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New Year, New Strategy
It's been a long and it's about time that I made another blog post! smile

2014 has only just started and I've already been VERY busy with gaming in which I have completed 9 games in 13 days! And that is what leads me to explaining by what I mean by the title.

I'm not a big fan of the conventional method of Bean Diving that this site has pioneered. (well Beanpotter mainly of course but you catch my drift) as I start my games and dive straight into them more in a literal sense! Anyway for the last couple of years I had been involved in what is known as GTASC and as only one of normal team was interested in doing it again this year I decided it wouldn't be the same thus I wouldn't participate in it at all. I had a big problems that I have blogged before with a huge backlog of games and that is still the case (particularly arcade games I bought for the GTASC that I never got to use) and what I used to do was have a look at the percentage of people on here completed them and how long it took my friends to finish them and started whichever I considered to be the hardest and play it normally until I finish the story and then try and get as many achievements as I can until I got bored and wanted to the next one or I completed it. However this time I switched around and instead I'm starting the easiest one in the backlog and this has earned me 4,000G already this year but it has hurt my poor TA ratio slightly.

I have made a vow to myself that I will not upgrade to the next generation until I have at least 100,000G (6,000 away now) and that I have a completely clear backlog. and at least 93% completion (closing in on 92% now)

Now for the next headache... this little bad boy

FIFA 12Glory MomentThe Glory Moment achievement in FIFA 12 worth 115 pointsWin Online UEFA EURO 2012™

This is the last achievement I need on Fifa 12 and due to a now empty Euro 2012 community it has been virtually impossible for a long time. However there is a way if you look at the solutions to get it by using a USB stick and glitching the game by copying your save over, starting a new one, deleting it, copying your old one back etc. but I don't want to do that as you're taking advantage of a glitch. When you play the game normally you can only play with another person in the same round and I haven't been able to find anyone else in the quarter finals as of yet and this is very frustrating. In order boost this I would need five people and I have tried setting up sessions on here and have had no luck at all. In a final push to try and get it before the servers close next month I started a thread in the forum to see if there is anyone interested and if that comes to nothing then I am afraid my run of completed Fifa games is over.


This year I have vowed to build-up on a decent couple of years and do whatever it takes to myself happy. To really get all hyped up I decided to write down some new years resolutions and I ended up writing 17 and one of them was to stop putting so much pressure on myself.. not a good start there laugh As some of you may know I have been doing a lot of temp jobs for the last two years but the main aims are to have a permanent job by the time the World CUp starts that 1. I'm vaguely happy with and can work out some kind of career path from and 2. Pays me enough to live on. After that I want a place of my own by the end of this year as I found out moving back in with my parents wasn't such a good idea but you live and learn and I have saved some money that will keep me going once I'm on my feet again. This and more positive thinking in general is other 'new strategy'

Anyway that's enough for now, I'll update you later on with the happenings in Wicky World! smile


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Comment by Baritones101 at 02:41 on 20 Apr 2021

wow, talk about being tenured!

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Comment by C3LLDW3LLER at 20:49 on 19 Apr 2021

Well done. Feels great to finally complete this.

Comment by MADeyePadEYE at 22:54 on 19 Apr 2021

Boom, nice one!

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Comment by PuR3 Suk at 03:14 on 19 Apr 2021


Comment by Alfa Arty at 03:17 on 19 Apr 2021

yeah got caught up on other stuff, but guess its my time to get it done now :)

Comment by PuR3 Suk at 03:18 on 19 Apr 2021

thats good!

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