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MY GFWL To Do List
With the impending deadline looming for the unconfirmed (but most likely) end of GFWL coming up July 1st, I still have a lot of backlogged GFWL games left to play let alone the rest of my massive backlog. As a means of keeping track of what's left I'm going to start this blog post and update it as I go. Hopefully, I might find some fellow GFWL boosters along the way...

First the games I've started in on:
Dirt 3 - Completed!!!! For now. If it becomes a sure thing that July 1 is just a deadline for AoEO and not all of GFWL, then I'll try to acquire the Complete version of the game for the DLC. Being a DiRT fan I really wanted this completion!

Dirt 2 - The only online achievement left is the Level 30 one. Most of which I can earn boosting the Milestones at this point since I'm at level 23. I have two easy SP achievements ready to force the online one to pop and a few single player achievements left to finish up. Too bad I bought this after they shut down dirtnet and two are now unattainable. Since the license expired for cars used in this game and they no longer sell it on Steam, I doubt they will patch it.

Bulletstorm - This is mostly done as I have all of the campaign achievements except the hardest two difficulty ones. Normal mode was really easy except for a fight or two which I'm confident won't be too bad. Still need the Echo ones and then there are the Anarchy ones. I'll need some boosters for the team score and team challenge ones, plus a lot of boosting for the level 65 one. Too bad I don't have the DLC since it makes it easier. Wish it was still out there to get. I had been meaning to play this one and I found it to be a lot of fun. Looking forward to redoing it on 360. I have the disc version so it should be fairly safe from being completely patched out.

Virtua Tennis 4 - This is my most recent start. I've done all except beat King and the mp ones. I've found a way around unpopping achievements, the same way as Death343 although he has even better ideas for workarounds for some of the achievements. I need to boost the big two online ones which will require a program DL and setting up a wired controller on my pc. I want to finish this one sooner as it's a steam game even though 2k has been quiet on if they are patching games or not.

Gears of War - Bought this right before the GFWL Marketplace closed since hard copies are expensive on amazon and ebay. I've done three acts now. I really want to play the deleted scene even though I've heard it's nothing big. Just always wondered what happened in that big hole in the story on 360. Highly doubt I'll aim for the mp cheves, definitely not Seriously which I never got on 360 despite how much I played it.

Age of Empires Online - Not sure how much I can get done, but it seems more doable since they gave out blueprints for all of the achievement buildings. Very nice of them. I've started this a little bit and gotten a few achievements.

Dark Souls - Just checked it out for twenty minutes, but it seems fun. It's a steam purchase so it's in danger of being patched away.

Dead Rising 2 - Started the game for an hour or so (no achievements yet though, wow) and it seems fun. It's a steam purchase so it's in danger of being patched away. Need to find boosters.

Fuel - Played for an hour maybe. Seems fun. No word on patching, but Codemasters is working on patches for Dirt 3 and Op Flashpoint so who knows.

Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection - Steam purchase may get patched out. Shouldn't be that bad if I set my mind to it. I've now started this one. Still need to beat the SP cheves, need to get the animality to work and find someone to boost the two mp cheves which will take about five minutes.

Red Faction: Guerilla - Started to see how it plays. Seems fun. Patch is rumored. Need to find boosters.

Warhammer: Dawn of War II and DLC - Started and it seems fun. Sega may patch, but who knows? Need to find boosters.

Games I haven't started I don't feel safe about:

Grand Theft Auto 4 and DLC - Still haven't played on 360. I'm always intimidated to learn a whole new city with each new GTA. It's a steam game and Rockstar is really good with customer support although they haven't stated it will be patched yet. I doubt I'll get the mp level 50 one as it's a massive grind.

Iron Brigade - Steam purchase may get patched out.

Ms Splosion Man - Checked it out. Probably a hard completion. Steam purchase may get patched out.

Resident Evil 5 - Steam purchase may get patched although no statement has been made. Always meant to play all the REs. Beat the first one back on the original Playstation. Beat the final boss of two for a friend who couldn't and saw the end, but didn't play the rest of the game. That's it. Crashed when I tested it so I might have to tinker with it.

Test Drive Ferrari Legends - Steam game, but if licenses have expired it may not be worth it to the company to patch it. Checked it out briefly. Seems fun and not too hard of a completion.

Games I haven't started which I feel safer about:
007: Quantum of Solace - Installed. This is a disc copy and it's a game with a dead license so it's doubtful any patching will occur. Plus, I still want to watch the movie (which I have) before I play the game.

Battlestations: Pacific - Installed. Steam game so it could be in danger, but I've heard nothing about impending changes.

Bioshock 2 - Installed. I bought this on GFWL Marketplace during a sale as well as Minerva's Den so they are safe. Still need to play Bioshock 1 first on 360.

Blacklight Tango Down - Installed. I bought this on GFWL Marketplace during a sale so it's safe as well. Need to find boosting partners.

Fallout 3 and all DLC - Installed. It's already been patched, but it can be started as a steam game or in GFWL so this is safe until GFWL is no longer.

Flatout Ultimate Carnage - I bought this as a direct download from Amazon. I checked it out a handful of minutes to make sure it played ok. Haven't heard about any patches.

Halo 2 - I made sure it plays. I still have to beat Halo 1 first. How sad is that? This one should last until the end.

Kane & Lynch - I bought this on disc a long time ago. Can't seem to find it! Grrr.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River - Disc purchase so it should be safe. Codemasters is patching Dirt 3 Steam versions and not patching disc purchasers at all. Disc purchasers will be able to enter their disc code on steam and get a steam version was patching is done. I imagine this would be the same if it's patched.

Microsoft Flight - GFWL Marketplace game. Safe from patching, but won't be 100%able. Most of what I can do is done.

Star Wars Clone Wars Republic Heroes - Disc purchase so it should be safer. Need to find a boosting partner.

Stormrise - I doubt money will get spent to patch this one. Not a steam purchase either.

Street Fighter IV - Fifty cent purchase at Gamestop the other day. I can never get a lot of cheves in these games though.

Tinker - Seems ok. GFWL exclusive so less likely to be patched away until the end if at all. Quarter of teh way done.

Toy Soldiers - This has already been patched to start in steam or GFWL so it's safe. Too bad it won't even load for me...

Tron Evolution - Disc version should be safe, plus company is out of business so who could even patch it anyway...

Universe at War - Will live on with 360 version which shares achievements with GFWL version, but I could use the GFWL version for boosting purposes.

Games that got patched away:
Batman Arkham Asylum - Hadn't started it yet and being a Steam game, GFWL got patched out.

Batman Arkham City - Hadn't started it yet and being a Steam game, GFWL got patched out.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet - Hadn't started it yet and being a Steam game, GFWL got patched out.

So that's about it. I might also need to play WWE 2011 and any other games affected by the shutdown of gamespy. I still need to finish TWD episodes 4 and 5 before they get spoiled any more with season 2 out and I want to play The Last of Us on my PS3 before that gets spoiled. Then back to knocking out 360 games. Maybe I'll finish the Halo and Bioshock series since I'll have them started after this...

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