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This is the first time in all my times taking part in GTASC that I reached first place. I have to give the credit to my team, "Names You Can't Pronounce." Even without my score we would have been in first, but maybe my 3,581 TAD helped scare off the teams below us. laugh

Here's my updated stats through 16 periods:
Score: 415,142 (+32,450) TA / 229,800 (+18,100) GS
Achievements won: 10,866 (634) Achievements and 2 Challenges in 604 (+22) games and 2 apps
TA Ratio: 1.6746 (+0.0048)

The below stats are slightly skewed from last time as these are now based off all DLC instead of DLC I own. Because of this, I haven't added in the difference from last time.
Completion %: 49.25% (currently 166 achievements away from 50%)
Completed games: 178 (includes all DLC).

This period I got most of my points from 3 games:
- Jblacq's achievements in Death Squared
- Jblacq's achievements in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms (Thanks Xpovos for helping with my formation!)
- Jblacq's achievements in ARK: Survival Evolved

Unfortunately the bonus for period 17 is to get to a higher position than you were in the previous period. My score placed me in the 26th spot. I have a chance to get the bonus, but it's really unlikely.
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