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IrishWarrior022Dungeons & BombsIrishWarrior022 has rated the game Dungeons & Bombs 3 out of 5
IrishWarrior022Human Fall FlatIrishWarrior022 has rated the game Human Fall Flat 3 out of 5
IrishWarrior022The Lost CubeIrishWarrior022 has rated the game The Lost Cube 3 out of 5
Mr RodsterMr Rodster has reached a new milestone: 1,035 Completed Games
Mr RodsterGraviFireMr Rodster completed the game GraviFire and is the 55th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Mr Rodster at 04:27 on 03 Mar 2021

I kinda liked this one, though it was a bit short. I found the puzzles fun with only medium challenge, but decent variety.

IrishWarrior022The Lost CubeIrishWarrior022 completed the game The Lost Cube and is the 20th gamer on the site to complete it
IrishWarrior022The Lost CubeIrishWarrior022 won 20 Achievements in The Lost Cube for 1217 points
Ham Man 89Minecraft DungeonsHam Man 89 completed the game Minecraft Dungeons and is the 129th gamer on the site to complete it
danksy9Goosebumps: The Gamedanksy9 completed the game Goosebumps: The Game and is the 3,585th gamer on the site to complete it
GrimaceTheGreySea of ThievesMerchant Forager achievementGrimaceTheGrey won the Merchant Forager achievement in Sea of Thieves for 926 points
Comment by GrimaceTheGrey at 02:29 on 03 Mar 2021

Never thought this would happen lol

Comment by xMANNY FRE5Hx at 03:11 on 03 Mar 2021

Stop kidding yourself. You’re totally completing this game.

Comment by GrimaceTheGrey at 03:35 on 03 Mar 2021

You have more faith in me than I do lol

disturbedone47DIRT 5disturbedone47 won 4 Achievements in DIRT 5 for 401 points
disturbedone47DIRT 5disturbedone47 started the game DIRT 5
XxJesusNinjaxXRec RoomXxJesusNinjaxX won 3 Achievements in Rec Room for 232 points
OdorlessFurballDrunken FistOdorlessFurball started the game Drunken Fist
Mr RodsterGraviFireMr Rodster started the game GraviFire
DivineWind72Enemy FrontDivineWind72 won 5 Achievements in Enemy Front for 479 points
EthigyCompletion PercentageEthigy created a new Completion Percentage Goal - 99 by 01 Jan 2022
Comment by SaP RaZzor at 20:48 on 02 Mar 2021

Damn nice goal

Comment by DJ KOOLAIDE at 21:22 on 02 Mar 2021


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HellCreeper666ButterflyLevel 1 achievementHellCreeper666 won the Level 1 achievement in Butterfly for 100 points
HellCreeper666ButterflyHellCreeper666 started the game Butterfly
Ham Man 89DIRT 5
            Secret AchievementHam Man 89 won the Secret Achievement in DIRT 5 for 37 points
MarioTooMinecraft DungeonsMarioToo completed the game Minecraft Dungeons and is the 70th gamer on the site to complete it
BTZ SilenceBorderlandsBTZ Silence won 2 Achievements in Borderlands for 40 points
Dreadful ChaosDreadful Chaos has reached a new milestone: 19,000 Achievements Won
Dreadful ChaosDreadful Chaos has reached a new milestone: 575 Completed Games
Dreadful ChaosCaretakerDreadful Chaos completed the game Caretaker and is the 2,498th gamer on the site to complete it
Dreadful ChaosDreadful Chaos has reached a new milestone: 660,000 GamerScore
Dreadful ChaosCaretakerDreadful Chaos started the game Caretaker
Dreadful ChaosDreadful Chaos has reached a new milestone: 625 Games Played
Dreadful ChaosVoid GoreDreadful Chaos completed the game Void Gore and is the 1,035th gamer on the site to complete it
SPIDERxxxxxMANBatman: Arkham KnightSPIDERxxxxxMAN has rated the game Batman: Arkham Knight 4 out of 5
SPIDERxxxxxMANThomas Was AloneSPIDERxxxxxMAN has rated the game Thomas Was Alone 2.5 out of 5
SPIDERxxxxxMANTales from the BorderlandsSPIDERxxxxxMAN has rated the game Tales from the Borderlands 4.5 out of 5
Dreadful ChaosVoid GoreDreadful Chaos started the game Void Gore
Dreadful ChaosKnightin'+Dreadful Chaos completed the game Knightin'+ and is the 1,681st gamer on the site to complete it
Dreadful ChaosKnightin'+Dreadful Chaos started the game Knightin'+
Dreadful ChaosDonut CountyDreadful Chaos completed the game Donut County and is the 24,345th gamer on the site to complete it
IrishWarrior022IrishWarrior022 is now number 1 in the Canada GamerScore Leaderboard for Xbox One Vehicular Combat
Comment by Remember Me IV at 09:54 on 02 Mar 2021

Impressive! Well done mate 👏

Comment by IrishWarrior022 at 14:43 on 02 Mar 2021

Thank you!

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