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For those rushing on Final Fantasy XV, check the walkthrough thread for a preview link with the Comrades info I put in.

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My Walkthrough Plans (2018)
Updated 12/12

As some of you may know, I've started writing walkthroughs for the site about a year and a half ago and immediately started to love doing it. I've kept my plans and walkthrough progress on a blog post like this since then, and I thought that with the new year I should update it a little bit, just in case anyone was interested. Aside from updating walkthrough progress, this post is intended to be a massive overhaul of the previous one. As of now, every walkthrough I've done has been a solo effort unless stated otherwise, and if I rewrote something, I scrapped all the previous work and started fresh to create the finished walkthrough. The list of stuff I'd like to do has grown well beyond realistic goals, but I'll still try to do as much as I can. You can also find similar posts on TrueTrophies and TrueSteamAchievements; I port things back and forth between the sister sites and use them as additional writing spaces if I want to for whatever reason.

To me, I'm more interested in writing walkthroughs because I find it fun and it's nice to have projects to work on that I actually care about as I go through college. I hope each walkthrough I finish exceeds your expectations.

Note to Self:
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WINTER BREAK Note to Self:
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Completed Walkthroughs (TA):
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Completed Walkthroughs (TT):
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Completed Walkthroughs (TSA):

In Progress | Sonic & Knuckles
---Starting on the last of the Genesis games. Hopefully I can get this done in the next few days so I don't have to work on it at home. Dunno how long it'll take to route the Chaos Emeralds for both Sonic and Knuckles, but it can't possibly take long to write this thing.
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In Progress | Final Fantasy XV
---I have written the material for the soon-to-be-delisted Comrades DLC in the hopes more people can complete it. I will get to the rest of the game when I have more time; now that Comrades is done it's less of a priority.
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On Hold | Assassin's Creed Unity (TT)
---Aiming to work on this after Saints Row IV is done.
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In Review | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered (TSA)
---Still waiting on this to be checked. It's been ready since like June.

Not Started | Saints Row IV (TSA)
---Got started on this finally. It's going to go a lot faster than I expected since I already have the upgrade cost information from a previous save.
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Not Started | Saints Row (Videos Only)
---I told the author of this walkthrough that I'd send him better videos to use than the ones he found on YouTube when I made them. I need to get started on this soon. If he doesn't end up using them, then at least some 1080p videos of the game will finally exist on YouTube.
Preview Link: N/A
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Published | Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
---Working on videos to coincide with the walkthrough. I plan on recording S Ranks first, then restarting the game and working into the Mission Tasks from there.
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Published | Banjo-Kazooie
---Going to develop videos for all of the levels eventually. I first need to figure out how to re-trigger the Stop 'n' Swop items so they reappear in the game, or maybe I'll just play on a throwaway account.
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Published | Sonic Mania (TA/TT/TSA)
---Have pushed updates to the walkthrough for all three sites that account for the Encore DLC and the update that came along with it. Mania/Encore Mode videos will be put in later, and an Encore Mode page will be written when I have the time.
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Published | Sonic the Fighters (TA)
---Finished the walkthrough but want to record runs of every single character going through Arcade Mode just to have it. Dunno if it's necessary to put in the walkthrough since the video that's already in there has 11/12 achievements pop in that run without me trying to go for some of them, so I don't think this will affect the site at all. But I won't delete the game off my hard drive til this is done, so I'm making it a goal.
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Future Plans:
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Future Plans (Rewrites/Revision):
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Misc Note | Dishonored
---It's come to my attention multiple times that Dishonored would be worth a lot less TA score if the DLC had walkthrough pages at all. I plan on rewriting the entire thing alongside adding DLC pages.

Misc Note | Fallout 4
---Fallout 4 needs the last DLC page. I'm going to write my own entire walkthrough someday elsewhere and just bring stuff back here unless someone does the DLC page before me.

Misc Note | Monaco: What's Yours is Mine
---Going to start writing this on external documents as part of a big scheme of mine.

Misc Note | RAGE
---I've seen people say that they really want a walkthrough for this game from the TA Playlist vote for January. I'm going to try to get this done sometime.

Misc Note | Sonic Adventure
---Gonna try to do this after the 2D games are done and over with. I'll probably run through it beforehand and write stuff down as I go for the story so I know what I'm supposed to do instead of stumbling around like an idiot.

Misc Note | Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
---I'm waiting to hang out with my friend again, who's way better at the challenges than I am. When I have recordings of him beating the challenges for me, I'll write them up and start going through the game for collectibles and difficulty.

Misc Note | Yooka-Laylee
---I'll probably do this after I'm done with the nine Rare Replay 360 games. I've done three.

Misc Note | Assassin's Creed Series
---Only a few games here on TA need rewrites or haven't been written. If I really feel like it, I'll write for some on TT/TSA. Right now I'm doing ACUnity on TT.

Misc Note | Banjo-Kazooie Series
---I intend to write for Banjo-Tooie when I finish making videos for the first game. I refuse to play A Hat in Time or Yooka-Laylee until Tooie is written, and I want to write for those as well.

Misc Note | Call of Duty Series
---A lot of the old games need rewrites. Fortunately for me, those are the ones I like. I'm probably gonna look into the Modern Warfare trilogy on the sister sites.

Misc Note | Fallout Series
---After fixing Fallout 4, I'm thinking that I might rewrite Fallout 3 and New Vegas to round the whole series off. If someone rewrites them here, I'll just write them on TT/TSA or something.

Misc Note | LEGO Series
---A bunch of old games from my childhood need rewrites or haven't been written, so I might do some of these just for that reason alone.

Misc Note | Rare Replay Series
---Now that Banjo-Kazooie has been improved, I'll probably hit up Banjo-Tooie next so I can finish that trilogy. After that will likely be the two Viva Piñata games since I've already completed them before.

Misc Note | Saints Row Series
---SR2 needs a rewrite, but the rest of the series is fine. I plan on writing walkthroughs for SR3 and SR4 on the sister sites.

Misc Note | Sonic Series
---Working on Sonic & Knuckles to round of the Genesis era. Not sure if I'll hit Sonic CD or the two episodes of Sonic 4 next. CD would be more complicated, but it's the next one chronologically.

Misc Note | The Secret of Monkey Island Series
---I think I wanna write this on TrueTrophies. The walkthrough here wasn't descriptive enough for me in some places so I'll write my own for PlayStation users.

Misc Note | Wolfenstein Series
---Every Wolfenstein game except Wolfenstein 09 needs a rewrite. I have some good interest in doing this since the Bethesda ones would be really easy to write and Wolfenstein 3D can't possibly be hard to write either. I don't have Wolfenstein II, though.
Posted by IronInfidel47 on 02 January 18 at 02:22 | Last edited yesterday at 21:51 | There is 1 comment on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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I honestly have no idea what makes one run more successful than another... battles seem completely random

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may god have mercy on your soul my friend lol

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woo yay

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ok, those look easy.. haha

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HA! The joke's on you gems, I had already unlocked all of these because I knew they were coming... *sob*

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Ashen seems really cool so far. Not as hard as Dark Souls, but very similar in style

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Is Ashen a game that MUST be played online co-op, or can it be done solo?

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Solo too, no worries.

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Meh game and a stupid final boss section with the fire boar.

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You should try that other Brave game

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