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Comment by MrWolfw00d at 19:35 on 07 Oct 2022

Hey K4rn - Is this any good? Like does it contain actually licensed music at all?

Comment by Franco 4 127hrs at 19:37 on 07 Oct 2022

It's Gameloft so it probably sucks.

                  Status change by K4rn4ge at 13:28 on 07 Oct 2022K4rn4ge status: Chance to win 1 of 3 copies of Hundred Bullets now up to 2000G in the Community Stars Update!
K4rn4ge shared the  in Hundred Bullets achievement list at 13:14 on 07 Oct 2022Hundred BulletsCommunity Star UpdateK4rn4ge shared the Community Star Update DLC for Hundred Bullets achievement list
Comment by K4rn4ge at 13:14 on 07 Oct 2022

Hundred Bullets - Updated To 2000G Achievement Playthrough on Xbox

Comment by imaidiot19 at 15:22 on 07 Oct 2022

15 minutes in is the highlight of this video.

Comment by SnapDragon at 22:27 on 07 Oct 2022

Huh, I'm more partial to 3:20 myself.

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Comment by Johnny Sinister at 02:42 on 07 Oct 2022

This game is still being tested, but i am fairly certain it may have some unobtainables.

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Comment by MoodysReviews at 02:24 on 07 Oct 2022


Comment by Jamr0xfinest876 at 11:36 on 07 Oct 2022

Almost didn’t finish it 🤣

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