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2019 the return and the backlog
Hey everyone, as it says in my bio took time off Gamerscore and achievements in late 2016 cause life got in the way lol but now I'm back in 2019 and looking forward to getting back at it.

in the next few weeks there will be a name change, going over a bunch right now and I cant exactly pinpoint one down but hopefully soon. with the name change there will be a launch of a youtube channel, streaming on mixer/twitch and who knows maybe one day a podcast.

a lot has changed in my life that will allow me to stream video games full time. sold a family home, moved to a smaller town and reorganized my life to allow me the chance to play games professionally. its always been a dream of mine but never really seemed possible until recently and I cannot wait to take my shot

when the streaming is fully running I'm hoping to be on 4-5 days a week 6 to 8 hours a day but who knows where il go after a few weeks of testing to see if I can or want to even do it but still it seems like a lot of gaming for now haha

part of the streaming will focus on me working on games in my backlog, a few games I excel at like 2k19 and BFV as well as focusing on games for Gamerscore like the ACA NeoGeo franchise, doodle god, and a whole slew of games that il be buying and some Ive been saving to increase my Gamerscore as much as possible when I did make my return to gaming.

So with that being said here is my backlog from the last two years and change. some games ive started some I haven'. its a mixed bag of games lol I will add the smaller games from the same time that I bought in a later post after a list is built

1. halo 5
2. destiny 2
3. Halo MCC
4. call of duty BO4, only played blackout for a little while and honestly wasn't that good lmao
5. shadows of war
6. Conan exiles
7. just cause 3
8. agents of mayhem
9. halo wars 2
10. batman Arkham city/ Arkham asylum
11. bioshock infinite
12. rise of the tomb raider/shadow of the tomb raider
13 kingdom come deliverance
14. hitman 1 and 2, thanks to the recent sale
15. star wars the force awakes, lego
16 zombie
17. Sherlock the devils daughter
18. vampyr
19. immortal unchained
20. darksiders warmastered edition
21. La Noire
22. Bioshock 2
23. hellblade
24. darksiders 2
25, far cry primal
26. metro last light redux
27. recore
28. south park stick of truth

well there it is, another blog post coming in a few days with the list of smaller games for score. till then, happy hunting!

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Congrats on 8th place guys, awesome run!

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