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PermalinkMy name is Falcon and I used to play video games.
No this is not some sappy "I'm quitting" blog. In fact I would love nothing more than to do the opposite. This is a long overdue rant about why I'm barely around anymore.

Here's a typical day in my life.

Wake up at 7:30AM to help my fiance tend to the zoo. You see we have a LOT of animals: 3 large dogs (2 Akitas and a Border Collie/Lab mix), 12 birds, 2 adult rabbits (with babies on the way), 6 snakes, 3 leopard geckos, a 36 gallon fresh water aquarium, and a box turtle that she found in the woods that now lives on our porch. This takes the 2 of us at least an hour in the morning to feed/water and spot clean any messes in their habitats. Longer on reptile feeding day.

By 8:30 I shower and get dressed for work and leave by 8:50. I thankfully only live 5 mins from work or I'd be waking up even earlier.

Work M-F 9:00 to 4:30. I used to have more down time in earlier years to hang around on TA, Neogaf, and elsewhere but I've taken on more and more responsibilities so now it's relegated to lunch time and maybe the last 15 mins of the day.

I drive home at 4:30 and let the dogs out for potty. Top off their food and water afterward and spend a little time with them. Then I spend the next half hour doing small chores.

By 5:30 I'm cooking dinner for us, she gets home from work around 6, but her hours fluctuate so sometimes I get a little time to relax. We eat, I clean up, pack away leftovers, and start spending time with her. Sometimes we go out for dinner, depends on our mood. We don't have any kids and money isn't tight so why the hell not.

So after dinner by 7ish, we do what my fiance likes to do. We play what she wants (Skyrim as of late, with mods, so no achievements for me), watch what we wants, or go where she wants. She works as a full time vet tech (that's the vet version of a nurse) for anywhere between 8 to 12 hours depending on the day. Her job is way more stressful than mine; she's on her feet all day, has to deal with asshole animal owners, asshole dogs and cats that sometimes bite, scratch, and bruise her, help with surgeries, and deal with high strung coworkers and doctors. And on a bad day she may have to euthanize someone's best friend (or 2).

So she earns her down time at night. I don't mind doing the bulk of the house work for her, but damn if it doesn't cut into my free time. She typically goes to bed at 10 (sometimes earlier if she had a rough day). And if I'm not exhausted myself, I'll game then for a couple hours. About half the time I just go to bed with her and repeat the next day. That's my M-F life.

She works every Saturday too, usually 7 to 1:30. That's my sanctuary and where the bulk of my free time in the week is. After she gets home we usually take the dogs to the park and hang out with friends that night. Sunday is "our" day, where we try to do as little as possible around the house and just spend time together. Sometimes I squeeze in some extra gaming time this day, but it's not often.

And that's my week in a nutshell, rinse and repeat.

Pretty stark contrast to how I lived 5 years ago. Alone in a small apartment, going to classes, and hanging out with friends or gaming for 8 hours straight like a bum. I was lonely, broke, and didn't have much to my name. But I had a LOT of free time. Too much; I tended to wallow in my thoughts far too often for my own good. Now I sleep with a hot woman every night, make decent money, have a house with a lot of stuff, and barely any time to enjoy it all. Thank God we're not having kids. I tip my hat to you parents out there that keep it together, I would lose my damn mind.

I like my life. It's a good life and things could be far worse. Recent hurricanes for example have stripped people of everything but the shirts on their backs. I just wish I could have some more....balance. I struggle to motivate myself to wake up to the rat race each morning knowing it's a coin flip if I will have more than 10 mins to myself that day.

Any of you guys relate? And how do you deal with it?
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