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#24: 2021 The Breakthrough Case of Gaming
After a tough 2020, I deem 2021 as challenging to get through. The silver lining of underemployment (through recurring waves & lockdowns), was having the most game time since my ...

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AaronJamesx38The Evil Within 2 (Windows)AaronJamesx38 won 23 Achievements in The Evil Within 2 (Windows) for 515 Gamerscore
WhtthfggIt Takes TwoWhtthfgg completed the game It Takes Two and is the 11,510th gamer on the site to complete it
Maka91RiverbondMaka91 won 14 Achievements in Riverbond for 364 points
WhtthfggIt Takes TwoWhtthfgg won 4 Achievements in It Takes Two for 451 points
BiLLzuMaNaTiMoo LanderBiLLzuMaNaTi won 5 Achievements in Moo Lander for 119 points
AaronJamesx38AaronJamesx38 has reached a new milestone: 690 Completed Games
AaronJamesx38El GanchoAaronJamesx38 completed the game El Gancho
Comment by AaronJamesx38 at 17:33 on 22 May 2022

Completion 167 in 2022

AaronJamesx38El GanchoAaronJamesx38 won 15 Achievements in El Gancho for 1000 Gamerscore
JblacqKung Fu PandaJblacq won 3 Achievements in Kung Fu Panda for 194 points
Enigma Gamer 77Elden RingEnigma Gamer 77 won 2 Achievements in Elden Ring for 50 points
MadLefty2097MadLefty2097 has reached a new milestone: 14,500 Achievements Won
spankyNspronkleManeaterspankyNspronkle won 3 Achievements in Maneater for 50 points
AaronJamesx38Wordbreaker by POWGIAaronJamesx38 completed the game Wordbreaker by POWGI
Comment by AaronJamesx38 at 15:27 on 22 May 2022

Completion 166 in 2022

AaronJamesx38El GanchoAaronJamesx38 started the game El Gancho
AaronJamesx38Wordbreaker by POWGIAaronJamesx38 won 37 Achievements in Wordbreaker by POWGI for 1000 Gamerscore
JblacqMay Achievement Days TargetJblacq has earned Gold in the May Achievement Days Target
BiLLzuMaNaTiMoo LanderBiLLzuMaNaTi started the game Moo Lander
AaronJamesx38AaronJamesx38 has reached a new milestone: 23,250 Achievements Won
AaronJamesx38AaronJamesx38 has reached a new milestone: 960,000 GamerScore

                  Status change by AaronJamesx38 at 13:57 on 22 May 2022AaronJamesx38 status: Three legged race against Me. C64 Mat and Beaver for the million gonna be a tight one lets go
Comment by AaronJamesx38 at 13:39 on 22 May 2022

Completion 165 in 2022

BiLLzuMaNaTiThe Legend of the Dragonflame Highschool CollectionBiLLzuMaNaTi has rated the game The Legend of the Dragonflame Highschool Collection 3 out of 5
Comment by BiLLzuMaNaTi at 12:15 on 22 May 2022

Achievement Walkthrough:

Comment by BiLLzuMaNaTi at 12:15 on 22 May 2022

1000GS in 60 mins

smrnovVambrace: Cold Soulsmrnov started the game Vambrace: Cold Soul
Darklord DavisWindjammers 2Darklord Davis started the game Windjammers 2
Mark BFamily Mysteries 3: Criminal MindsetMark B completed the game Family Mysteries 3: Criminal Mindset and is the 503rd gamer on the site to complete it
IllegallySamSupralandIllegallySam won 8 Achievements in Supraland for 339 points
AhayzoDiRT 3Ahayzo won 3 Achievements in DiRT 3 for 300 points
AhayzoDiRT 3Battered Battersea achievementAhayzo won the Battered Battersea achievement in DiRT 3 for 170 points
AhayzoDiRT 3Burnt Rubber achievementAhayzo won the Burnt Rubber achievement in DiRT 3 for 90 points
AhayzoDiRT 3Sub Zero Hero achievementAhayzo won the Sub Zero Hero achievement in DiRT 3 for 41 points
Big EllMay Achievement Days TargetBig Ell has earned Gold in the May Achievement Days Target
Enigma Gamer 77Enigma Gamer 77 has reached a new milestone: Completion Percentage of 53%
Vulgar LatinSupralandVulgar Latin has rated the game Supraland 2.5 out of 5
Vulgar LatinSupralandVulgar Latin won 7 Achievements in Supraland for 501 points
N龱T廾 T廾A G龱DTenchu ZN龱T廾 T廾A G龱D completed the game Tenchu Z and is the 2,490th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Darklord Davis at 09:33 on 22 May 2022


Comment by N龱T廾 T廾A G龱D#873 at 17:51 on 22 May 2022

14 year completion les goooooooooooo

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May Story Completed Target
May Story Completed TargetComplete at least one game's story in May
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Ends on 31 May 2022
4,373 participants
ITS ALivExBronze medal
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May Action Gamerscore Target
May Action Gamerscore TargetEarn 200+ Gamerscore in Action games
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Gamerscore in All Games Canada 1,240 View history chart 6,430 19.28
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