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Slow day at work today and I'm in one of my nostalgic moods today, so I went through some of my old blog posts from a few years ago. Right away I noticed that most of the people commenting aren't around anymore. In fact, a LOT of people I gamed with over the years aren't around anymore. They either quit achievement hunting, quit the site, seldom get on and play casually, or just stopped gaming altogether.

What happened? Where did you all go? I know some transitioned to the PS4 and never looked back, but beyond that I can't put a finger on why over the last 2 years or so nearly everyone I gamed with just dropped off a cliff. You don't even see the sappy "farewell, but not really" blogs anymore. They just...disappear.

I'm not even around as much as I would like. My life is so different now than it was just a few years ago I wouldn't even recognize myself. Went from living a small condo to a huge house, moved from FL to VA, college to full time work, single to engaged, an old cat (RIP, still miss you) to 3 big dogs, birds, reptiles, fish, and god knows what other critters this woman brings into the house laugh.

Most days I'm lucky to get an hour or 2 to myself and it's only if she goes to bed early. I love her to death and would be devastated if we split up, but damn would it be nice to get some consistent alone time. MP gaming and boosting has just become a colossal headache at this point, so I've been trying to avoid anything that can't be done by myself or in a small session or 2.

Sorry Gears 4, maybe if I'm divorced some day!

I guess we all move on at some point as our lives change, but I'm just not there yet and may never be. I've been gaming since I was 2 and its shaped so much of who I am. I can't picture life without it, even if it just makes up a few hours a week.

So for those of my friends that are left, is there anyone who doesn't get on as much or at all that you miss gaming with?

To good friends, past, present, and future. toast
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Permalink500K - The Last Great Milestone
If you blinked, you might have missed me sprinting to 500K last week - and landing it on my birthday toast. I hatched the plot when I found out in January that my fiance would be out of town for a week. At the time I was sitting at around 480K and projecting to put up another 3 or 4K by her trip. Looking at my backlog of easy games I grabbed on sale, I figured I could comfortably accomplish the goal if I took the week off. So I did.

Feb 3 comes and I drop her off at the airport and head to work. 3 hours later, flight is cancelled, and rescheduled for the following day. On the outside I was happy I would get another night with her...internally I was screaming. "Shit, I just lost roughly 14 hours!" I made up a little bit by nudging her to play Lollipop Chainsaw, managing about 100G for the night.

She flew out just fine the next day. I now had 5 and a half days to put up 16K to meet my goal. Doable with what I had on hand, but it pretty much meant binge gaming for 5 days straight. I did fine until day 3 when I had to run some errands. What should have been only a couple hours ended up taking half the day. So I had to buy Clash, Gianna Sisters (whatever the easy one is. Dream Runners?) and Slash Dash to make up for lost time.

But it all worked out. I was happy.

So what now? I decided not to place a 600K goal. I want to tackle my backlog and get to some good games I missed last year. I pretty much bought nothing new the second half of the year because I was moving from FL to VA and needed to save money.

So my 2017 goals will be:

-Finish as many backlogged games as possible
-Finish and sell all foreign games (I went overboard on this facepalm
-Play AAA titles I've been ignoring.
-Finish Happy Ways and Hexic HD (Why do I keep procrastinating on these?)
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