totally not finishing Warboats, many end game achievements


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SashamorningBefore I ForgetSashamorning completed the game Before I Forget and is the 228th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Sashamorning at 04:35 on 08 May 2021

Okay, this destroyed me. I need a break.

Comment by C64 Mat at 07:46 on 08 May 2021

From the title only, I'm expecting this to be another "The Notebook" scenario

                Status change by Sashamorning at 03:31 on 08 May 2021Sashamorning status: Kursk: A game about a sub tragedy that follows a bunch of fetch quests, which pretty much makes them even more useless.
Comment by Clad master at 09:41 on 08 May 2021

But can you play the game ? Impossible for me on One S.So many lag,crash and horrible loadings

SashamorningKurskSashamorning won 9 Achievements in Kursk for 305 points
Genius RedneckWreckfestGenius Redneck won 2 Achievements in Wreckfest for 90 points
blackboxroryFinal Fantasy IXblackboxrory won 2 Achievements in Final Fantasy IX for 72 points
smrnovAnthemsmrnov won 5 Achievements in Anthem for 206 points
smrnovAnthemsmrnov won 3 Achievements in Anthem for 120 points
SashamorningKurskSashamorning won 4 Achievements in Kursk for 101 points
SashamorningKurskMatryoshka achievementSashamorning won the Matryoshka achievement in Kursk for 60 points
SashamorningKurskAll Aboard! achievementSashamorning won the All Aboard! achievement in Kursk for 15 points
SashamorningKurskVidyayevo achievementSashamorning won the Vidyayevo achievement in Kursk for 13 points
SashamorningBean DiveThese items contain commentsSashamorning won 1 achievement in 1 new game as part of their Bean Dive
Major NelsonDOOM EternalMajor Nelson won 2 Achievements in DOOM Eternal for 226 points
Stallion83NBA 2K21Stallion83 won 2 Achievements in NBA 2K21 for 881 points
Stallion83NBA 2K21Bet On Woman achievementStallion83 won the Bet On Woman achievement in NBA 2K21 for 695 points
Stallion83NBA 2K21She Got Game achievementStallion83 won the She Got Game achievement in NBA 2K21 for 185 points
smrnovLost Wingsmrnov completed the game Lost Wing and is the 572nd gamer on the site to complete it
smrnovLost Wing smrnov won 11 Achievements in Lost Wing for 1082 points
smrnovLost WingMachinegun achievementsmrnov won the Machinegun achievement in Lost Wing for 113 points
smrnovLost WingSlayer achievementsmrnov won the Slayer achievement in Lost Wing for 153 points
Comment by McTennisD at 00:21 on 08 May 2021

I find these last 2 difficult

smrnovLost WingExterminator achievementsmrnov won the Exterminator achievement in Lost Wing for 103 points
smrnovLost WingPaint job achievementsmrnov won the Paint job achievement in Lost Wing for 106 points
smrnovLost WingInverted achievementsmrnov won the Inverted achievement in Lost Wing for 102 points
smrnovLost WingLost Wing achievementsmrnov won the Lost Wing achievement in Lost Wing for 101 points
smrnovLost WingInvincible achievementsmrnov won the Invincible achievement in Lost Wing for 102 points
smrnovLost WingPadawan achievementsmrnov won the Padawan achievement in Lost Wing for 50 points
smrnovLost WingBomber achievementsmrnov won the Bomber achievement in Lost Wing for 101 points
smrnovLost WingPoints hoarder achievementsmrnov won the Points hoarder achievement in Lost Wing for 101 points
smrnovLost Wingsmrnov started the game Lost Wing
blackboxroryNight Callblackboxrory won 2 Achievements in Night Call for 622 points
Genius RedneckWreckfestGenius Redneck started the game Wreckfest
Genius RedneckGenius Redneck has reached a new milestone: 225 Completed Games
Genius RedneckDonut CountyGenius Redneck completed the game Donut County and is the 29,944th gamer on the site to complete it

                Status change by Sashamorning at 23:23 on 06 May 2021Sashamorning status: BALDUR'S GATE: DARK ALLIANCE DROPPING ON XBOX TOMORROW!!!
Comment by xDaddy Cake at 23:55 on 06 May 2021

never heard of this, i have to look it up

Comment by xDaddy Cake at 23:58 on 06 May 2021

ok after i looked up i realized i mustve lost some yrs of my life somehere

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smrnovLadders by POWGIsmrnov completed the game Ladders by POWGI and is the 418th gamer on the site to complete it
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