multiplayer on these games. Pm me if your interested in helping or if you need help.

Xbox 360 games

Saints row
Army of Two 40th Day
Darkness 2
Battlefield 3
Splinter cell conviction
Gears of war 2
Hydro thunder hurricane
Left 4 dead
Bioshock 2
Far cry 2
Hunted demon’s forge
007 James Bond bloodstone

Xbox one games

The division
The division 2
Wolfenstein Youngblood
Halo master chief collection
Halo 5
Elder scrolls online
Dirt 4
Titanfall 2
Star Trek online
Homefront the revolution
Prey typhoon hunter
How to survive storm warning edition
Victor vran
Van Helsing 1,2 and 3
How to survive 2

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