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PermalinkPuttin reviews and solutions down for a bit.
Its fun to give back to the community.
Disregarding that I never play multiplayer lmao.

No, but, I think I'm done for a while.

It isn't the moving to a new city, the griefer run in or few, its not the time it takes, its not even hard, its just the drive.
This is a decent website with a bunch of nice folk, but in my quest to help others, I stopped taking chances or listening to myself. I almost didnt start Dead Rising 4 because I was told that I'd hate it

And that couldnt be farther from the truth.

I stopped caring about 100's a bit ago, and never once has TA ratio meant a thing to me, but somehow I stopped playing what I wanted, and I think its because what time I did play, I wanted a game or two I could write about.

Nobody really reads blogs here, Its a handy feature but lets be real even the most recognized or loved gamers never hit 100, 50 hell even 25 comments. We arent here for that.

If you do see this, just do you, self care is important.
If not, Im amazing company so I'll keep myself occupied lmfao
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PermalinkWhew, new reviews renew anew my dudes!

*My Time at Portia
*Dynasty Warriors 9

Its time to get on the horse! Again!

Reviews of games one can 100% are coming back. Its time to add to the number. Im debating games I HAVEN'T 100%ed but for now? I got a few lined up.

Up for any recommendations, though!
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PermalinkI'm alive! And other updates... Like jobless lol
Jobless with PLENTY in savings, moving with my parents so free rent soo im ok.

Hello TA!
Been a bit!
I was doing reviews, having a blast, then life got in the way.
I was also fired, in my defense I didn't know, swear to God, that my schedule changed. I AM, tho moving so could use the time.

This means im back, though. Starting tomorrow, My Time at Portia kicks off the reviews of easy 100%s!

Easy but oh my, long...
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