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The new gtasc has started time to bring the achievements.
Looking forward to a solid scoring season. A lot of work to get done. Should be a pretty solid 26 weeks. Let’s show em what we got.

1932 games played to start.
Plus 2 to date
Well all good things come to an end eventually
This years gtasc had a few added hurdles but was still fun but just felt like still had more to have gotten done however averaging nearly 774 TA a week and 26 achievements it wasn’t to bad of a gain. Over 23 weeks. Thanks to anyone who helped here and there and thanks Brooker for the gold packs tips even though my console didn’t want to run hand of smite. Now to figure out how many new games started thanks to game pass and some back log. Ugh there was still a few others that I didn’t get to yet grr. But I’m over 1925 total now. Best of luck to the teams that are left. Real life is calling. To be continued .... like back to the future.
It’s time to start 2019 omg. Gtasc has been postponed until later In The year
Not sure what goals to set yet for 2019 but the backlog continues to mount . Main goal will be to last more than 4 months in gtasc to push through maybe 50k gamer score before years end to cross 350k as I’m way behind in that category. Hope everyone’s New Years started off right. I popped my Gold rank in prominence poker finally and got to say thanks to Buddha for finding me in battle ages as we’ve been grinding 250 defensive victories instead of being my 1st 2 gtasc achievements they are my mop up grinds as we go on hold. Plenty to do though in to many games as Fortnite takes up a lot of time. I know woody2211 is a 1% stud and we are going to be World Series of poker champs soon ;) . Sweet Jesus 1 billion for inflation will feel like Zuckerberg and rich people problems after we split the pot ha ha.

Achievements reflected at 15154 currently

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RiIeyGamerscoreRiIey created a new Gamerscore Goal - 400,000 by 11 Nov 2021
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Comment by EarthboundX at 01:23 on 04 Mar 2021


Comment by Harbringernight at 01:23 on 04 Mar 2021

Dumb, mindless, and play like a mobile game but I found enjoyment in it. Would not recommend.

Honeycut1The Medium
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