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Well, after the last 4 week period in which I completed 5 games, this 4 weeks I've managed to complete just 2 games taking the total to 98 completed games (2 to go in 2 months should be achievable!)

So what have I been playing apart from the 2 completions.

I finished the main game of Batman Arkham Asylum on the Xbox One (Interestingly I got 2 more achievements on the xbox one than I did when I finished the same game on 360) but have no desire to go and get the non story related achievements. As I suspected I would, I abandoned Mass Effect Andromeda - I'll come back to that one at some point in the future. Forza Horizon 3 hasn't been played much but I will pick it up again and get the online / co-op achievements. Other than that I've been playing bits of a few games (Virtua Fighter 5, Gears 4, Streets of Rage, Riptide GP). The main thing that has been taking up my time is Dragon Age Inquisition which (despite the similarities to Mass Effect) I've managed to get engaged with - obviously this game will take ages to complete but I'm going to plow on to complete all the story achievements (but I'll probably miss out on a couple of the difficulty achievements).

However, I did manage to complete a couple of games:

The Wolf Among Us:
Probably my favourite TellTale game apart from the first Walking Dead and the first Batman. I'd already completed this on the 360 but saw it in the Sales at some point and purchased and completed it again. Already looking forward to the next game in the series next year. I still have some problems with the way TellTale market their games - the story really doesn't change much depending on which direction you take and the game engine pausing before starting a quick time sequence is still frustrating (I know this is fixed in the newer games).

Planet of the Eyes: A cute short platformer - doesn't take all that long to go through although some of the achievements are a little obscure. Doesnt do anything especially different but it is a fun, polished little platformer.

Highly Recommended:
Brothers: A tale of two sons
Thomas Was Alone
Assassins Creed Syndicate
Assassins Creed Syndicate Jack the Ripper DLC
The Wolf Among Us
Knight Squad
Defense Grid 2
Broken Sword
Blackwood Crossing
The Little Acre
Planet of the Eyes
Walking Dead Season 2
Toby: The secret mine
Active Soccer 2

Mildly Diverting:
Wheels of Aurelia
Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Syrup Creek
Coffin Dodgers
Bridge Constructor
Forza Horizon presents fast and furios
Uncanny Valley
Beyond Eyes
Her Majesty's Spiffing
Pneuma: Breath of LIfe
The Bunker

Only if you want 1000 GS:

Doodle God
6180 the moon
Whispering Willows
Memories of Him
Dear Esther: Landmark Edition
Three Fourths Home
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