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Just purchased a Cohiba. Soon I will fire that motherfucker up. :)

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Having fun with the Xbox One and the PS3.
I have decided that Final Fantasy XV is far better than XIII, but still nowhere near the grand heights of VI. Turn-based JRPG gaming is a thing of the past, sadly.

I also have decided that it is fun to play Battlefield Hardline with randoms, as long as I remember that it's nothing more than a game and don't get nearly as dramatic as some of the other guys I've run into while on there. I play games for recreation, and although I take my recreation very seriously, it still is just recreation, and it is not a solid foundation that my life depends upon.

Playing the Taiwanese and the Japanese versions of Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is proving to be a bigger challenge than I first thought it would be, though, primarily because I have to learn what skills I am applying to my character's weapons through trial and error, as I cannot read a single word on the screen on either of those versions unless we're talking about the rather sparse usage of simple hiragana/katakana on the Japanese version.

And achievement hunting? I think that is going to be something that I am going to dive deeply into for a couple of months, then take a couple of months off, repeated infinitely. I have laser-focus attention abilities as long as I only have one thing in front of me, but even I need variety in my recreational activities.

The PS3 is a JRPG haven, I have discovered. Pretty much 95% of the games I own on that console are JRPGs. I regret nothing.

Some of you may have noticed that I have not been adding achievements to this account. I still am blogging with this account, since I already established myself here...... But the vast majority of my gaming has moved on to the CompleteKurisu gamertag. What I start on that gamertag, I fully intend to finish. Who knows, I might be halfway decent at Battlefield Hardline MP after I slaughter 40,000 randoms.

To follow up with my last blog post, I think my purpose in life is merely to play the cards I was dealt in life the best I possibly can. I should not let my disability define who I am. I am Christopher, and I have worked too hard to build myself up the last few years to let a little thing like an average midlife crisis chip away at it. I have wanted to take college courses since I was a young child, and now it is finally happening, even if it is only part-time. I have proven myself to be the opposite of expendable at my place of employment over the last year. I am getting around to reading the books that I have always wanted to read. I am finishing up the PS2 JRPGs that I have owned for many years but never completed thoroughly until now. I have been clean for five years at this point. Half a fucking decade. A part of me wonders where all that time went, while another part of me thinks of my past life as being centuries ago.

Cheers, people. Thanks for reading.
Posted by JRPGsForTheWin on 05 December 16 at 22:41 | There is 1 comment on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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Comment by KURSED SOULS at 03:39 on 09 Dec 2016

How long did it take?

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Comment by FullMoonBeaver at 13:47 on 08 Dec 2016

Where's my pint?

Comment by x Mataeus x at 15:04 on 08 Dec 2016

Haha! I love a real ale, a Bud or a traditional Somerset cider as much as the next red blooded man, but sometimes you just wanna mix spirits together and drink stuff!

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The servers arent closing are they?

Comment by PiCkLE SQU1D at 19:33 on 08 Dec 2016


                  Status change by Cause at 02:31 on 08 Dec 2016Cause status: I still can't connect to a match in Bad Company... angry
Comment by NJDuke007 at 02:45 on 08 Dec 2016

That happened to me the other day for first time. Well I was connecting to a gold rush match with only 4 people. I'm about to try now

Comment by NJDuke007 at 02:49 on 08 Dec 2016

I just got in a game with 20 other people

Comment by JORDANQUAKE4 at 05:15 on 08 Dec 2016

it will do that it goes down for like a week or 2

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Comment by SUPER FLY 1988 at 00:31 on 08 Dec 2016


Comment by Cause at 00:46 on 08 Dec 2016

Thank you my friend!

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Comment by Dub86Nut at 11:00 on 08 Dec 2016

I hate deadlifting lol my back kills for days after them

Comment by Chunkeh Munkeh at 21:01 on 08 Dec 2016

My favourite exercise right now, dunno why. Trying to get up to 2x my body weight for a 1 rep max currently 20kgs short

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Comment by Allgorhythm at 13:57 on 07 Dec 2016

Wow! toast

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Only the Ezio collection to go....

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