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Right now it is October the month Halloween takes place in. October is my favorite month of the year. And im a really big fan of horror movies like Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th. But my favorite movie of all time is John Carpenter´s movie Halloween that came out 1978. I try to make it a tradition to watch the movie every year on October 31 :)

So recantely i been thinking what games are the best games to play in october. I Know it is a alot of good survival horror out on the market for the 360. Game as Alan Wake, Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Deadly Premenition. But im gona focus on talking about games with zombies in them. Im gona try to only talk about game that is based around zombie and not other games that happend to have zombies in them like Saints Row 3 and Eat Lead. And also im only gona talk about games on the xbox 360.

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The first game i wanna talk about is Shellshock 2 Blood Traills
Shellshock is a fps that takes place in vietnamn. At the first the game seems to be like a normal fps zombies were you fight soldiers from vietnamn but soon you will discover that something is not right. You start encounter zombies or like the game calls them infected. At first the zombies seem to be like the normal George Romero zombies that walks dead slow at you. But they are not cause if you shoot at them they will run at you extreamly fast. Shellshock is not the best geam out on the market but it is a decent fps zombie game and an easy 1000 gamescore.

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Okey next game is Lollopop Chainsaw :) This is a korny hack and slash game with extreamly bad sex joke. It feels like the entier game is all about sex and that the zombies only been thrown in because the game needs some gameplay. Even the zombies will say weird stuff. The first boss will call you a vanillaslut and some zombies will let you know that they wants to take your head up ass. The game even trash talk the runing zombies at one point in the game. I can only recomend this game if you like really bad jokes and like to play games when you are drunk. So avoid this shit.

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I could not talk about zombie without talking about this two games. Call of duty world at war and Black Ops. I know the games are not really zombie games but The nazi zombie game mode is like it own game. If you play black ops and world at war you don´t play them for the online you play them for zombies. Nazi zombies is one of the best horde mode in games here on the 360. If you have 3 friends and or bored nazi zombie can allway be fun even if some of the achivs are a bitch.

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Rock of the dead i have not played this game yet but when i found it on ebay i could not resist myself from buying it. My copy of it arrived yeasterday and im gona play it befor Halloween. The game is a like a Rock Band or Guitar Hero game but you kill zombies in it by playing music :) It is like Typing of the Dead on the dreamcast if anybody rember that game.

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Im gona end this blog with talking about a game that has nothing to do with zombies but is the only game i know about on the 360 that is about vampires. So it also work as a game to play close to halloween. It is a stealh game. The game reminds me alot of metal gear solid. And im looking foward to playing Vampire Rain again when i get my copy:)

Happy Halloween everbody :) And J on Halloween you can get an achiv in Saw2 :)

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Comment by III JMcH III at 10:02 on 16 Apr 2021

TA was a whole different site back then. I miss those days.

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How many years did that take?

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that DLC is pretty easy to complete. Can do that one in a week or two.

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