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Driving and Gaming
I thought of writing this because of something that has been on my mind for way too long, getting my license. I've been here and there with the permits but never could get enough driving practice in. Well sitting here thinking, I'm going to be 26 this May and this whole driving thing needs to get done. I know my Mom is going to be the happiest person in the world once I get it. She wouldn't have to worry about finding me a ride when her and my dad are up north and plus she wouldn't have to drive me to work and other places. To the people who have helped with rides to work or from work for me, thank you. Those people would include my best friend aka EMMORTAL87's girl friend Stacy aka Lil Pumpkin3DG for those times and his mom from time to time and other people.

Its funny, my Mom has joked around bringing up calling a cab. I don't think so to the cab shit. I don't want to ride with no stranger. You never know about that. The person might be a killer. No, thats alright. I don't want to get raped and killed u know. So the only solution is getting the license which brings me to the point of getting to studying the driving book to prepare for the written test. I've taken both versions of the test. The first one is easier than the second one. Another thing is going to Secretary of State to take it. I always feel out of place I guess you can say. Going in there in my 20s and taking the test to get my permit, I feel uncomfortable. Sitting there and taking the test makes me think like damn I feel like a dumb ass….lol but then I think like, I'm sure there are other people my age doing the same thing as I'm doing right know. Another thing is that there are tons of people my age without a license. I'm 100% sure I can get my license. I just need to get a lot of practice in to make me confident enough to take and pass the road test.

Now, to the gaming business. I'm excited for the upcoming releases in the months ahead. Those titles include Gears of War: Judgement, Injustice: Gods Among Us, GTA 5 and possibly others. I've been a huge fan of the Gears franchise and all. This one looks like its going to be as good as the other ones with its insanely fun multiplayer and epic campaign. Injustice is looking like a pretty damn good fight game. I've alway like Mortal Kombat and fighting games and this one will be the same by the looks of it. Although I'm not the best at fighting games, I would say I'm average, I still have tons of fun even if i get my ass kicked a GTA 5 was one title I was once uncertain about at the time of announcement. Then hearing more of it with it featuring all the cities in one game, all I got to say is awesome. With it being set back till September makes me think like good there shouldn't be no problems with the final product. They have enough time to work out the bugs and what not.

I just recently started X-Men Origins Wolverine. Its pretty damn sweet. A lot of action and blood in this one. Lets see, I got my second competition in Call of Duty:Black Ops 2 tomorrow. Pretty excited for that, I hope I do better with the professional that my fellow JCI teammate EMMORTAL87 gave me after the first competition. This was a good change from Battlefield 3 and all. Its cool and shit but don't know about continuing if there is more COD games in the future. Speaking of Battlefield 3, the End Game DLC comes out this Tuesday. My JCI team is holding a event like we did for Aftermath for this. Please to who ever has the game and the upcoming DLC, come and join us in the fun. It will be going on pretty much the whole day, drop in and out as you please.

Well that pretty much wraps it up. Thanks for reading and also give me some confidence on getting that drivers license…that would be greatly appreciated. It would be a great confidence boost for me to see your comments of cheering me on…i guess u can Have a great day TA and TA friends. toast
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