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If you blinked, you might have missed me sprinting to 500K last week - and landing it on my birthday toast. I hatched the plot when I found out in January that my fiance would be out of town for a week. At the time I was sitting at around 480K and projecting to put up another 3 or 4K by her trip. Looking at my backlog of easy games I grabbed on sale, I figured I could comfortably accomplish the goal if I took the week off. So I did.

Feb 3 comes and I drop her off at the airport and head to work. 3 hours later, flight is cancelled, and rescheduled for the following day. On the outside I was happy I would get another night with her...internally I was screaming. "Shit, I just lost roughly 14 hours!" I made up a little bit by nudging her to play Lollipop Chainsaw, managing about 100G for the night.

She flew out just fine the next day. I now had 5 and a half days to put up 16K to meet my goal. Doable with what I had on hand, but it pretty much meant binge gaming for 5 days straight. I did fine until day 3 when I had to run some errands. What should have been only a couple hours ended up taking half the day. So I had to buy Clash, Gianna Sisters (whatever the easy one is. Dream Runners?) and Slash Dash to make up for lost time.

But it all worked out. I was happy.

So what now? I decided not to place a 600K goal. I want to tackle my backlog and get to some good games I missed last year. I pretty much bought nothing new the second half of the year because I was moving from FL to VA and needed to save money.

So my 2017 goals will be:

-Finish as many backlogged games as possible
-Finish and sell all foreign games (I went overboard on this facepalm
-Play AAA titles I've been ignoring.
-Finish Happy Ways and Hexic HD (Why do I keep procrastinating on these?)
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