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mrkniceguyPlanet Coastermrkniceguy started the game Planet Coaster
JASON3535NHL 17Victorious achievementJASON3535 won the Victorious achievement in NHL 17 for 66 points
JASON3535NHL 17JASON3535 started the game NHL 17
GordonDogKingGordonDogKing has reached a new milestone: 325 Games Played
GordonDogKingDYING : RebornGordonDogKing started the game DYING : Reborn
JASON3535LanterniumJASON3535 won 2 Achievements in Lanternium for 33 points
JASON3535LanterniumJASON3535 started the game Lanternium
JASON3535DOOM 64JASON3535 started the game DOOM 64
CurtiesonNHL 17Curtieson won 2 Achievements in NHL 17 for 93 points
GordonDogKingSiNKRGordonDogKing completed the game SiNKR and is the 1,395th gamer on the site to complete it
GordonDogKingSiNKRGordonDogKing won 2 Achievements in SiNKR for 181 points
GordonDogKingSiNKRLeveled achievementGordonDogKing won the Leveled achievement in SiNKR for 136 points
GordonDogKingSiNKRX achievementGordonDogKing won the X achievement in SiNKR for 45 points
JASON3535Mushroom QuestJASON3535 won 2 Achievements in Mushroom Quest for 636 points
CurtiesonHotshot RacingCurtieson won 3 Achievements in Hotshot Racing for 520 points
GordonDogKingSiNKRIX achievementGordonDogKing won the IX achievement in SiNKR for 113 points
JASON3535Madden NFL 15JASON3535 won 4 Achievements in Madden NFL 15 for 220 points

                Status change by Curtieson at 02:58 on 24 Nov 2020Curtieson status: Looking for NHL 17 partners to get EASHL achievements, this week. [Free on Game Pass!]
GordonDogKingSiNKRVIII achievementGordonDogKing won the VIII achievement in SiNKR for 90 points
JASON3535GTASC 2020JASON3535 has been eliminated from GTASC 2020 - Team
Comment by acedawg4 at 13:07 on 23 Nov 2020

Damn, what happened?

JASON3535Minecraft (Android)JASON3535 won 37 Achievements in Minecraft (Android) for 2694 points
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TrueAchievement in All Games 27,477 View history chart 576,071 4.77
GamerScore in All Games 19,363 View history chart 576,071 3.36
Challenges Won in All Games 364 View history chart 316,194 0.12
TrueAchievement in All Games USA 6,259 View history chart 41,498 15.08
GamerScore in All Games Nebraska 36 View history chart 353 10.20
TrueAchievement in All Games Nebraska 47 View history chart 353 13.31
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TA PRO ACCOUNT LEADERBOARD Request 455 791 57.52

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