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Racing comeback, leaderboard review and my rough plan for May.
Hi all,

So the time has finally come, tomorrow I will be flying back to the UK. I guess I'm happy to be going, I get to see the kitchen I paid a share of at home and see friends and family I haven't seen in person for over 8 months. At the same time though I really wish I could just stay here longer, but unfortunately that requires funding I just can't come up with.

At the start of this academic year right before embarking on this adventure I posted some stats relating to various racing leaderboards. Now seems like the right time to have a look back at these and see just how much ground I've lost, then get on the consoles and smash my way back up to top 10 wink but without actual smashing of course, I race clean.

So back at the end of August this is where I stood:

Gamerscore: 12th place, 119610 GS >200 from Flapjack waldi around 4000 away from top 10.

Trueachievement points: 10th place, 269057 TA 6300 away from Mr Mascal 77.

Completed games: 11th place, 110 completed 6 away from Flapjack waldi.

Though I prefer sims the big one is arcade racers at 4th place.

So that's where I was, now for the current stats. I have managed to gain a few achievements here and there from WP and Win games which has helped to keep me from dropping as much as I thought I would.


Lost 3 positions, currently 15th with 120120 around 13000 away from top 10, ouch.

Trueachievement points:

Lost 2 positions, currently 12th with 274185 I need around 10000 to get back to top 10.

Completed games:

Held my 11th position as I finished 6 games between WP and Win while I've been away. Currently sitting on 116 completed but now 9 rather than just 6 behind Flapjack waldi in 10th.

So not as bad as I thought considering the number of racers that have come out since I left (10).

My plan for May.

I'll be getting back at 10pm tomorrow and heading to Tesco (its closest to the airport, would usually head for Sainsbury's) to pick up some supply's for the week ahead. Depending on jet lag or lack of it I will hit the one as soon as I get home and get started on some of what I have bought already. These include WRC 5, Forza 6, Trackmania turbo and Need for speed. The rest of the week will be catching up with friends both irl and xbl and playing bits of these and a few of the things I left unfinished last year. In the second or maybe third week I'll be making a trip to cex to grab a few other titles to round out the month. Predictions are that TA and completed games will be back to top 10 by the end of May but GS will take some more effort.
That's the gaming plan for May, the other thing I'll need to do is find some work for the summer, just some part time minimum wage stuff will do I'm not too fussy but if there's something with useful experience comes up then I'll be going for that instead.

One final thing before I sign off- what is up with the XB1 leaderboard, where is everyone? We need to show these kids how its done people, can't have them taking our top 10 spots from us lol.

As always thanks for reading,
See you all very soon!


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Maybe take a bit of a break from streaming. Restaurant! Relax, movies!

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Hell ya...I was dying when I watched BiLLzuMaNaTi guide and he was watering the egg plant haha

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