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Third Party Games: Big in Japan
Hello everyone.

The Warboat event was a lot of fun, but now with that having ended and the next GTASC probably not starting before fall, I got a little bored. Maybe I‘ll try out the next Bean Dive, if that should start some time this year.
Anyway, with time to spare I thought about writing a new blog. With the new console generation on the horizon I wanted to discuss games that we hopefully will get in the future. I could write about first party games and that there better is more diversity of genres and the fortitude to start more new IPs, but I thought about taking another approach. I want to discuss third party games support from Japan for Xbox (or more the lack of that during most of the time for Xbox consoles). At the beginning of the Xbox 360 era the game support from Japan was probably the best with Microsoft having a collaboration with new studio Mistwalker , which resulted in the RPGs Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon, and Japanese game studios being willing to give the new console a chance. But after some time, may it be because of continuously bad sales in Japan or other reasons, the support got less and less again. The low point was probably around the release of the Xbox One. But Phil Spencer worked hard on improving the relationships with Japanese studios, which resulted in more and more releases for Xbox One with games from the FF series, Yakuza series, Valkyria Chronicles and others. A big diversity of high quality games is only beneficial for a console, so this is a development in the right direction. But there is of course still a lot of room for improvement. In the following I will discuss some bigger and smaller Japanese game developers/publishers and which games from them will hopefully find their way to Xbox in time. These games can be ports of older or newer games, games in development or game series, where I hope for a sequel. Let‘s start.

Sega: There are probably not many publishers, that have that many great IPs and not make enough use of them. But there is shimmer of hope. Streets of Rage 4 was an absolute delight this year, if you even remotely like beat‘em ups, try it out. The hired developers for this game should get an assignment to make DLCs or even start with Streets of Rage 5! They could also pull off a great new Golden Axe game. As a fan of railshooters and the Xbox mostly lacking of this genre I‘d love to see ports of the House of the Dead series, especially 2 and overkill. A lightgun would be great for such games, but if necessary I would play them also with controller. A new Shining Force or Shinobi would also be nice. Oh, and good 2D Sonic games are always welcome.

NIS: a smaller developer known mainly for the Disgaea series. I am fan of turn based strategy games and would like to see Disgaea make its Xbox debut.

ATLUS: a lot of interesting games here. Ports of Shin Megami Tensei/Persona games would be awesome. Also Dragon‘s Crown, Etrian Odyssey or the new Catherine game version, to name a few, would be nice additions to the Xbox game library.

Konami: they have a lot of great IPs and they made some of my favorite games of all-time, but I am really not sure what they are capable as developers these days. Metal Gear Survive and the latest Contra were just not good. For that reason I will focus on ports of older games here. The Suikoden series would be on top of my wishlist and older MGS games not released on Xbox like MGS: Twin Snakes or MGS 4.

Square-Enix: First and foremost: bring the Dragon Quest series finally to Xbox! Especially DQ 8 and 11 would be great. Front Mission having a comeback would also be cool with ports of 3-5. Other ports I hope for would be Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, FF Tactics, Vagrant Story and FF VII remake (maybe 2021?).

Capcom: there is a good game support from Capcom, but still room for improvement. I know Street Fighter V is PS4 exclusive but maybe there is a slight chance for a release on Series X? If not, maybe Street Fighter VI can find its way to Xbox. For railshooter support I‘d like ports of RE Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles (I know the last one has a shaky camera during like 70% of the time, but I still found it enjoyable).

Namco Bandai: They also release a lot of games on Xbox, but I‘d like to see more love for the Tales of series. We only got Tales of Vesperia. The newest game in development will also release on Xbox but I am not sure of the new graphics. So some ports of their older games, especially Tales of Symphonia and Tales of the Abyss would be welcome.

Arc System Works: these guys make some of the best 2D fighting games. They released some games on the 360, but on the One we only got Dragon Ball FighterZ (Publisher Namco) as far as I know. Releases of Guilty Gear series, BlazBlue series and Granblue Fantasy: Versus would be nice. Hey, I just like fighting games. The more, the better.

PlatinumGames: this developer has made some incredible action games in the past. I hope for a sequel of Vanquish especially. Also Scalebound was a very promising exclusive. DmC with dragons, works for me. Just scrap the MP part (always felt forced on it) and reassign them to that project.

SNK: such rich gaming tradition here. Samurai Shodown was very enjoyable last year, maybe King of Fighters can make its Xbox comeback. And a new 2D Metal Slug wouldn‘t be the worst thing either :)

Mistwalker: it started so promising. The two games developed for Xbox 360 were good RPGs. If the working relations with Microsoft would have continued Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey could have been built up each to a successfull exclusive game series. A missed opportunity. Nowadays Mistwalker is a very small developer making mostly iOS games I think. Microsoft could try to buy them and built them up or at least use the IPs.

Syn Sophia Inc: who is that? Well, apparently this is the new name of the game developer formerly known as Aki Corporation. These guys made the greatest wrestling games ever back in the day. Their games are still the best wrestling simulation games ever made (yes, I know Fire Pro Wrestling), which is impressive after all that time. They didn‘t make a wrestling game for a long, long time, so maybe the expertise is gone. But we have all suffered long enough under the terror of these sub-par WWE 2k games and I just hope that someone rises to the occasion and saves us. These guys did it once, maybe they can do it again ;)

Did I forget someone important? Oh, right, Nintendo and Sony. Yeah... not gonna happen. But for the fun of it, what collaboration with the increasing of the gaming library would you estimate as more beneficial, Microsoft/ Sony or Microsoft/Nintendo? As a gamer I would be happy either way to be able to play the games with my favorite console (and controller), but from a business standpoint I assume a collaboration of Nintendo/Microsoft would be more beneficial. Neither Sony nor Microsoft are good at the games that Nintendo can do and vice versa. So this combination would speak to a much wider audience.

So, enough rambling. If you got through all this, congratulations, you got +1 endurance. And if you wish to decrease the frequency of these blogs, well, bring the next TA community event :)

Have a great weekend

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Comment by CurtLucas at 18:51 on 02 Aug 2020

May be the worst mission I've ever done in a video game. Started well then turned into a ridiculously tedious time waste

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Comment by Lobo Samhain at 17:58 on 31 Jul 2020

If I knew this was a port from the mobile version as opposed to the Xbox Original I would have never started it.

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                Status change by CurtLucas at 17:27 on 23 Jul 2020CurtLucas status: All these first-party/launch games yet I'm most looking forward to Tetris Effect coming to Xbox 😆 Few decent looking ones. Still not keen on Everwild
Comment by James Logan 616 at 21:55 on 23 Jul 2020

Well, Tetris rules! ;) But what about the new RPG by Obsidian (Avowed)? That could have potential. Obsidian has a good track record.

Comment by CurtLucas at 22:57 on 23 Jul 2020

I like the look of it. Strong Elder Scrolls vibes. Grounded seemed a bit of a letdown at first following their previous games but the more I see, the more I want to...

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                Status change by I iManuBAD iT I at 13:56 on 23 Jul 2020I iManuBAD iT I status: 🔵 SISU M-Series ❄ Finnish truck
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Comment by Lobo Samhain at 16:00 on 22 Jul 2020

I really hope this is the last one of these

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