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Shooting 'em Up, Platform Progression, Pixel Power (Race to 250,000 TA Score)
Today we start on some potentially sad news. There may only be a couple more posts on this journey to 250,000 TA Score.

I didn't think it was going to be an easy task when I hit my 100,000 TA Score goal back in December, truth be told I thought it was going to take a year at least to more than double my score, but here we are closing in on the end of July and the goal is very much in sight. If I'm going on my form over these past 6 months then I should be at this target before the end of August at which point I will reassess where I am at and set myself another long term goal to head towards, this one might possibly be concerning achievements though rather than True Achievement score (more on that later).

I could have waited a bit longer to make this post, but there's been a lot happened over the past two and a half weeks and so I thought the time was right to come back with another update in the same style as the last one. So let's start with the completions (which from this point on will be numbered according to how many total completions I have accomplished)...

Completion #52 - Cel Damage HD
Back when you could see what Genres of game you had scored the most of your TA Score in, Racing games was at the top. However, it's not very often you come across a Mario Kart style of game on the Xbox One. This game falls under that category. It's the old arcade style of racing fun where you get different weapon power ups and race your opponents at the same time. It's not the most difficult of games and comes with three different modes to challenge.

Gate Rally is your bog standard racing mode where you complete laps and win the race before everyone else.

Flag Rally is a capture the flag mode where you have to reach a points target by capturing flags and taking them to the checkpoint without having them stolen back from you.

Smack Attack is probably the most fun as you earn points by causing damage to your opponents and the first player to a specified score wins.

This game is a lot of fun if you want to just race around beating people up, the major flaw for me here though is the lack of any sort of "Championship" mode, you unlock the 12 courses for each mode by winning events on the other tracks and choose which one to attempt individually, once you have won an event on that track then that's it, you are done, you won't ever have to attempt that course again!

It's a bit of a shame and doesn't really add much replay value or difficulty, but in terms of having fun as part of a gaming party then it does tick the right boxes. However, for completionists this is a fairly uncomplicated 1,000 Gamerscore.

Completion #53 - Sonic the Fighters
At 21 minutes, this is by far the quickest completion I've ever had for a game on the Xbox 360 or One. The game itself was going for less than £2 last week as part of the sales, and considering it had a 0-1 hour completion time for 400 Gamerscore I decided that it was worth the investment. Man how simple this game is.

I can't think of a better idea really than a fighting game between expanded characters of the Sonic Universe, but this was just painfully easy. I breezed through the 7 stages by using Knuckles (my favourite character) and then unlocked the other achievement for a very simple 12 achievements and the easiest completion in the history of time.

Completion #54 - Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series
The great thing about these freebie TellTale games is that you don't have to finish the whole game for it to be classed as a completion, just the first episode, and this was no different. I like these games as they are pretty relaxed, there's no real difficulty in them and the only thing you need to have is the time to work through them.

It's a simple enough story using the world of Minecraft as the basis, there's a couple of tricky little puzzles thrown in there, but apart from that it's another simple 7 achievements for 200 Gamerscore and a further completion, nothing more that I can say really that I haven't said about these games before.

Completion #55 - Level 22
I would love to know what went through the minds of the team behind this when they brainstormed an idea. This is a kind of puzzle game where the idea is to get to your office on the 22nd floor without being spotted by any of your co-workers, as you'll be fired as a result.

So you traverse the levels of the game by crawling through vents, vandalising property and hiding in boxes in order to reach your desk, along the way there are a couple of "bosses" you have to defeat, and each non-boss level has it's own collectible which is worth an achievement in itself. The dialogue at times between the main character "Gary" and his friend "Marty" can be funny. The final conversation is incredible, and overall its another not too difficult game to finish for a handy 1,000 Gamerscore and 23 achievements. Overall it will take a couple of hours to finish with a guide and it's a nice little shift from whatever game you might be taking on at the time.

Completion #56 - Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space
And today's saw the fifth completion since the last update, and once again the Dynamic Duo of Sam & Max make another appearance. Just like the previous title it's a TellTale story with some outstanding dialogue. Max's lyrical commentary is hilarious at times and most of the characters from the first series return to appear in the second installment. This game is a lot more difficult than the first one due to the extra mini-games, but overall it's another pretty straightforward completion.

I am slightly disappointed that there haven't been any more series of this game as it's been a blast playing them. I can understand why TellTale decided to go for the more established franchises of TWD and GoT in order to expand on their client base but for me Sam & Max have stolen the show in terms of the TellTale games I have played so far (Tales of the Borderlands is on download at the moment though!). Another easy enough 200 Gamerscore and well worth it too!

As with the last update there have also been a few games I have started that I have taken a liking to as well which I shall touch upon here...

New Game #1 - Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax
Shoot-Em-Ups have very much been the flavour of the month for me, I guess I wanted a change from my usual Racing/Sports related games and stumbled across a couple of titles in this category that I've really took a liking to, Stardust Galaxy is one such game. Following the same Side Scrolling action as R-Type this game offers a variety of weapons and levels to work through in order to complete your mission. Although the number of achievements you can unlock from simply blitzing through the game on the easiest settings is pretty high (16 in all) the TA Score you'll pick up is fairly weak.

The real skill comes with completing the game under certain conditions in "Normal Mode". Last night I took on the frustrating challenge of going for two of these at once...

Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar ClimaxSaving For a Rainy DayThe Saving For a Rainy Day achievement in Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax worth 120 pointsBeat the campaign without buying anything from the Junk Merchant

Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar ClimaxNapalm DeathThe Napalm Death achievement in Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax worth 368 pointsBeat the campaign using only flamethrower as the primary weapon

Nearly 500 TA Score in total from two achievements is not for the feint hearted. Truth be told it would have been easier to break the two achievements down, but it was a lot of fun, yet also annoying as hell, working through them.

There's a couple of extra modes built in to the game as well, Gauntlet mode involves defeating endless waves of enemies, whilst Challenge mode requires you to beat a certain level under specific conditions, both of these offer achievements so in fairness it's a bit more in depth than it looks on face value. I still have so much more to accomplish which will lead to hours more frustration at some point down the line

New Game #2 - Teslapunk
Another shoot-em-up but with top down scrolling action akin to the old 1942 game. There's only two modes in this one, Arcade and Survival, both a pretty simplistic, Arcade mode has just 6 levels, but it's another frustrating experience that will make you question your very existence at the best of times.

I've not done too badly in fairness in working through the achievements for this one, Survival mode is a lot more fun as you pick up coins and use these to upgrade your ship, weapons, and lower your hit area, as well as buying different one usage items as well. It will make achievement chasing a lot easier, but despite hours and hours of attempts I still can't get the achievement for reaching 120,000m in this mode, even with a maxed out weapon and the minimal hit zone.

If you are a fan of shooters then this game is a must in my opinion, it's a lot of fun, and when you get the hang of it the TA Score available is pretty decent!

New Game #3 - TurnOn
This is a platformer with a difference, rather than controlling a character who runs across a world and has to avoid enemies, this one involves staying off the ground and jumping from wire to wire as a little bolt of electricity, touching the ground results in your character dying and you have to go back to the previous checkpoint.

Along the way you need to reach electrical boxes to power things up, as well as turning on lights along the way, so even though it's a simple enough platformer, it's also very unique and a lot of fun at the same time. If you're a fan of platformers and fancy a change then this is well worth it in my opinion, with oodles of achievements available for completing menial tasks along the way (82 in total). If it comes back on sale again and you need an achievement boost then this is definitely the game you want for that.

New Game #4 - Amazing Princess Sarah
Another game that was on sale recently and another platformer to work through. This game has shades of Castlevania about it. It's hard to ignore how 'sexed up' the main character is on the main menu page, some of the achievement names continue down this route as well, one is called "Let's Have a Quickie" and another called "Lovely Level" requires you to reach level 69.

There's only Five castles to work through before completing the game, but there's different modes you'll unlock following each completion. The first playthrough everything is normal, but then your second playthrough sees you constantly chased by a ghost, whilst the third makes the screen wobble constantly, and so it continues. Overall it's a fun game that actually requires you to do multiple playthroughs, so it's won in terms of replayability, and it's fun makes up for its retro style of graphics.

A Run & Gun game that isn't here for its gameplay. I bought this game for one reason, and one reason only. CHECK OUT THE STORE TRAILER... IT IS PHENOMENAL!!!! Probably the best trailer I have EVER seen for a game, but the game itself is pretty dull in my opinion. I guess it's straightforward enough to work through, and if I do manage to complete it you'll hear all about it at a later date.

New Game #6 - Dead Island Retro Revenge!
This is nothing like the main series of games, and as the title suggests it is a retro take on the franchise. A rolling side-scrolling beat-em-up which takes a bit of getting used to. You have to switch between three lanes and defeat enemies as you go along. It's not the easiest game to get a hold of at first, but after a bit of practice it's pretty much a breeze. The final level of the game took me a long time to eventually complete, and screen size can weirdly have an effect on that too. On one TV I found myself having trouble at a certain part because I was causing a power up crate to disappear, but using a different TV I followed the same path and it would remain in place. Very odd indeed, but it's a lot of fun if you want something you can pick up and play for a few minutes at a time without needing to get involved in a deep and captivating storyline

New Game #7 - Quest of Dungeons
Turn-Based Roguelike Dungeon Crawlers will always be one of my favourite types of games, and this is one of those games. If you have played Fatal Labyrinth then you'll understand what kind of game this is. You have to work your way through 7 floors of randomly created dungeons without dying in order to complete the game, the achievements are available for completing them with certain heroes, or under a certain difficulty so there's a lot of replay from this game. Fans of this genre will love its retro feel and the hours of time that can be wasted trying to ensure you don't get killed by the boss hidden behind the room's exit door.

New Game #8 - Bit Dungeon Plus
Another roguelike Dungeon Crawler but more retro Zelda-esque in terms of it's battle mechanics. Much like Quest of Dungeons the levels are randomly generated and you have to clear out rooms with your hero before you can progress. It's frustrating as hell, I don't think there's an end to the carnage, and you will die, a lot. There's some real grindy achievements to be hand which will keep you starting up new games for hours and hours. It's a lot of fun, it will tempt you to throw your controller at the screen, but overall it's worth taking a risk on this one too and I hope that I can 100% this game at some point!

There's a lot to take in there but I hope it's a bit insightful. I've been keeping a keen eye on the leaderboards, I have a book with endless tables in order to track my progress and set myself mini goals and thus on the five leaderboards I keep a close eye on my positions this morning were as follows...

True Achievement Score - 21,634th Position
Achievements Won - 34,921st Position
Games Played - 6,211st Position
Gamerscore - 23,665th Position
Games Completed - 26,088th Position

As you can see, I am getting a bit far behind in terms of the number of Achievements I have won, hence is why my next main focus point is likely to be one of aiming for 10,000 unlocks, alongside keeping myself involved in the GTASC.

Talking of which, we're now in to week 28 of the competition, currently sitting in 9th place I have unlocked more than enough TA Score to ensure that I am going to finish somewhere inside the top 95 gamers who initially signed up to take part right back at the start of the year. I aimed originally to stay involved until the last 100 so now it's just a case of surviving week by week. This is another reason why I feel that I should reach 250,000 TA Score by the end of next month, purely because the cut off points are going to require me to score over the remaining score in order to keep myself involved. There's a few games I have earmarked over the coming week to get involved with, they might get mentioned on the next post depending on how much enjoyment I get out of them, but for now I just have to keep plugging away and scoring pretty heavily over the coming weeks.

That's your lot for this edition folks. Any suggestions for cheap games with plenty of TA Score or achievements is always welcome and until next time....

Keep Gaming and keep Scoring!
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Like a dysfunctional relationship. Your heart says you love it, and part of you does. Your head says "you deserve to be treated better"

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Fun game, great story, nice world design. But a hollow world, and such repetitive gameplay. Got so, so bland by the end. Still a 7/10 after 80 hours.

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You're right on my ass as well.

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Nice ! :D

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See if we can beat 29th! :)

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Cloud sync worked! Unlike Microsoft solitaire.....

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Where you able to reach level 45 on windows? I saw it was glitched at some point for windows. I do not have a windows phone.

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The SherlockGecko showdown! Not going to be easy...

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Good luck with the Pop, Pop achievement, seems to be a bugger to time it right!

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4 hours of banana looool thx for helping out with that 4 hour achievement ololololololo siippiiieee and snapper ololololol

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Awesome game!

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Took me a while to get in to it, but I agree. This game is brilliantly addictive!

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What a digital grind

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