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Few weeks removed from gtasc the streaks alive
Well we didn’t do to bad with 11 weeks survived in gtasc. Many objectives still fell short due to miscellaneous reasons of life but everyone put forth a good team effort. Riley led the charge and still continues his achievements onslaught. But I made huge headways on gears 5 finally and made some new friends and even completed 3-4 games at least during gtasc to include Ryans racing and paw patrol. My best week was our last with 132 achievements and just over 5k TA. But now I’m working to maintain my daily achievement streak and have made it over 80 days. It’s crazy that after all these years it shows as my 5th best streak to date. As it continues I slowly get closer to 400k gamerscore finally. Riley did make his goal of 500k before year’s end which was exciting. I was able to start a handful of fun new games missed last season with the gnomes games series. When I unlocked my long awaited classy achievement in gears 4 after enough horde waves to bring insanity within reach and save one of our weeks, that was truly satisfying. Good luck to those still competing.
8 weeks through gtasc a new year upon us
It’s been a doozy a couple of times as the last post mentioned. This last week I rolled the dice on trying to save my lone solo bonus as I thought I had enough in the bank to and and as I was about to use it just in case because I’ve been eliminated without using bonuses a few times I got distracted trying to recheck the update and went past my 8 hour window. As fate would have it the line moved just enough to have me eliminated by 137 points on the solo side. Oh well. The points I earned were still needed and as anticipated crucial for our team side. To survive. Riley crushed it again and Batman added the other big difference on Sunday night to make my job a little less stressful in the morning but I was glad I found a few extra things I hadn’t planned on because scoring definitely got ferocious. Riley has crossed the 1k achievements for the contest and I’m over 410 now as of this writing. Man it’s amazing how much fire power is already being dished out by some of the heavy hitters. My 11,040 ta so far is meager compared to some teams individual week performances and as much as our team needed this last week combined. But I’m grateful we’ve been scoring enough to continue to carry on. Life’s been busy and I hope everyone had a nice holiday. Mine was blessed with a halo infinite series X console thanks to a friends determination and 8 hours of driving we were both able to get one, meanwhile I stumbled upon my 1st 4k 55 ‘’ Samsung to go with it making for a fun new experience because I’ve always been on an old tv. It hasn’t hurt for Netflix or other streaming apps either while family was in town for the holidays. Continued best of luck to all involved. Jason
Gtasc is living up to the game pass hype
The point difference is steadily growing a little each week on both solo and team side as anticipated. Riley has been thankfully still bringing it to help keep us above but all have been contributing as Batman completed angry Green men and I hope to not be far behind as the next person. We’ve missed a bonus or 2 and I had back to back weeks where it came down to the wire on the solo side 42 ta difference 2 weeks ago and 60 points last week above. I was extremely close to using a bonus last week to be little less stressed with the nail biting but I had a couple good achievements that I figured would be close to equal in value but then I had one being finicky on popping, but it all worked out and I’ll have a bonus for a different week. I’ve even completed 2 games so far . Let’s go team. Hang in there. There’s plenty left to work on . J

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Wow... didn't even make it one day!

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I wasn't the only one that forgot it started yesterday.

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