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Stomach virus hit the house this past week, my mind was so scrambled I forgot all about my streak.

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#19: 2016 My TA Summary
With 2016 in the books, just how good was I?
2016 Summary2016 Summary
- I beat my previous record (in 2015) by 6,454 TA.
- 29.7% of my total TA was scored this year, while earning 22.8% of all achievements to date.
- My top 3 best months ever, occurred this past year. Scoring 4,710, 6,813 & 4,750 TA in February, March & April consecutively. Can you say, GTASC effect?
- Though it says 10 completed games, I count 9 upon further digging. Either way half of all my completions happened during 2016.

2016 Genre Breakdown
Scoring by Genre Scoring by Genre
Despite the Action and Card & Board genres accounting for nearly 40% of 2016's score, it was a more balanced year for playing multiple genres. 1,000 plus TA was earned in ten genres, compared to just six in 2015.

The Random
- I finished 20th/29 amongst friends this year who scored 5,000TA or more. On the whole it seems an inflationary year site wide.
- A new best day was set on January 23rd. 926 TA recorded over 23 achievements, playing five different titles.
- This was my proudest achievement win in my game of the 360/PS3 era
Red Dead RedemptionRedeemedThe Redeemed achievement in Red Dead Redemption worth 263 pointsAttain 100% in the Single Player Game Completion stat.

- My shame game award goes to Roblox. Which added a hefty 1,772 (6.2%) of too easy TA.

Gaming goal resolution
Focus on AAA titles this year, and finish the campaigns in those I've started.
toast to 2017, 100K and beyond!
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Comment by YODA12320 at 19:25 on 21 Jun 2018


Comment by General Tynstar at 20:35 on 21 Jun 2018

WOOHOOO Cant wait!!!!!

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                  Status change by Xpovos at 15:35 on 21 Jun 2018Xpovos status: Apparently, Guitar Hero online achievements are set to be discontinued later this year. Best get on that, then, X.
Comment by JamP0und32 at 15:57 on 21 Jun 2018

Yeah ghtv is going down making the game pretty shit.

Comment by Xpovos at 16:07 on 21 Jun 2018

I have GH3 and GH:WT. The online for those isn't TERRIBLE, but I'm missing a lot of equipment, and most importantly, other people. Including some with skills that I lack.

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Comment by planting42 at 19:27 on 21 Jun 2018

Started off a bit rough with the lips being exaggerated but its settling down now to a good story and more reasonable speaking faces.

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Comment by Darkness727420 at 19:52 on 21 Jun 2018

Lol the name made me giggle

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Comment by Pare ESP at 08:08 on 21 Jun 2018

it seems not complicated at all. I will wait until it will be on sale!!!

Comment by K4rn4ge at 11:27 on 21 Jun 2018


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Comment by JohnPicklewilly at 10:55 on 21 Jun 2018


Comment by Xpovos at 12:47 on 21 Jun 2018

Yep. Now to get that CaRoTS up.

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