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Back from the beach and time to rock on some Gears 2. Have to get 50 by the 13th for my last achiev

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Tornadoes, Gears, and BBQ
Well this past month has been one for the history books. On April 27th, the southeastern US, including Alabama, was rocked by 312 Tornadoes. Many of these hit Alabama extremely hard leaving over 200 dead and still hundreds missing. I am thankful to say that my family and I were not hurt. However, some folks we know lost their daughter in Tuscaloosa. The power was out for over a week and some are STILL without power. Many homes were destroyed. The power of Mother Nature is not to be trifled with that is for sure. We are simply in the way. I pray for all of those affected by this weather outbreak.

Now on to Gears. Gears 3 Beta was pretty much what I expected it to be, more of the same multiplayer offered by Gears 2 with some new weapons and characters. Finally finished unlocking everything that was unlockable for retail and can shove my Bulletstorm disc back in its case and put it on the shelf. I still scratch my head and try to figure out why I had to start that Beta from Bulletstorm. I understand having to do it during the early access week, but after it was opened to the preorders? They really could have thought about that a bit more. A simple code in the Bulletstorm case would have worked much better. Anyhow, Gears 3 looks to be pretty fun. Multiplayer will definitely be boosted.

As for my Gears 2 woes, I look to bury the game this June. After Epic's failure of EPIC proportions corrupted my profile, I really became bummed and didn't want to even try to finish the game for a while. The fix is a quick, simple one that just resets all of your progress including campaign, kills, rank, matches played, etc. Basically, any stat the game tracks associated with your profile has been corrupted and has to be erased. And the fix is actually a glitch which is what fucked the profile up in the first place.... yeah how does that work? So they want to stop people from glitching, but once your profile gets messed up you have to perform a glitch to fix it. Gee Epic, you all seem to really know what you are doing. That’s not hypocritical at all.....

Anyhow, less bitching and more solving. There is most likely going to be a 30x xp event for a week in early June. Most likely it will be the first or second full week in June. At this time, I am going to attempt to get finish off the last of the rank associated achievements which is 1-50 on Nowhere map. I thank my friends who got me to 100 and got my wings in the game before (you know who you are). Now, if there are any of you who don't mind helping me get to 50 again, I would greatly appreciate it. Send me a message and we'll try to figure out a time. I want to use our previous boosting method as I believe that would be the easiest, quickest way to do it. The rest I will finish up in sessions or solo as required. Thanks in advance to you guys for all of your help, both past and future.

And finally, onward to BBQ. Summer is fast on its way and its time to BBQ. Sorry, nothing much to say other than that. GET OUT THERE AND BBQ! Thanks for all the support people around the country are sending to Alabama and the other states effected by the storms. When it comes down to helping those in need, America truly does come together. And a big thanks to all of my friends for keeping me on the straight and narrow. toast


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