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Another 2 days down, with only 4 days left in my grind. But one thing I have realized is, I have really enjoyed my time writing through this challenge of mine. So much that I actually have been thinking of a way to continue writing, and have come up with a New Years Resolution type thing that I will reveal when the day comes closer. Back onto the game pass though, I haven't completed amything yet, but I feel I might be getting closer to the end. Super Time Force is a wild ride, with a lot of fun to be had in it. The commander is my absolute favorite character of them all, especially with the two eye patches. My best advice to give so far is to not worry about rewinding the entire level, it's actually very helpful. I have to say, I think that Amy McKillain is one of the most useful people, and highly suggest using her take care of most of the enemies.

Happy Hunting!
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Just a quick note, I'm writing what would be tomorrow's entry today, because i played the same game today and yesterday.

I have got a couple little milestones reached today that I noticed: 1. The streak I am on now just recently passed the most achievements I've earned in a streak, and in a quicker time than my longest lasting one. 2. I just reached 150 completions with the game, "Bard's Gold".

Bard's Gold
This game is a pretty fun game while also being a somewhat challenging one. My first tip is to be patient, and scan your surroundings. As soon as you start rushing around the more you are going to mess up and possibly lose your equipment. You need to look out for falling spike traps, pressure plates, and certain monsters that only move when triggered (evil tomes, guuls, and watchers). My first couple of runs weren't so hot, but that's okay because when you get a game over you can use your leftover gems to upgrade your skills. I cannot stress enough how helpful FNSUITE GHOST's walkthrough is, follow it, read it, pay attention to it. It's going to make your life so much easier. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to run through the game so effortlessly. And with those skills you'll be able to get the no death run achievement on your first couple of tries, if not the first; But for the no death run I suggest playing on "Rogue-Like" difficulty, since instead of having lives lost in 1 hit, you have a set amount of hits, and once they are all lost that is when you lose a life. More than likely you're going to end up with some grindy achievements at the end, and there really is no way of cheesing it. For collecting 50,000 gems I suggest just doing continuous runs of the game until you get it and make sure you pick up all the map pieces, those treasure rooms are very helpful.

Happy Hunting!
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I didn't get much of anything done yesterday, I think I pulled something in my shoulder and I was just wanting to go lay down. But today, I did start Super Time Force, that game is a trip and the concept was weird but works really well. I only completed the first world (198X), but I do see myself being able to complete it. For what it is, I do suggest the game to anyone looking for game that's a mix of fun and challenging. The collectibles in the game don't seem to be too bad either, most of them are right in your path, and for the glorbs you don't need to get them all, just enough for the requirements of the level.

Happy Hunting!
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Holidays are coming around the corner and for someone that runs their own business, the work days get longer for you. Thus meaning, less game time but I still put my time in. The game I've been playing is Bard's Gold. It's still not seeming like too hard of a game, but if you're not used to rogue-likes I'd suggest getting yourself mentally prepared for anguish. The walkthrough for this game is written by FNSUITE GHOST. Honestly this guy/gal deserves some community love, and give the walkthrough a thumbs up if you start the game. There is a ton of attention to detail, and makes sure that anyone starting it will know everything about the game

Happy Hunting!
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Wasn't able to get my day written in yesterday, I didn't realistically plan how busy I was going to be with the holidays. But I did get one game completed, NeoGeo Battle Coliseum.

NeoGeo Battle Coliseum
This game is not hard by any means, but one achievement is going to realistically cost you about 4 hours, and that is A/D Assault Maniac. You are going to want to look at the individual solution for this achievement written by Zenn P, especially the comment on that solution by Chucklestyle. Chuck even gives you the strategy of character placement. Once you get that achievement out of the way it is smooth sailing. Now for the boss achievements you have to do a specific amount of D-Assaults in order to fight them. In order to do a D-Assault there are 3 requirements before you can even execute it: 1. Your power gauge needs to be at least level 1(Blue), 2. Directly above your power gauge it needs to read "D-Assault ok" in like a tie dye color, 3. Your character choice does matter. it is best to choose two characters that are not the power couples like in A/D Assault Maniac. The characters I used were Haohmaru, and Robert. Now to do a D-Assault you need to press Quarter Circle Forward + RB (default controls). The MP in this game is the exact same way as it is to get through: Garou MOW, and KOF98UM. Find a boosting partner and just crank right through it.

Happy Hunting!
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