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1 Million Gamerscore blog plus future and co-op priority and games i need to work on!
First off I don't even know if I can start with words on how I feel about actually achieving 1 mill on the dot I mean I never thought it was going to be a thing for a long ass time as well as the fact some days were just brutal but sometimes you have to improvise over what you have to do otherwise it will never be the same in any case there's a lot of people I absolutely have to thank for this so here we go.
First off I really want to thank the walkthrough people Billz, Maka, Sangriaz, Cheevo Guides and more but special extra thank you to Billz he was a massive help in helping me and so many other people in getting G a lot faster I mean he gives up a lot of time and is such a good explainer of what you need to do the other guys are really good too but he goes a another level with the easylaikas so thank u to him, Maka deserves some love too I like his guides cause he also warns you about missing missable achievements so he needs to get some love again the walkthrough people do so much for the community so they deserve to be thanked a lot and I thanked them hugely.
Next up I want to thank the achievement walkthrough guide people cause when you don't understand how to get the achievement they help u out a lot too I'm sure I would of check so many achievement guides for single achievements and to me it helps a great amount so they do need a good pat on the back for their hard work they do what they can and a lot of the time it really helps as well as some hard achievements I mean those ones are really helpful you can't just forget about it so thank you to them.
Then we have the forum people sometimes they know how to solve problems if stuff decide to well try to screw you over I mean let's be honest who hasn't dealt with that I mean it's like well I did the requirement and still it doesn't want to unlock then it's like the forum people sometimes help u fix the issue it's not always going to work but it is a reliable way of fixing it so it can be good I mean sometimes the forum people write down stuff and it's not always read so next time you need help with a buggy achievement make sure you like the forum and leave a kind message to the people who posted the blog I'm sure they will appreciate the kind words.
I really need to thank my friends both TA and Xbox for being a part of my journey throughout even if you just follow my Gamerscore journey the support is unreal you guys make me feel so much better about my gaming and I thank u guys more than a lot of stuff like I love you guys you rock.
When I game it can get really difficult at times even with the easy stuff I mean you have to have sheer focus to get 50,100,150,200,250,300,350,400,450,500,550,600,650,700,750,800,850,900,950 and 1 mill G on the dot it's not always a walk in the park I wish it was and I also wish I didn't have to play so much crap cause geez I didn't see how much it was until I knew how bad it was going to get but sometimes you got to suck it up and boy I did that better than I didn't expect to! but anyway thank you guys so much for all the amazing support over the years it took me personally like 6 to 7 real grind years to achieve this but TA says like over 12 years however I wasn't really active in those years but hey I'm here and I got through it when so many others couldn't see themselves do that but hey if you believe that should be enough and one tip I can give to u if u want to achieve 1 mill in a more fun way don't play so many crappy games like you're thank yourself when that happens and I hope one day you will get it even when it gets tricky just keep at it.
Ok well we better not forget to thank the games that got me here like Grand Theft Auto V, Halo Master Chief Collection, Batman Arkham Knight, Fallout 4, Rayman Legends, Sunset Overdrive, Skyrim I got to give a massive thank u to I mean it was already such a special game and helping me achieve 500 k G on the dot was even more special, Far Cry 5 & New Dawn, the first Ori game also helped and of course my 1 million G game Ori and the Will of the Wisps! I did think about FF X for the crown but I wanted to go back to my roots when I started playing cause I'm pretty sure I had Platformers as one of my earliest game genres so yeah that was because of Mario so yeah but you know Ori 2 did something quite beautiful that I don't think even if I ever try to do 2 mill it just won't be as special as hitting 1 mill for me so this will probably be my greatest achievement ever in my gaming career I've been gaming like idk at least close to 20 years and I almost have never felt better about a game than Ori 2 obviously it's not LOZ BOTW but this could be the greatest Xbox game of all time wait what! me saying that over Batman Arkham Knight well the thing is this is so special and the game is already like way beyond the original Ori it fact if it wasn't for Mario this would be the greatest platformer maybe ever that I played without Mario of course but greatest Xbox game that I've played over Batman I mean it's quite a talk however in saying that I still have to thank Ori 2 for finishing this and for the Gamerscore not screwing up that made me even more happy and for the tracking not screwing up either I mean geez you think I wouldn't have to worry about stuff like that but it's not always a guarantee I mean it still has to be legit like real legit no 10 G not counted or it sort of did but I have to wait for it to get fixed and what about some of the other time that happen to me I mean all those times were stupid as like real stupid anyway thank you to Ori 2!.
And then there's me for actually putting up with it all I could have easily never done this at all so there's that too so you may be wondering what now well first off I'm not retiring I got way too many games I need to play still as stuff I got to finish both backlog and co-op so if you guys have a co-op game you need done I will help out as much as I can and I will post games I need help with so yeah I got a lot to do still and my next major goals are 30,000 achievements and 2 mill TA score notice I didn't say 2 mill G I mean let's be real I'm not sure if I'm going to do that but let's first enjoy my new way of doing gaming where I will still do easy games every now and then but the awesome ones will start taking more priority like they were suppose to ages ago I know but at least I can finally get started instead of never doing it well anyway I think this has been a pretty long blog for me so I will say a few more things.
First I'm still going to finish the other blog I've haven't done yet I'll to do that soon and then we say more blogs one co-op list and my gaming priority list so I will need to do that too and lastly thank you guys for everything keep on doing what you are doing pop goes the cheevo and I'm still in disbelief so it's fitting for me to say this Did I Do That!? see you soon guys have a wonderful gaming day!

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