Let's see what' in store for this year in 2021! I try to keep up with my score but its been a rough year in 2020. Hopefully its much better this year!


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New Year!! 2017!
Happy New Years Everyone!!!
Im active again this past month after a long time off, Im still on my bonding leave as of now but will go back to work on the 17th of this month so only a few days left. My progress will be slower but hopefully I can still get some gaming time in. So far Im on a 25 day streak and hope to beat my best of 40 days and more. I did quite a few cheevos from old games Ive played and never beat and picked up my percentage by 2% not a lot but its a start. Hopefully everyone has a great year and happy gaming! compute

Below is for my references

JAN '17
33,786 / 338,959
6.50 (8/1/0)

DEC '16
37,837 / 331,421
5.50 (7/1/0)

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CenosisRoguebookArchivist achievementCenosis won the Archivist achievement in Roguebook for 173 points
ChiT0wnRedneckActive Soccer 2 DXChiT0wnRedneck completed the game Active Soccer 2 DX and is the 1,670th gamer on the site to complete it
JQ1017GoldenEye 007JQ1017 won 4 Achievements in GoldenEye 007 for 185 points
ChiT0wnRedneckChiT0wnRedneck has reached a new milestone: 135,000 TrueAchievement Score
ChiT0wnRedneckDonut CountyChiT0wnRedneck completed the game Donut County and is the 65,697th gamer on the site to complete it
ChiT0wnRedneckDonut CountyChiT0wnRedneck won 2 Achievements in Donut County for 281 points
ChiT0wnRedneckTelling LiesChiT0wnRedneck completed the game Telling Lies and is the 17,836th gamer on the site to complete it
ChiT0wnRedneckTelling LiesChiT0wnRedneck completed the story in Telling Lies
ChiT0wnRedneckTelling LiesChiT0wnRedneck won 4 Achievements in Telling Lies for 379 points
ChiT0wnRedneckChiT0wnRedneck has reached a new milestone: 3,500 Achievements Won
ChiT0wnRedneckChiT0wnRedneck has reached a new milestone: Completion Percentage of 15%
ChiT0wnRedneckTelling LiesChiT0wnRedneck started the game Telling Lies
ChiT0wnRedneckDonut CountyChiT0wnRedneck won 7 Achievements in Donut County for 613 points
ChiT0wnRedneckDonut CountyChiT0wnRedneck completed the story in Donut County
JQ1017GoldenEye 007JQ1017 started the game GoldenEye 007
KradskAnniversaryKradsk is celebrating their 10-year anniversary of joining TrueAchievements.com
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N7 WildfireHalo InfiniteN7 Wildfire won 3 Achievements in Halo Infinite for 364 points
CenosisRoguebookBlessed Coin achievementCenosis won the Blessed Coin achievement in Roguebook for 146 points
CenosisRoguebookSharra Mastery achievementCenosis won the Sharra Mastery achievement in Roguebook for 128 points
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