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Half A Million TA Score.... Briefly! (The 2018 Grind)
Happy Friday gameboys and gamegirls!

It's been a while since the last update, and for the large part of that it's been a pretty quiet period of gaming for me also. There was a near month and a half period where I practically stepped back from the usual grinding of achievements and decided to take things easy with trying to finally get past Clicker Heroes . A lot of idling and a very long time later I managed to complete the pesky idle clicker to 100% and was FINALLY able to get rid of it from my game list. That took up a long time indeed, but it was well worth the time in order to get that last achievement...

Clicker HeroesZone conquerorThe Zone conqueror achievement in Clicker Heroes worth 804 pointsReach level 3.600

This left me pretty with a quickly increasing TA Score per day requirement to hit the 500k target before the end of the year, from under 300 TA to nearly 500 TA per day. I decided that I couldn't waste much more time and quickly sped through Fearful Symmetry & The Cursed Prince , DUCATI - 90th Anniversary , and Soul Axiom over the following 24 hours. The latter of which was a pretty decent game in fairness. I'm still struggling to work out exactly what was going on in terms of the story line, but there are plenty of challenges and backtracking to keep the casual gamer occupied for a few hours.

The next day I spent around 15 minutes unlocking all the achievements in Jack N' Jill DX and picking up just over 1,000 TA Score and that was more than enough to bring my required TA Score rate back down to a more than manageable level once again. It's not a great game, but it was there for the quick TA Score fix that I needed to keep myself above water. A day of rest with the future wife followed that, and then after taking her back home I once again rushed my way through another quick and easy game, this time Doodle God: Crime City provided a further 14 achievements for 1,100 TA Score to bring that target down further as well as picking most of the achievements in the earlier mentioned Soul Axiom to bring my total True Achievement Score up to 2,000 for the day.

This quick 4 day blitz gave me the chance to have a bit of a rest once again and start enjoying games for a couple of days. I purchased Runestone Keeper and was amazed at how addictive the game actually is! There's not many people out there who have played this game but it's one that caught my eye with its rougelike elements with turn based battles as you try to work your way down a 20 level dungeon. It's not graphically mindblowing, but for fans of games like Fatal Labyrinth this is definitely the kind of title to grab. The achievements are definitely not easy to get and it's required a LOT of reruns in order to buy the little pre-run upgrades to make further runs slightly easier up to now, but I still have a lot of work to do if I want to get anywhere close to finishing this one.

I ended the day by purchasing MechaNika in the hope to quickly run through this before a couple of days away (sorting out moving in together, a wedding to plan, a baby on the way, it's all getting a bit hectic at the moment), but the first couple of achievements wouldn't unlock for me so I decided to call it a night, they eventually unlocked a few days later, so I decided to get back to it and pretty much breezed through the 30 achievements that were on offer for this one. It's a simple enough Point & Click adventure with some pretty bizarre dialogue. It's pretty entertaining when some of the completely random interactions take place and made it feel like less of a chore pushing for the game completion.

This all leads me on to the last few days and Microsoft Wordament (Mobile) . I have spent many hours trying to work through achievements on Microsoft Ultimate Word Games (Win 10) yet I am still miles off the pace. Wordament has had an upgrade from its previous incarnation and has suddenly become another casual game to get involved with alongside Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP) & Microsoft Mahjong (Win 10) . The great thing was I challenged myself to try and be the first person to complete this one, putting many hours in to grinding out all the 3-4-5 letter words I could find in the ultimate race against time. Unfortunately I didn't get that first person completed moniker, but I did manage to finish 3rd in the race, which was enough to drag me over the line for a couple of hours before the nasty side effects of score decay on a few of the high scoring achievements kicked in. It's inevitable that the total TA Score for this one is going to drop by at least 5,000 over the coming weeks, so I need to keep on top of this with yet more straightforward completions during this frantic period of my life in order to maintain a TA Score of over half a million.

Gamerscore has increased to 310k though and that can't be taken away from me! Leaderboard positions haven't really changed that much over the last couple of months, mainly due to my absence from the heavy scoring and taking a more pedestrian approach to scoring. The new addition of a PS4 hasn't really helped all that much as I'm working towards my goal there of also hitting a million TT Score and have once again started up with Clicker Heroes on a different platform, as well as a couple of additions on the Vita that I am to work through when I have to be away from the consoles. A stronger internet connection in our new home will hopefully mean that Remote Play can kick in, and then those quick and easy games are going to be accessible on another console to help me work towards that goal, but that's a story for a different site really!

Nothing much else to add I'm afraid, there's a community event coming up which involves unlocking achievements so I'm going to be taking part in both the TA and TT versions of that to give me a bit more direction. but again there's a very busy period coming up so I can't be certain of a major push in terms of the achievements any time soon. so until the next time guys... Keep Gaming and Keep Scoring!

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Comment by WolfWood37 at 20:58 on 23 Feb 2020

congrats x3!

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Comment by DEATH14796 at 22:26 on 23 Feb 2020

lol wtf sounds funny and stupid

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Comment by NoHeroes94 at 09:54 on 23 Feb 2020

Huge thanks to BiLLzuMaNaTi and Malachen on PSNProfiles. 2 hours, easy completion. Like the Sims 4 anyway, play on Mac a bit.

Comment by Lawl Pwned at 17:10 on 23 Feb 2020

Shoot, I was avoiding this because of the 60-80 hour length. Any guide you used in specific?

Comment by NoHeroes94 at 18:12 on 23 Feb 2020

Achievement Land on YouTube

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Comment by Avitaway at 19:40 on 22 Feb 2020

Congrats David!

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Comment by Dresden N7 at 18:58 on 22 Feb 2020

toast Congrats. BTW, I'm curious on how long your playthrough took. I'm thinking of adjusting the estimated completion time in the guide (if applicable).

Comment by NoHeroes94 at 22:16 on 22 Feb 2020

Your WT is amazing, I thanked you on my mini-review after scoring it! Superb guide. Time estimate is highly accurate w/ exploration. W/o, I'd say maybe closer to 8 hours.

...there are 3 other comments

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Comment by NoHeroes94 at 15:14 on 22 Feb 2020

Firstly, DresdenN7's guide is a blinder. Go use it. Makes achievements easy and the experience more enriching and comprehensive. Superbly written.

Comment by NoHeroes94 at 15:15 on 22 Feb 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this game and I think it deserves a lot of praise. It's unlike anything I've played. I love how unapologetic it is in its demand for your attention.

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Comment by Quickdontdie at 21:52 on 22 Feb 2020

If you need help with anything co op lmk

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Comment by Chezno#9666 at 13:02 on 21 Feb 2020


Comment by True Veteran at 13:03 on 21 Feb 2020

Good job mate!

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Comment by Steaksaucepie at 00:15 on 21 Feb 2020


Comment by NoobgamerValbo at 00:41 on 21 Feb 2020

well couldnt live without it anymore

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Comment by Inferno118 at 23:40 on 20 Feb 2020

How much percent would you say have been preloads? I can’t tell. If a good chunk of this has been misc then you’re a fucking animal

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Comment by Icefiretn at 22:39 on 20 Feb 2020

"He's dead Jim!"

Comment by Icefiretn at 23:02 on 20 Feb 2020

Nice one on this by the way, especially since the TA should drop pretty significantly overnight.

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Comment by vSully at 20:49 on 20 Feb 2020

This was such a pain in the ass.

Comment by ronald84 at 21:04 on 20 Feb 2020

Congrats man! This is one for the trophy case :)

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