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PermalinkBetter Completions Matter 2019 - Summer of Arcade July Bonus Genres
In June we pew pewwed our way through some fun ID@Xbox and XBLA games, earning double tokens, or just normal tokens if you didn't want to go for those genres. While June brought the brawn, July is about the brains.

Welcome's to Thinker's month where the genres revolve around having to plan and think things out.

The four genres this month are:
Point & Click

For the most part, its pretty obvious why all of these genres require thinking. For all of July, these 4 genres will be earning double tokens. After June ends, the bonus genres for the Shooters month will no longer earn double tokens.

Remember! In order to earn tokens, they must be ID@Xbox or Xbox Live Arcade games. They also must be a minimum of 1.2 ratio!!!

There isn't much more to say for this month, so thanks for playing so far, and I'll be sending a select few of you a questionnaire asking a few questions about how it's been for you, and I'll reveal those soon. It'll be like a community interview, so if you get one, answer in a way that you're okay with everyone else seeing. laugh
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PermalinkBetter Completions Matter 2019 - The Summer of Arcade
Hello competitors, I know you guys had so much fun hanging out with your team mates, but now it is time to remove them from your friend's list and perhaps even block them! It's time to focus on bettering yourself and sometimes you just need to remove the toxic people from your life, or you'll never move forward! And I'm here to help you get through the breakup by keeping you distracted in the arcade, all summer long!

Welcome to the Summer of Arcade which will be running over the next 3 months (June, July and August). In these 3 months, I'll be asking you to drop all of your AAA titles, and focus on the fun arcade like experiences of ID@Xbox games and of course, XBL Arcade games! This month your indie abilities will be tested, and awarded in the case of success.

How does this work, you may ask. Well it's actually quite simple! For every ID@Xbox and XBLA game you complete, you will be awarded tokens based on the ratio and time estimate of the game. (As well as your normal points). However tokens work a little different from points. Rather than multiplying ratio by time estimate, everything has a set score. (The scales show a lot better on the spreadsheet!)(Link Below)

Ratio Tokens Time Estimate
1.2 - 1.5 3 1 - 10
1.6 - 2.0 8 11 - 25
2.1 - 2.5 15 26 - 40
2.6 - 3.0 24 41 - 60
3.1 - 3.5 36 61 - 80
3.6 - 4.0 48 81 - 100
4.1 - 4.5 60 101 - 150
4.6 - 4.9 75 151 - 200
5.0+ 90 200+

This scale shows how many tokens will be rewards for ratio and time estimate. For example, if a game has a ratio of 3.2 and a time estimate of 120 hours, you would add 36 and 60 together, to get your total tokens for that game is 96.

But what is the use of tokens? Bonus points of course! With tokens, you can purchase bonus point packages just like at a real arcade! Except these packages don't break after 15 minutes.

Bonus Point Packages Cost in Tokens
50 200
100 225
150 275
200 300
300 380
500 550
1100 1000

This scale shows the purchase amounts you can make when you obtain enough tokens! As you can see the longer you wait and build up tokens, the better your payout will be! You have the next 3 months to get as many tokens as possible, and you can request to buy point packages through submissions or through a new forum thread in the leaderboard!

Leaderboard here: Better Completions Matter
If you're in the contest, you should join! You can request rerolls much quicker and easier through the reroll request forum!

There are some different rules to this one, so please pay attention!
- The MINIMUM ratio of a game has to be 1.2 in order for it to count for tokens!

- A game can only be used once for tokens, so if you complete a game, and it gets a title update, you can't claim it for tokens again! Points will still work the same for re-completions

- Obviously the game must be ID@Xbox or XBL Arcade games. Make sure you pay attention! There are some indie games on Xbox One that aren't ID@Xbox like Get Even.

- Remaining tokens at the end of August expire, so make sure to make your purchases in time, and note that any remaining tokens won't be transferred into bonus points.

Spreadsheet link:

Also, there are a few extra bonuses to help you gain tokens quicker! Every month there will be 4 semi-related genres that will qualify for double tokens! For June, it is Shooter month!
- First Person Shooters
- Third Person Shooters
- Run & Guns
- Shoot 'Em Ups
So for any ID@Xbox or XBLA game you complete that are in these genres, you will receive double tokens. (They do NOT stack, meaning if it is in multiple qualifying genres, you will still only receive double tokens).

Finally, all random games over the next three months will be games that are either ID@Xbox or XBLA in order to help your progress in the arcade!

Thanks for participating so far, hope you all enjoy this summer! I'll update you guys next month on the 4 July bonus genres!

Also check out our awesome podcast where we just talk about a bunch of random stuff for a hour or two every week!
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PermalinkBetter Completions Matter 2019 - May's Turn Up the Heat Challenge
While basically nothing is entered submission wise for April, I couldn't just wait to put up the May Challenge, so here it is! (Submissions for April will start going in very soon.)

For May we have something I'm calling the Turn Up the Heat Challenge! If you look at the spreadsheet, you'll see you have a team of 4 players, and a list of objectives. For each objective your team completes, you'll raise your team's Thermometer, indicating that the heat is rising. With summer approaching quickly, it's time to make sure that the temperature is high and swim ready.

The list of objectives are basic, but some of them interfere with each other, therefore you'll have to work together to get all of them done. For example here are the Tier One objectives:

Get the total team score to 8000 points
One player on the team gets 2500 points
One player on the team averages a completion ratio of 2.0
Two players on the team complete the same game
One player completes a game with a time estimate of 100 hours
All players score 1000 points
All players get a completion with a 2.0 ratio
One player gets 15 completions
One player completes a game on all 3 eligable systems (X1,360,Win 10)
One player gets a completion in 5 different genres

As you can see, a lot of them are based on one person going for each different one. Some of them can combine together, others will be much harder. For instance, One player maintaining an average completion ratio of 2.0 would be hard to combine with One player getting 15 completions. Most likely, the player going for the 15 completions will be doing plenty of easy games. Some of the objectives will be easier depending on what tier you're apart of. Tier one is the highest tier, and tier 5 is the lowest.

The tiers were made by current leaderboard score at the end of March.
Tier One: Top 20
Tier Two: 21-40
Tier Three: 41-60
Tier Four: 61-80
Tier Five: 81-108

The better tier you're in, the harder the objectives will be to complete.
The bonus points this month are simple. For every notch you move up on the thermometer, your whole team will receive 50 bonus points. (They will be awarded at the end of the month).

That's about it, if you have any questions, feel free to post them here or under the forum on the leaderboard. Also all the random games are up for May, and if you need a reroll please comment in the reroll forum.

All April submissions due by May 3rd at noon! toast
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PermalinkBetter Completions Matter 2019 - April's Scavenger Hunt
Welcome to the biggest scavenger hunt of the year! You will have to use your wits and creativity to gain bonus points this month. So go ahead and put down your really awesome bounty hunting weapons, because now it is brains over brawn!

The bonus this month is a slight twist on something we've already seen in the contest. There are 10 categories similar to the BCM and Freamwhole challenges, where you will have to complete games that fit the description. The twist is that you can't see the description, so the only hint you have is the name of the challenges. You're going to have to decipher what each of the names may mean for the challenge.

The 10 challenges are:

April Fools
Bringing May Flowers
I am Evil Bot 2.0
I'm Something Else
Kid Cudi
Ohhh Piece of Candy
Sweet 16
The Cleanest Number
Welcome to the Auto Show

Some of these may be easier to figure out than others. When you think you have figured one out, complete and submit a game for it. I'll let you know if you got it right or not. After around 3 weeks, I'll release all of the descriptions so you can try to race to clean up the ones you didn't get. Remember, unlike the BCM and Freamwhole challenges, this is only active during April. You can also find the list on your page on the spreadsheet:

How the bonus points work:

50 bonus points per challenge
250 for figuring out all of them for a total of 750 bonus points.

The other special part of this month, is that a $20 USD Xbox gift card* is on the line. If you haven't heard already, I decided to place limits on what could be drawn this month for your random games. They had to be a minimum of 20 hours, and maximum of 50. The ratio minimum is 1.5 and the max is 3.5. This makes things a little more even across the board for everyone. To be entered for a chance to win that Xbox gift card, you just have to complete your random game next month. You have all of April to do it, and the drawing will happen at the end of the month!

*The gift card will be in USD, so it may not work if you aren't from the US. I can still send you the code, up to you how you use it. If you can't use it, give it to a friend.

This is just specific to April, and random games will return to normal in May. This is just a fun little motivator.

Remember to submit your March completions before April 3rd at noon EST!

Hope you guys have fun this month, and maybe even win some Xbox money! Before I go, I'm just gonna go ahead and plug my YouTube channel and Podcast again. Check us out on YouTube! Chievo Chums. We play games, get achievements and talk about it on a podcast. We also frequently talk about the BCM! Thanks a bunch everyone! toast

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