Do any of my friends know how to play Xbox live games and unlock achievements on an android phone please?


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Comment by o0EviIToaster0o at 20:29 on 25 May 2020

Any plans to stream soon? Just in general

Comment by TheIrishBeast at 21:51 on 25 May 2020

This is a tough completion. Getting all the way to the last hole well under par only to have it take 14 and wreck it thanks to port design. No saving. Fun but frustrating

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Comment by TheAaronLad at 23:23 on 25 May 2020

that's a bit unfair it's one of the better 1k shmups imho the first boss having a learning curve is refreshing and not recycled trash like fullblast.

Comment by GR34TD3STR0Y3R at 12:04 on 26 May 2020

Ouch 2.5? Of all the east 1000g games I have played, it was nice a kick in the balls to complete.

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