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Arcade Games

In Progress

Pacific Rim 1432 TA left
Spartacus Legends 771 TA left

To Do
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus
Ultimate MK3
MK Arcade Collection (PC)

Retail Games


Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
King of Fighters XII

In Progress
Battle Fantasia 622 TA left
Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit 4368 TA left
Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi 724 left
Persona 4 Arena 2936 TA left
Wartech Senko no Ronde 996 TA left
Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth 2010 TA left
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z 2282 TA left

To Do
Arcana Heart 3
BB:CS Extend
Dead or Alive 4

Def Jam Icon
Digimon All-Star Rumble
Dragon Ball Z for Kinect
Dragon Ball Raging Blast

Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2
Naruto Storm 3
Naruto Storm Revolution

Games on a console I do not own
Divekick Addition Edition +
Fighter Within
Golden Fantasia X
Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct Classic
Killer Instinct 2 Classic
Nurarihyon no Mago
Phantom Breaker
Phantom Breaker Extra
Senko no Ronde Duo
Zoids Infinity EX Neo

Key: Own but have not started Unobtainables/Delisted

Well, where to start. I'm on 109,500 TA for all fighting games, and if I sorted my life out, and finished all the ones I've started, I'd be on 123,500 TA. Kind of an uneventful month in some respects. I've started and completed Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. GOTY 2014, for sure. I know there's only 10 of us who have played it, but you guys are missing out. Fantastic fighter, all ARC System games have a decent story mode too. The achievements are pretty easy, even for a non fighter. Any normal person is quite capable of getting 1,090 GS on the game.

I made progress boosting also. Finally completed King of Fighters XII, many thanks to Venom Weapon X6. That was one hell of a grind I'm glad to see the back of. Also I'd like to thank UndeadRawckz for boosting the online of Persona 4 with me. That made us both the 17th and 18th people on TA to complete the game respectively. Well, I say that... After that he got the completion and I still needed to complete the Story Mode. I know i'm not boosting Spartacus Legends, but it bloody feels like it. I'm on rank 46 now, about 33% of the way through it. As it stands i'm looking at about another 175 matches until I get the 400G. So another 6 and a half hours... Maybe get it done on the next double fame weekend... But most likely the one after. Ah well, nearly there!

Unfortunately I've still not been able to boost DBZ UT. However finishing P$AU has prompted me to start another game. I decided against Naruto as I've got a metric shit-ton of DBZ games to get through, so i'm wanting to make some headway on those. Strangely enough, DBZ Battle of Z is actually alright, although it looks like it's gonna get very grindy, Getting 8 people together for the online achievements is not something I'm looking forward to, especially with my limited free time.

I mentioned I was trying to get 80% completion by the end of the year. I realised it wasn't possible when I wasn't able to boost DBZ UT so I decided to open one of my xmas presents (P4A:U) which I'd been waiting for... for ages. Right decision. So as it stands i'm further away than I was last month if I recall correctly. I'm sure i'll live.

By this time next month I'm hoping to have Battle Fantasia and DBZ UT completed... and not to have started any new fighting games, unless it's to do Arcana Heart 3 with EvilResidentUK. Need to start playing catch-up again. I suppose that all remains to be seen, cause I genuinely have no idea how much free time I'm gonna have haha.

I've also noticed, TA ratios seem to be climbing faster and faster of late. It's definitely since the TA app was released on Xbox One. At the start of this weeks GTASC, after the first day, without popping any achievements i'd got 66 TA. Also since I first started Fighters Uncaged about 6 months ago (the game is years old to start with), it's gone from 5,700TA to 6,200TA for the completion. I'd imagine these are only going to get higher.

Anyway, 3rd blog done. For saying I didn't think I had anything to say, I've rambled on a fair bit. But anyway, there it is.
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