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UKz Nugget BoiiCall of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Xbox 360)
            Secret AchievementUKz Nugget Boii won the Secret Achievement in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Xbox 360) for 228 points
Comment by UKz Nugget Boii at 23:54 on 16 Jan 2022

I did this on solo never again 👍🏻

TheOriginal561UnoGood Eye achievementTheOriginal561 won the Good Eye achievement in Uno for 50 Gamerscore
TheOriginal561UnoTheOriginal561 won 6 Achievements in Uno for 490 Gamerscore
TheOriginal561UnoA Good Start achievementTheOriginal561 won the A Good Start achievement in Uno for 30 Gamerscore
TheOriginal561UnoFlying Higher achievementTheOriginal561 won the Flying Higher achievement in Uno for 200 Gamerscore
TheOriginal561UnoThe Right Choice achievementTheOriginal561 won the The Right Choice achievement in Uno for 100 Gamerscore
TheOriginal561UnoBe Heard achievementTheOriginal561 won the Be Heard achievement in Uno for 30 Gamerscore
TheOriginal561UnoAction achievementTheOriginal561 won the Action achievement in Uno for 100 Gamerscore
TheOriginal561UnoJoker achievementTheOriginal561 won the Joker achievement in Uno for 30 Gamerscore
Gregghost28Marvel's AvengersGregghost28 completed the game Marvel's Avengers and is the 1,595th gamer on the site to complete it
JackTBTaylorAmong UsJackTBTaylor won 3 Achievements in Among Us for 84 points
BTE BamBamEmbrHolla Holla achievementBTE BamBam won the Holla Holla achievement in Embr for 85 points
BTE BamBamEmbrBTE BamBam won 2 Achievements in Embr for 296 points
BTE BamBamEmbrIPO achievementBTE BamBam won the IPO achievement in Embr for 267 points
TheOriginal561UnoWelcome achievementTheOriginal561 won the Welcome achievement in Uno for 10 Gamerscore
TheOriginal561UnoTheOriginal561 started the game Uno
Gregghost28Halo InfiniteGregghost28 won 2 Achievements in Halo Infinite for 59 points
BTE BamBamEmbrBTE BamBam won 10 Achievements in Embr for 294 points
BTE BamBamEmbrLobbyist achievementBTE BamBam won the Lobbyist achievement in Embr for 29 points
BTE BamBamEmbrIndustrious achievementBTE BamBam won the Industrious achievement in Embr for 59 points
BTE BamBamEmbrBack for More achievementBTE BamBam won the Back for More achievement in Embr for 25 points
BTE BamBamEmbrFahrenheit 451 achievementBTE BamBam won the Fahrenheit 451 achievement in Embr for 30 points
BTE BamBamEmbrProfit achievementBTE BamBam won the Profit achievement in Embr for 24 points
BTE BamBamEmbrA Helping Hand achievementBTE BamBam won the A Helping Hand achievement in Embr for 47 points
BTE BamBamEmbrLights Out achievementBTE BamBam won the Lights Out achievement in Embr for 21 points
BTE BamBamEmbrA New Career achievementBTE BamBam won the A New Career achievement in Embr for 15 points
BTE BamBamEmbrBTE BamBam started the game Embr
JackTBTaylorAmong UsJackTBTaylor won 3 Achievements in Among Us for 167 points
JackTBTaylorAmong UsJackTBTaylor started the game Among Us
BTE BamBamBTE BamBam has reached a new milestone: 450,000 TrueAchievement Score
BTE BamBamFirewatchBTE BamBam completed the game Firewatch and is the 19,582nd gamer on the site to complete it
BTE BamBamThe PedestrianBTE BamBam completed the game The Pedestrian and is the 702nd gamer on the site to complete it
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