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The path to 100 complete games 37 weeks in
BOOM!! this was a good few weeks on the completion front. smilesmilesmile

Summer in the UK has continued to be dreary, punctuated with bursts of sunshine for the odd few days. Happily the sunny days have been on weekends, so its been BBQ, Zoo and days out (my average points over the weekend are far lower than during a week day). Also I've been using the weekends to attempt to get into some of the longer games in my collection and the week on the games I would class as short / mid term.

Forza Horizon 3 is still on regular rotation - aided by the release of the Hoonigan pack and getting all but one of the Hot Wheels pack. Now to take on the main game with the remaining achievements (championships, bucket lists etc). I've started Mass Effect Andromeda but havn't made much progress and I find it slow going and strangely un-engaging compared to the earlier first 3 games. I'm in danger of leaving it for a few months and then starting from scratch with a new Ryder.

I also purchased Marvel Ultimate Alliance bundle and started that again, but since it appears that nothing has been done to make it current-gen, that will swiftly be at the back of ths list. Quite annoyed at that bundle being re-released with no improvements. I also picked up the Batman Arkham bundle and am redoing Arkham Asylum with the plan to plow on to City and Knight.

However, I have managed to complete 5 new games in the last few weeks which has pushed me up to 95 completed games (87 percent of goal). Leaving 15 weeks to get the last 5. I think this is going to be pretty straightforward now as I have LIfe is Strange Prequel, Walking Dead Season 3 and a few others that should get me over the line.

This periods completions...

Uncanny Valley:
Pixel art type of game. Like a 1980's version of a Twin Peaks kind of game. Difficult to explain what is going on in the game and used a guide exclusively after my first 2 hours of play made no sense. Drops you straight into the story but without any setup its very hard to work out what the monsters are, why you are being chased and why are there mobsters and a deserted factory.

Knight Squad (via Game Pass):
Really enjoyed this. As a party game rock with a few friends round it was a riot. There's some really pleasant details like the individual knight animations and names and a great variety of party games. People complained about the loading times but they are not as bad as was made out. Some good challenging Achievements in this as well.

Defense Grid 2
Really enjoyed the story mode, then had to grind out the 100 gold medals achievements and then found a willing Co-Op partner online (thanks! ). When you get into the grid, once you work out that temporal, concussion towers with a few canon's and meteors covering the entire map will win most battles it did become a bit tedious. But if you like this type of game, its a must have.

Whispering Willows:
Side scrolling hand drawn type of visuals game let down by a some bad implementations (IMHO). Not being able to run in the house, having to stop to interact with everything and some really odd enemy placement that makes a couple of rooms controller smashing frustrating. Other than that a pretty swift and simple 1000 points.

The Little Acre
. Reminiscent of a good old point and click adventure story. Although quite a linear game in terms of progression it tells a nice story pretty well and I enjoyed playing it through twice. Note to a couple of sections of the soundtrack really working well with the characters predicaments. You can speed run in under an hour (And must for one achievement).

Onto the list:

Highly Recommended:
Brothers: A tale of two sons
Thomas Was Alone
Assassins Creed Syndicate
Assassins Creed Syndicate Jack the Ripper DLC
Knight Squad
Defense Grid 2
Broken Sword
Blackwood Crossing
The Little Acre
Walking Dead Season 2
Toby: The secret mine
Active Soccer 2

Mildly Diverting:
Wheels of Aurelia
Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Syrup Creek
Coffin Dodgers
Bridge Constructor
Forza Horizon presents fast and furios
Uncanny Valley
Beyond Eyes
Her Majesty's Spiffing
Pneuma: Breath of LIfe
The Bunker

Only if you want 1000 GS:
Doodle God
6180 the moon
Whispering Willows
Memories of Him
Dear Esther: Landmark Edition
Three Fourths Home
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Comment by imaidiot19 at 15:37 on 16 Sep 2017

I guess it runs

Comment by Sinacide IV at 17:29 on 16 Sep 2017

It crashes for me every time I try to get to chapter 2....:(

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Comment by WOODY2211 at 07:22 on 15 Sep 2017

They patched it already? Nice.

Comment by Sinacide IV at 15:02 on 15 Sep 2017


Comment by The BEAst in I at 18:41 on 15 Sep 2017


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Comment by Taku The Legend at 03:04 on 15 Sep 2017

wow bravo!!!

Comment by Sinacide IV at 03:47 on 15 Sep 2017

Thank You!

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