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Evil GenieQuakeEvil Genie won 10 Achievements in Quake for 2611 points
Evil GenieQuakeArma-gone achievementEvil Genie won the Arma-gone achievement in Quake for 74 points
Evil GenieQuakeDragonslayer achievementEvil Genie won the Dragonslayer achievement in Quake for 78 points
Evil GenieQuakeRogue Ranger achievementEvil Genie won the Rogue Ranger achievement in Quake for 537 points
Evil GenieQuakeThe Year Zero achievementEvil Genie won the The Year Zero achievement in Quake for 80 points
Evil GenieQuakeOtherworldly achievementEvil Genie won the Otherworldly achievement in Quake for 537 points
Evil GenieQuakeA Close Shave achievementEvil Genie won the A Close Shave achievement in Quake for 118 points
Evil GenieQuakeFriendly Fire achievementEvil Genie won the Friendly Fire achievement in Quake for 33 points
Evil GenieQuakeMachinehead achievementEvil Genie won the Machinehead achievement in Quake for 540 points
VveniVvidiVviciSMITEThe Fire GiantVveniVvidiVvici completed the The Fire Giant DLC for SMITE
VveniVvidiVviciSMITEVveniVvidiVvici won 8 Achievements in SMITE for 1068 points
PeskiJust Die AlreadyPeski won 4 Achievements in Just Die Already for 1660 points
MidniteDLITEHuman Fall FlatMiniatureMidniteDLITE completed the Miniature DLC for Human Fall Flat
PeskiJust Die AlreadyPeski completed the story in Just Die Already
MidniteDLITEBack 4 BloodMidniteDLITE won 2 Achievements in Back 4 Blood for 68 points
Evil ToastINSIDEPack Mentality achievementEvil Toast won the Pack Mentality achievement in INSIDE for 100 points
Evil ToastKnockout CityEvil Toast won 2 Achievements in Knockout City for 230 points
AndystructibleAndystructible has reached a new milestone: 460,000 TrueAchievement Score
AndystructibleNowhere GirlAndystructible completed the game Nowhere Girl and is the 2,675th gamer on the site to complete it
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Active Targets
Achievement Addict Target
Achievement Addict TargetEarn achievements on 5+ different days
Joined on 27 Apr 2023
Ends on 31 May 2023
4,256 participants
Herr KaramellGold medal
27 days - Gold earned
Gold medal
May the Fourth Target
May the Fourth TargetEarn at least 4 achievements in each game for 1+ different games
Joined on 27 Apr 2023
Ends on 31 May 2023
4,195 participants
Herr KaramellGold medal
5 games - Gold earned
Gold medal
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Weekly Leaderboard Pos Gamers %ile
TA Difference Week 21 2023 7,408 185,239 4.00
TrueAchievement Week 21 2023 12,399 246,729 5.03
Gamerscore Week 21 2023 26,282 246,729 10.65
Site Leaderboard Location Pos Gamers %ile
Achievements Completion %age in All Games 7,820 View history chart 938,388 0.83
Gamerscore in All Games 44,564 View history chart 938,388 4.75
Gamerscore in All Games Sweden 230 View history chart 3,144 7.32
Achievements Completion %age in All Games Sweden 73 View history chart 3,144 2.32

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