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My summer goals.
For this summer I have some goals I want to complete. These include:

1.) Get 50,000 Gamerscore * achieved on 8/20/12*

2.)Complete the games:
a.) Darksiders *completed on 6/11/12*
b.) Bioshock *completed on 6/14/12*
c.) LEGO Batman *completed on 7/3/12*
e.) Dead Space 2
f.) Halo 3: ODST
g.) Dante's Inferno (I have had only 1 ach. left for a long time)
h.) Dragon Age: Origins
i.) Borderlands *completed on 5/11/16*
j.) Brink *completed on 8/22/12*
k.) Skyrim
L.) Gears of War 2
m.) Gears of War
N.) Assassin's Creed

3.) Work towards the completion of Gears of War 3.

Now I know this is a decent list, but some of these games I am only missing like 4 achievements for and need to finish. I hope to make these goals go quickly, but who knows. O well off to gaming I go. wave
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