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Air + Car = Plane, Over The Bridge (Race to 10,000 Achievements)
Hello doods and doodettes, we are but a few hours away from the start of the new NFL Season, we are coming off the back of another epic Monday night showdown between Braun Strowman & Big Show, and North Korea haven't quite managed to blow the world up yet. So how have I been moving up in the Xbox world?

Let's get right in to things and quickly review my 7 completions over the past 3 weeks...

Completion #63 - BATMAN – The Telltale Series (Xbox 360)
Another Telltale title to add to the "completed" list. I will never understand why these are classed as completions to be honest considering the only thing I've actually finished on the majority of these is the first episode. However, this is actually a pretty good installment of the series, I have to apologize to fans of Game of Thrones & The Walking Dead, but I felt like this story up to the end of the episode was quite gripping. The mini-puzzles which you need to solve add a bit of an extra dimension to proceedings and the story flows very nicely in to the next episode.

I didn't realize that when I was picking this game up in the sales recently that i was only getting the first episode, but to be fair I cannot really complain. Out of all the Telltale games this one comes in a close third to the two Sam & Max titles in my opinion and maybe if the rest of the series was on offer at some point in the future I would strongly consider picking it up.

Completion # 65 - ACA NEOGEO FATAL FURY 2

I feel like I need to bundle these two games together, I was in panic mode in terms of needing to make the cut and decided to buy in to the easy completions with my first two NEOGEO titles and in all honesty I couldn't tell you which on was which on reflection. The two games offer no real thrills and are quite basic completions over the course of an hour or so.

NEOGEO were one of the front runners in terms of arcade beat-em-ups in the early 90s, they were never quite able to usurp the likes of Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, but they are pretty solid in terms of their usual button mashing gameplay. The one downside I have with the Xbox One ports is their lack of creativity in terms of the achievement goals. They're nothing more than a basic points total, whereas other ported beat-em-ups on the 360 have at least added a bit of a challenge. Darkstalkers Resurrection and Fighting Vipers at least have some form of challenge added to them which would probably make the games a lot more enjoyable for completionists, but I suppose one can't complain when there's 1000 Gamerscore to be had for very little work.

Completion #66 - Doodle God: Ultimate Edition
Doodle God is one of those games that keeps appearing on my played list over different mediums, even though there's not really too much you can do in terms of mixing things up. I'm still working through Doodle God Blitz on the laptop given that you only get a limited amount of energy to work with and have to keep going back. I first came across them a few years ago on Kongregate and worked through three different titles there, and now I'm doing the same with the Xbox titles too, no doubt when I do finally get myself a Windows phone it will be the first game I add to the collection there and also likely be my first completion on the mobile platform.

The premise is pretty simplistic, you pick two different elements, match them together to create more elements, and the process continues until you've unlocked all the elements in the game. It's nothing overly complicated, and is pretty straightforward when using a guide. What I like about the game is the quotes that appear when creating elements which are specific to that element. The game has started to add a bit of variety by having different challenges which are sort of "mini games" where you have to match only a handful of elements together, but overall it's fun enough and a pretty quick and relaxing completion at the same time.

Completion #67 - Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered
I have sung the praises of this game previously, and I'll continue to do so after completing it, its unique blend of scrabble and turn based RPG make this a very enjoyable title indeed. Completing the "story" isn't overly difficult if you have a good vocabulary, or if you can find the right scrabble solver on the internet, and pretty much the only grind is chalking up the total word count for the last achievements. I enjoy the concept of upgrading different elements to increase your own damage and reduce enemy damage, I liked the little side missions of certain types of words doing more damage (for example, words that contain double letters).

There's a nice little bio for the different enemies you encounter which can be quite amusing at times, but the one snag I managed to hit was that my progress in Endless Mode wasn't saving on resetting the game, this meant that the achievements weren't accumulating and I had to start from scratch on a couple of occasions when the game slowed to a stand still for no reason whatsoever. Overall though this has been one of my favourite Xbox One titles to date and I would love to see some sort of sequel in the future!

Completion #68 - NERO
This game is a walking story with a few puzzles added in which isn't overly difficult in all fairness. The storyline didn't really make a lick of sense to me, from what I can gather you are playing the role of a child that is slowly dying and there's various text boxes floating around which also provide the unfolding of the child's demise. Nevertheless i did like the graphics when trawling through the four game "worlds". I found the hospital section of the game quite spooky, and the music gave it that added level of eeriness. It's not really the kind of game I could sing the praises of if I wasn't just aiming for the completion, but in terms of the 100% it's simple and doesn't really take that long in fairness. Not really worth the pricetag but still, I've chalked it off the list.

Completion #69 - The Bridge
This game is a very good addition to the Game Pass, it's a weird platform type of game where you have to walk around a rotatable world, avoiding voids and big balls, picking up keys and working your way towards the exit. The game definitely gives a nod to Isaac Newton, from the game starting by you dropping an apple of the head of the "Professor", to the concept of the laws of physics being completely ignored, and also there's a couple of doors around the game which have 1727 wrote out in Roman Numerals, which just so happens to be the year of his death.

The game's artistic work also relies on that of M.C. Escher, who designed "impossible" pictures which some of the mechanics incorporates in to its gameplay. Overall I found this game a pretty challenging puzzler, even using a guide, but it's still pretty straightforward albeit with some pretty tedious levels along the way. I would recommend this for both puzzle fans and completionists alike!

Aside from the completions, there's four games I would like to briefly give a nod to after starting them over the past few weeks.

New Game #1 - Hydro Thunder Hurricane
Currently available through Games With Gold, this is a great speedboat racing game which I remember from my time playing on the old PS1. It's got that arcade style of racing where you start off at the back of a field and have to claw your way to the lead over the span of a few laps. I had a mini nostalgia rush racing over the water in the first couple of levels, and also the "Time Attack" style levels add a bit of a twist to the gameplay. It's only a 250 Gamerscore game as it's a backward compatible arcade title from the 360, but still, there's not really anything that can be criticized in terms of gameplay as it's everything that a classic style of arcade racing game should be.

New Game #2 - Demon's Crystals
Two stick shooters have really grown on me over the past few months and this one is no real exception. There's four different characters to control in this one, I don't think there's any real difference between them other than their colour, and the game lies between the large world two stick shooters and the single screen variety. Each level requires you to either kill a certain number of enemies or to pick up a specific number of crystals. There's achievements tied in to both of these figures, and there's also achievements for leveling up your characters all the way to level 90.

There's three different difficulties depending on how masochistic you are, and I'm still having difficulty finishing the game with a maxed level 90 character on the "Normal" difficulty setting, as the last boss is an absolute behemoth! The game itself is a lot of fun and I have wasted many hours trying to grind out achievements and finish the game. There's local multiplayer modes which need to be tested in order to get some of the achievements, so if you don't have 3 different controllers then you're going to get stuck here, but it's still a must play game in my opinion for fans of two stick shoot-em-ups.

New Game #3 - Ultratron
A single screen, two stick, shoot-em-up. The game isn't overly difficult to be fair but there's plenty of achievements to be had with plenty of variety on offer. There's upgrades and challenges galore, and I am definitely going to enjoy trying to finish all the achievements on this one. It may be simplistic, but there's a lot of replay value to be had making it well worth its price tag for a digital copy of this one.

New Game #4 - Slime Rancher
I suppose that you could call this a weird Harvest Moon style of game, and not only did I enjoy starting this game, but my four year old also wanted to sit and watch me suck up all the slimes and try to make some coins in the process. It was a free title with Games With Gold upon release, and it's strange to think that they were willing to give away such an absorbing title on a whim. The game world is vast, there's a lot to accomplish, and a 50+ list of achievements to go at means there's no quick and easy completion with this one. There's a lot of grinding to do, and when I do start to ease off the heavy scoring this is likely to be a game which I give a fair bit of time to in the future. A must play for fans of simulation style games who just want to waste away a few years of their adult life.

Leaderboard progress has also been pretty steady over the last few weeks as well...

True Achievement Score - 14,968th Position (+1,851)
Achievements Won - 23,934th Position (+3,060)
Games Played - 2,941st Position (+838)
Gamerscore - 15,124th Position (+2,523)
Games Completed - 20,526th Position (+2,051)

As stated previously, my main aim now is to get my Achievements Won position down to the same level as my True Achievement score, so to have the largest increase in this figure has been pleasing, and a lot of that has been down to playing 360 arcade titles with low scoring achievements. Unlocking basic achievements in new games has also helped here too and I've managed to break inside the top 3,000 on the Games Played leaderboard in the process. There's not much focus I can have on solely unlocking achievements until I'm eliminated from GTASC, speaking of which...

We are now at week 35 of the contest, I don't think I've ever been so far down the table at this time of the week with the score I have. I've picked up just shy of 2,000 TA Score over the last 24 hours and I'm still lingering around the elimination zone. I expect this week to see a pretty sizable total for elimination, somewhere around the 6,000 TA Score in order to make it inside the top 50 I guess, which means I have to find ways to up my game over the next couple of days. Thankfully I am only around 2,000 TA Score away from that total, and I still have a couple of targets in mind to give me that boost, but it's definitely not getting any easier from here on out. That 44th position in the most TA Score overall from the competitors table I occupied 3 weeks ago has slowly risen to 39th position. I'm 8,000 TA Score away from breaking inside the top 30 there so that's a target which I'll be hoping to chase down over the next week or so without giving too much away.

Right, time for me to update my big book of gaming leaderboard numbers, so until next time...

Keep Gaming and Keep Scoring!
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Comment by Yazite at 19:29 on 21 Sep 2017

Waaay ahead of ya

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Comment by JimbotUK at 20:41 on 20 Sep 2017

Sweet, one more this year to push for the 1000 games played goal. (192 to go)

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Comment by JimbotUK at 13:43 on 20 Sep 2017

This totally counts as a Leapfrog tick right?

Comment by JimbotUK at 13:43 on 20 Sep 2017

zzz I guess the shadow lords is calling...

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Comment by JimbotUK at 13:05 on 20 Sep 2017

Thank you very much to Burnah Bros for the help!

Comment by Burnah Bros at 13:25 on 20 Sep 2017


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Comment by JimbotUK at 13:04 on 20 Sep 2017

With a deep breath the hopper took his first step up the week 8 mountain.

NoHeroes94Sleeping Dogs: Definitive EditionNoHeroes94 has rated the game Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition 4 out of 5
Comment by NoHeroes94 at 08:13 on 20 Sep 2017

Haven't played this game in 4 years and I'm having a blast 100%'ing the XB1 version. The game is a bit dated in 2017 but its still criminally underrated.

Comment by Clad master at 10:40 on 20 Sep 2017

The story <3 The soundtrack <3 My favourite GTA-like,by far !

Comment by NoHeroes94 at 10:58 on 20 Sep 2017

The title says it all. It's a sleeper hit with a cult following but unfortunately it never caught on like other games.

JimbotUKJimbotUK has just made a new blog post: Jimmy Hopper Week 7 - "Ceaseless Attack"

                  Status change by JimbotUK at 23:15 on 19 Sep 2017JimbotUK status: Leap Frog week 8 HYPE!!
Comment by Infamous at 00:00 on 20 Sep 2017

Will we see week 9? :D

Comment by JimbotUK at 00:01 on 20 Sep 2017

I don't see why not! ;)

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Comment by JimbotUK at 18:42 on 19 Sep 2017

Ran at him with a pickaxe lololol

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Comment by JimbotUK at 18:39 on 19 Sep 2017

I am so clueless on this :(

Comment by JBS 80 at 19:07 on 19 Sep 2017

Thank god for achievement guides, eh?

...there are 2 other comments

NoHeroes94Sleeping Dogs: Definitive EditionNoHeroes94 started the game Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
Comment by Young and Dope at 22:27 on 19 Sep 2017

Great game played it on 360 a while back

Comment by NoHeroes94 at 23:29 on 19 Sep 2017

Man its sick. I wasn't a completionist back then and its been 4 years but it looks like a 30-40 3/10 kind of 100% which is great. Slightly dated though.

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Comment by JimbotUK at 16:29 on 19 Sep 2017

Auto aim mechanic is ... interesting ... grrr

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Comment by Triple Triad777 at 16:07 on 19 Sep 2017

About to smash leap frog? ;)

Comment by JimbotUK at 16:18 on 19 Sep 2017

You bet!

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                  Status change by NoHeroes94 at 11:28 on 19 Sep 2017NoHeroes94 status: Surprised the Madden NFL 18 TA Ratio is as high as it is. Easiest Madden in a long time.
Comment by DirtyJRH at 14:57 on 19 Sep 2017

Indeed, especially when someone was kind enough to produce an amazing guide for everyone to follow! I wish I knew who this gaming hero was so I could thank him.

                  Status change by NoHeroes94 at 10:03 on 19 Sep 2017NoHeroes94 status: As I have virtually nothing to play until South Park: TFBW, I'm tempted to begin Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition. Loved it on XB360.
Comment by DirtyJRH at 14:59 on 19 Sep 2017

Stardew Valley is a great time consumer if that's what you are looking for. It ate up at least 100+ hours for me. Ratio's are really nice as well.

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                  Status change by NoHeroes94 at 07:18 on 19 Sep 2017NoHeroes94 status: Might sound really bizarre, but I love a nice looking, clean HUD/menu system in a game. Dishonored & DOOM nails it. Anyone else agree?
Comment by NoHeroes94 at 07:19 on 19 Sep 2017

HUD's I don't like - Horizon Zero Dawn.

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Comment by JimbotUK at 18:58 on 18 Sep 2017

Just for you Triad!

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                  Status change by NoHeroes94 at 16:31 on 18 Sep 2017NoHeroes94 status: So many games out in October, such little time... genuinely want more game in October than the last 3-4 months combined.
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Comment by NoHeroes94 at 16:35 on 18 Sep 2017

Much easier than Dishonored 2 which wasn't overly hard to start with. Arkane still make some of the most fun achievement lists in modern gaming!

Comment by NoHeroes94 at 16:36 on 18 Sep 2017

Sad that this could very well be the final Dishonored game, and if they did do 3 it would be with a new cast.

Comment by BiLLzuMaNaTi at 16:43 on 18 Sep 2017

Nicely done

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Comment by JimbotUK at 14:13 on 18 Sep 2017


Comment by Triple Triad777 at 15:00 on 18 Sep 2017

You mean wooooo

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Comment by Taku The Legend at 15:50 on 17 Sep 2017


Comment by valbo1979 at 18:55 on 17 Sep 2017


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Comment by Lord Khazmir at 18:14 on 19 Sep 2017

I bought it as well

Comment by valbo1979 at 19:35 on 19 Sep 2017


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Comment by Jamal2807 at 13:03 on 17 Sep 2017


Comment by BiLLzuMaNaTi at 15:27 on 17 Sep 2017


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