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puzlakingCompletion Percentagepuzlaking created a new Completion Percentage Goal - 65 by 07 Jan 2018
Triple Triad777Triple Triad777 has reached a new milestone: 370,000 TrueAchievement Score
Pare ESPPare ESP has reached a new milestone: 680,000 TrueAchievement Score
Pare ESPScrabble
Pare ESP won 8 Achievements in Scrabble for 685 points
Pare ESPScrabbleChild's Play achievementPare ESP won the Child's Play achievement in Scrabble for 37 points
Pare ESPScrabbleI'm On Fire achievementPare ESP won the I'm On Fire achievement in Scrabble for 90 points
Pare ESPScrabbleB-I-N-G-O achievementPare ESP won the B-I-N-G-O achievement in Scrabble for 110 points
Pare ESPScrabbleWord Scholar achievementPare ESP won the Word Scholar achievement in Scrabble for 69 points
Pare ESPScrabbleCombo achievementPare ESP won the Combo achievement in Scrabble for 84 points
Infamous won 14 Achievements in SMITE for 823 points
InfamousSMITESupernova achievementInfamous won the Supernova achievement in SMITE for 64 points
InfamousSMITEOuch! achievementInfamous won the Ouch! achievement in SMITE for 34 points
InfamousSMITESerenade achievementInfamous won the Serenade achievement in SMITE for 17 points
InfamousSMITESimply Stunning achievementInfamous won the Simply Stunning achievement in SMITE for 74 points
InfamousSMITEFeel the Rush achievementInfamous won the Feel the Rush achievement in SMITE for 69 points
InfamousSMITEThose Fumes achievementInfamous won the Those Fumes achievement in SMITE for 46 points
InfamousSMITECataclyzed achievementInfamous won the Cataclyzed achievement in SMITE for 38 points
InfamousSMITERooted! achievementInfamous won the Rooted! achievement in SMITE for 113 points
InfamousSMITEFeel my Wrath achievementInfamous won the Feel my Wrath achievement in SMITE for 40 points
InfamousSMITEOut of My Way achievementInfamous won the Out of My Way achievement in SMITE for 67 points
SiNaCiDe IiIBubble Town 2 (WP)SiNaCiDe IiI completed the game Bubble Town 2 (WP) and is the 486th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Bonien2 at 18:06 on 20 Jan 2017


Comment by SiNaCiDe IiI at 19:36 on 20 Jan 2017


K4rn4geI Am BreadK4rn4ge started the game I Am Bread
InfamousSMITECyber SentinelInfamous completed the Cyber Sentinel DLC for SMITE
InfamousSMITEJourney to HRXInfamous started the Journey to HRX DLC for SMITE
SiNaCiDe IiISiNaCiDe IiI has reached a new milestone: 430 Completed Games
SiNaCiDe IiISouth Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!SiNaCiDe IiI completed the game South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! and is the 5,192nd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by SiNaCiDe IiI at 14:14 on 20 Jan 2017

Thank you too South Park TFBW Could not have done it without the tremendous help!

SiNaCiDe IiIWin StreakSiNaCiDe IiI is currently on a 600 day achievement win streak
Comment by sn1Xen at 09:24 on 20 Jan 2017

And still so bad! :O

Comment by Sensei Neo at 10:08 on 20 Jan 2017

Harsh Pr1xen

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NightHawk673NightHawk673 has reached a new milestone: 300 Completed Games
NightHawk673Dead Island Definitive EditionNightHawk673 completed the game Dead Island Definitive Edition and is the 401st gamer on the site to complete it
InfamousSMITEThe Astral HuntInfamous completed the The Astral Hunt DLC for SMITE
K4rn4ge shared the I Am Bread achievement list at 05:01 on 20 Jan 2017I Am BreadK4rn4ge shared the I Am Bread achievement list
Comment by DoPeY5007 at 05:26 on 20 Jan 2017

OMG this game is soooooo odd

Comment by kavkaxq at 06:19 on 20 Jan 2017

How about this game? It looks weird

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Pra1s3Th3SunPra1s3Th3Sun has reached a new milestone: 30 Completed Games
Pra1s3Th3SunMafia IIIPra1s3Th3Sun completed the game Mafia III and is the 690th gamer on the site to complete it
Pra1s3Th3SunMafia III
Pra1s3Th3Sun won 4 Achievements in Mafia III for 245 points
Pare ESPScrabbleSocializer achievementPare ESP won the Socializer achievement in Scrabble for 29 points
Pare ESPScrabblePare ESP started the game Scrabble
K4rn4geLies of AstarothLegendary Hero Ⅵ achievementK4rn4ge won the Legendary Hero Ⅵ achievement in Lies of Astaroth for 87 points
Comment by Mr Rodster at 19:50 on 19 Jan 2017

"Congratulations, you have unlocked the achievement 'Recursive Achievement Name"...

                    Secret AchievementChinDocta won the Secret Achievement in NECROPOLIS for 51 points
ChinDoctaPowerstar Golf
ChinDocta won 2 Achievements in Powerstar Golf for 111 points
K4rn4ge shared the Spheroids achievement list at 03:31 on 19 Jan 2017SpheroidsK4rn4ge shared the Spheroids achievement list
xBSTxCDAWGKiller InstinctRiptorxBSTxCDAWG started the Riptor DLC for Killer Instinct
xBSTxCDAWGKiller InstinctxBSTxCDAWG started the game Killer Instinct
K4rn4geSuper Dungeon Bros
K4rn4ge won 2 Achievements in Super Dungeon Bros for 427 points
K4rn4ge shared the  in Battleborn achievement list at 18:44 on 18 Jan 2017BattlebornUnknown PackK4rn4ge shared the Unknown Pack DLC for Battleborn achievement list
K4rn4geJust Cause 3K4rn4ge has rated the game Just Cause 3 4 out of 5
K4rn4geDead Effect 2K4rn4ge has rated the game Dead Effect 2 4 out of 5
K4rn4geFriday Night Bullet ArenaK4rn4ge has rated the game Friday Night Bullet Arena 2 out of 5
SiNaCiDe IiIKrinkle KrusherSiNaCiDe IiI completed the game Krinkle Krusher and is the 198th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by BiLLzuMaNaTi at 08:38 on 18 Jan 2017


Comment by SupaSonic1972 at 11:16 on 18 Jan 2017

Nice going

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TomentosePiano3Tennis in the FaceTomentosePiano3 has rated the game Tennis in the Face 1.5 out of 5
K4rn4geHoPiKoKeep Trying achievementK4rn4ge won the Keep Trying achievement in HoPiKo for 194 points
Pare ESPHue
Pare ESP won 2 Achievements in Hue for 125 points
Pare ESPHueA Yellow Streak achievementPare ESP won the A Yellow Streak achievement in Hue for 63 points
Pare ESPHueIn a Blue Moon achievementPare ESP won the In a Blue Moon achievement in Hue for 62 points

                  Status change by AxDEMONxWITHIN at 22:18 on 17 Jan 2017AxDEMONxWITHIN status: Hours into a game and my game save goes pooooof, uuugghhh!
Comment by Triple Triad777 at 23:39 on 17 Jan 2017


Comment by AxDEMONxWITHIN at 00:57 on 18 Jan 2017

I wish that shit is easy....Altos. whole day worth of progress gone. Need to learn how to hot key :(

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