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BeanpotterPixel PiracyBeanpotter completed the game Pixel Piracy and is the 999th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Beanpotter at 21:49 on 26 May 2020


Comment by AL1 at 23:19 on 26 May 2020

Are you unhappy? That might be even better than being 1000th.

BeanpotterPixel Piracy Beanpotter won 3 Achievements in Pixel Piracy for 518 points
BeanpotterPixel PiracyBeat the game... for now? achievementBeanpotter won the Beat the game... for now? achievement in Pixel Piracy for 353 points
Comment by Legohead 1977 at 09:00 on 26 May 2020

I enjoyed that game...

Comment by Beanpotter at 15:38 on 26 May 2020

Mine has suffered abysmal slowdown. Trying to get the last bits done at 1fps isn't fun :(

albajosLEGO DC Super-Villains albajos won 28 Achievements in LEGO DC Super-Villains for 515 points
GMNGRIDGMN won 3 Achievements in GRID for 104 points
GMNGRIDTour Guide achievementGMN won the Tour Guide achievement in GRID for 27 points
GMNGRIDDown Under achievementGMN won the Down Under achievement in GRID for 52 points
GMNGRIDShow Off achievementGMN won the Show Off achievement in GRID for 25 points
GMNFIFA 20In the Game achievementGMN won the In the Game achievement in FIFA 20 for 37 points
Chad and JessieChad and Jessie has reached a new milestone: 480,000 GamerScore
omgeezusomgeezus has reached a new milestone: Completion Percentage of 42%
Comment by omgeezus at 00:47 on 26 May 2020

Currently, 484 achievements for 1% increase

Comment by Taku The Legend at 02:00 on 26 May 2020


omgeezusThe Walking Dead: The Final Seasonomgeezus completed the game The Walking Dead: The Final Season and is the 3,175th gamer on the site to complete it
omgeezusThe Walking Dead: The Final Seasonomgeezus won 16 Achievements in The Walking Dead: The Final Season for 472 points
albajosPlague Inc: Evolvedalbajos won 2 Achievements in Plague Inc: Evolved for 23 points
WeisGuy9Red Dead Redemption 2WeisGuy9 has rated the game Red Dead Redemption 2 5 out of 5
Comment by WeisGuy9 at 21:57 on 25 May 2020

Truly spectacular. Let's just pray that RDR3 does not feature Jack Marston.

BeanpotterPixel PiracyBeanpotter won 6 Achievements in Pixel Piracy for 689 points
BeanpotterBeanpotter has reached a new milestone: 670,000 GamerScore
omgeezusWin Streakomgeezus is currently on a 1900 day achievement win streak
Comment by LausDomini at 17:05 on 25 May 2020


Comment by omgeezus at 20:28 on 25 May 2020

Thanks! Thinking about letting it go sometime in the next few days...This semester (my final one) is significantly harder than any other I've ever had and I'm debating if

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BeanpotterKnee DeepBeanpotter won 9 Achievements in Knee Deep for 217 points
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The Yiddler Public 2,760 4,545 60.73
Blackflame0729 1000+ Achievements Public 2,626 3,975 66.06
Original Timmy UK Gamers Public 1,348 2,256 59.75
BLYAST RPG Addicts! Public 658 1,150 57.22
DEV1L MAY DIE XBOX.COM Public 308 538 57.25
Weaves World YT The Great British Ach. Leaderboard Public 302 374 80.75
Xx NTAEndar xX Legit Completionists Request 100 131 76.34
Dark Cyberfreak Final Fantasy XIII Gamers Public 67 123 54.47
Army Of One96 Fallout 3 Public 47 118 39.83
Aerodynamo Modern Warfare 2 Event Squad Public 30 69 43.48
WeisGuy9 GSSP Members Public 27 50 54.00
Clever Jake North East England Public 33 45 73.33
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