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The path to 100 complete games, 16 weeks in.
Well, things have got even slower now, with only 3 completions in 4 weeks. sleep

However, I was in Saudi Arabia for a week of that working, and I was focussed only on keeping the streak alive by using a Windows 10 machine and picking off one or two a day from Doodle God and High 5. And seeing as how I have 10 days vacation time coming up, I will continue to in this fashion through the rest of April. (High scoring achievement month this will not be!) shock However, I did pick up a few new titles in the Easter Sale, as well as in the previous week's Tuesday sales, so I think I will be set for the total completions at year end assuming I can put the time in. (currently 43% of goal)

The last four weeks I basically played about 9 games total, 2 on Windows 10 and the rest I played on the XBone. Of the ones on the Xbone the majority of my time was spent on two games - AC Syndicate and Forza Horizon Blizzard Mountain. I really enjoyed Blizzard Mountain as an expansion pack its very good. Sliding around in the snow is really well realised and the Blizzard conditions are pretty realistic so, even thought I doubt I will get every achievement, very entertaining.

Having completed AC Syndicate (more below) I'll probably be hacking round shorter download titles for a while once I'm back from vacation as it takes a lot of effort to finish one of these AAA games - so hopefully more completions such as The Bunker, Ben Hur, The Assembly and from the Sales LIfe is Strange (again) and Walking Dead Season 3.

Also Ubisoft - Thanks for making the JAck the Ripper DLC for AC Syndicate, but why oh why did you have to make it 100% for all activities and pickups. I thought I'd got it when I finished every mission 100% but then I checked the small print and I have to do all the other things as well angry

Ok - Onto this months completions

Fragments of Him: Similar to Dear Esther but slightly more engaging - the side characters do help build up at least an impression of a story but I'm still hesitant to call anything in the game an actual 'Game'. There is a guide on this site, but its pretty much click on everything. The save points did catch me out when I thought it had auto saved and it hadn't (it doesn't when Achievements pop).

iZombie: Very short game, although the replayability is greatly improved by the time sensitive achievements (and that bastard level 29). Quite enjoyable for the very short time it lasts but a pretty simple game to play.

Assassins Creed: Syndicate. A biggy and the first AC game I've completed 100% with all Achievements unlocked. Personally I'm pretty pleased to have done this although I had to grind out a couple, I unlocked pretty much all of them naturally playing through the game and because there are no multiplayer, I could get the full 1000. As a game, its, IMHO the 3rd best of the series behind Ac4 and Ac2 - the difference styles of the twins gives you noticeably different ways of playing, and whilst the story is nothing special, its better than some of the other entires. I admit I spent more time as Evie being stealthy than being Jacob and just running into fights! Overall I enjoyed this game a great deal.

Finally the current list in order of enjoyment. I've moved Cubit down to the lowest level because thinking back, no matter the clever design of the puzzles, I don't think I actually watched the screen most of the game, just read out the guide. I've also demoted Wheels of Aurelia into the Mildly Diverting category because, on reflection I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone.

Highly Recommended:

Thomas Was Alone
Assassins Creed Syndicate
Broken Sword

Mildly Diverting:
Wheels of Aurelia
Beyond Eyes
Her Majesty's Spiffing

Only if you want 1000 GS:
Doodle God
6180 the moon
Memories of Him
Dear Esther: Landmark Edition
Three Fourths Home
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We'll done Dude I actually liked this game especially it's cheap price hope you are well man!

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