Anyone else ever play a game that is so bad it makes you want to stop playing games for a while?


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                Status change by Astariah at 02:12 on 23 Sep 2020Astariah status: is xbox one series x backward compadable with every xbox 360 game? just pop any game in and play it?
Comment by I am Mindslave at 06:28 on 23 Sep 2020

I thought it was only what's already available for xbox one?

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Comment by LAS7 WeemaN at 21:09 on 22 Sep 2020

how? that is insane, congrats :D

Comment by mfeforever at 21:15 on 22 Sep 2020

Way too many explores...Thanks!

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K4rn4ge has started broadcasting Gems Guild Wars Battles | Mic off atm on their twitch channel at 20:49 on 22 Sep 2020twitchK4rn4ge has started broadcasting Gems Guild Wars Battles | Mic off atm on their twitch channel
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I Boz lde Blob 2 (Xbox 360)I Boz l has rated the game de Blob 2 (Xbox 360) 2.5 out of 5
Comment by I Boz l at 19:04 on 22 Sep 2020

Funny/interesting for the first levels...but after 2/3, it's already a pain. They're all the same, with the same things to do over and over. I don't even feel the

Comment by I Boz l at 19:07 on 22 Sep 2020

puzzle or platformer aspect of the game. This should be revisited and moved to a new genre: nothing but a shitload of collectibles

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Comment by TheOnlyMatto at 05:24 on 23 Sep 2020


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