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Disappointments in Forza 7
So I picked up Forza Motorsport 7 yesterday, and while it is a fantastic racing game, it falls short in some areas. The one that I'm most annoyed about is the lack of conversion options compared to Forza Horizon 3. For example, one of my go-to cars was a Mitsubishi Galant that I fitted out into a V8 Supercar, giving it a drivetrain swap to rear-wheel-drive, aerodynamics and a livery inspired by touring and rally cars of the 90s so that it looked the part and, of course, a V8 engine. I was expecting to be able to import the tune and livery from Horizon 3 and apply it to a new Galant but no. For one, the game decided it didn't like my Mobil 1/Mitsubishi livery (probably due to the use of a "Horizon Festival" sticker) and then, it failed to import my tune! I thought that wouldn't be a problem. I would just manually do the engine swap and upgrade it again. But no. The V8 engine is not available in the Mitsubishi Galant in Forza Motorsport 7, despite being available in an older game from the same series. When I put my preorder in, I wasn't expecting the tuning options to go backwards!

On top of this, the lack of Toyotas, in particular a Celica, annoyed me, though that might be fixed with later DLC (nothing like taking something out of the game then selling it back to us, eh?), and the game crashed several times, though that's what I get for buying a game Day One, or rather, Day Minus Four. There was also one particular race where I thought I'd test out the multi-class system in Free Play. Historic Road Racers (which is now officially my favourite division in Forza) vs Classic Street Muscle. I spent 20 minutes making my way through the pack, getting up into first in my class, and second overall. The game still said I was in tenth, where I started.

Overall, good game but needs some ironing out and seriously, give me my V8 Galant back.
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