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2017 was a slow year for myself in regards to earning achievements. Having worked tirelessly towards the back end of 2016 to reach RANDY's 200 GRANDY by december 31st i had lost all motivation to play any games other than Rocket League. Seriously how good is it? Did i play games less in 2017 compared to 2016? not likely. In fact i probably played more. But it was the stress free gaming that helped me to revive my desire to be somebody. For people to admire The myth, the legend that is RANDY.

I Don't really know where my passion for Achievements came from. Before the Xbox 360 generation i was purely a PS2 man. I was dead set on buying a PS3 and i nearly did. But it was my friends at the time who all convinced me otherwise. They all had Xbox 360's and would always talk about their adventures in online gaming. So i caved in and bought a 360. And you know what, i instantly fell in love with it. The Controller fit perfectly in my hand. The Joy sticks while in foreign positions for me were perfect. And then there were this new challenges within games. Achievements that gave you a score. At first i was striving to earn achievements to have the best score out of all of my friends. Then as i got further and further in front, the desire to earn achievements started to die down. I'd Finished school, i was working earning what i thought at the time was good money. I even dropped out of Uni because i thought why waste time studying when i can earn money here and now. and so for the next few years i had a slow run. I started partying with friends, moving in and out of home. And then i had my first child. Gone were the days of partying and socialising. There was this new bundle of joy in my life. But she was only just a newborn and so she was asleep most of the day so i had to find things to pre occupy me in the sheer boredom during naps. And so i started to play xbox again. Slowly i got back into it, playing games. Not really too fussed on achievements again but i wanted to play games for the sake of playing games.
So the year is 2014 and i have once again found my love for gaming. I buy myself an Xbox One and it is absolutely amazing. I resisted the urge to follow everyone i knew and buy a PS4. I had already worked to0 hard to earn my 70,000 Gamerscore. Now i had already been using XboxAchievements.com for all my achievement guides etc for years. But now that i was back into gaming again i was on the search for leader-boards. I wanted to see just how well i ranked amongst the rest of the world. And sure enough here i find TrueAchievements.com. Leader-boards galore. Stats for everything you can think of. It was like a dream come true. And having just bought an Xbox one and being able to follow people now instead of having the 100 friend max limit that the 360 had. I took to True Achievements and i followed several of the Top 10 Gamers on the site, i think i was one of the first few hundred to follow Stallion83 on Xbox. So it is a shock to see him have over 1 million followers now thats for sure haha.
And so here are all these new Gamers who i am now following their progress. Stallion83 and srmnov battling it out at the top for the most gamerscore. Stallion always staying just that one step ahead at all times. Then there was A 2true Legacy who i decided to follow because his name was always on every game i looked at on XboxAchievements.com and sure enough here he is having completed 100 percent of every game he has played. And then there was Celtic Force. Not close enough to the top 2 guys to be competition to them. But what he did have was a 99.7 percent completion rate for achievements. I believe there were a few missing in DOA and one or two unobtainable achievements stopping him from having 100 percent completion.
It was following these guys that gave me the desire to earn achievements again. I was in envy of their scores. And so i started RANDYS200GRANDY. It was a way to push myself to earn achievements. i gave myself two years to do it. There were many times when i never thought i could do it. But i pushed myself. In those two years i had so much go on in my life. Separation, fights, Reunion, another child, excessive weight gain. But nothing was going to get in the way. I was going to do this. I had to do this. I couldnt let myself once again be a failure.
Sure enough i made my deadline. On the very last day of 2016 i reached 200,000 Gamerscore. I had succeeded.

And now we come back to the present day. I have found my desire for achievements again. This time around it isnt to follow in the footsteps of my Gaming Idols (those mentioned above) but this time it is to become an Idol to others. To be Somebody. For others to follow in my progress as i strive to be the best that I can be.

And so i introduce to you RANDYS 300 GRANDY. Where week in week out I share my progress towards reaching my Gaming goals. Which not only include 300,000 gamerscore (which will extend to 400,500,600 etc) but to also have a better completion percentage. to actually play the 500 plus physical games in my collection, not to mention the 300 odd in my digital collection.

So here it is I AM RANDY.

My starting point for this venture as of the 5th of February

Gamerscore - 218,086
Achievements Won - 8014
Completion % - 44.88%
Completed Games - 74
True Achievement Score - 326,188
True Achievement Ratio - 1.4957
Games Played - 483
DLC played - 95
DLC Completed - 34
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