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1.5 million Gamerscore and why Gamerscore is really starting to get killed off
First of all thank you all for congratulating me on achieving 1.5 million G on the dot especially when it's been a hard time where I live at the moment with Covid pandemic wrecking life again and forcing me to make a few changes along the way but just like last year I was not going to let a stupid pandemic stop me from doing what I love and it shouldn't stop you either because we have already beaten it before and I don't see why we couldn't do it again I mean we are a strong world and been through so many tragedies in history like natural disasters did anybody give up there hell no! so for me it's important to keep living your life and help out where you need if you need to do more critical work then it should be done if you need to get the covid jabs then that is what the government needs from people more then a lot of things and gaming well the party won't stop for anything it actually exploded because of this issue and more people then ever before are streaming big games like the usual Fortnite, COD Modern Warware, GTA V still getting played a lot, Minecraft and newer games like from Nintendo with Pokémon Unite which takes inspiration from LOL and DOTA and Pokémon fight like LOL champions LOL means Leagues of Legends for those unfamiliar and DOTA is Defense of the Ancients aka DOTA so again having fun really matters during a difficult time it happen last year and sadly 2021 is no different in Australia again but we will come out of it again so I have a lot of faith in that now it's great and all that 1.5 Million actually meant way more during the tough times but that was before the Gamerscore TrueAchievement and whole system got absolutely annihilated by a publisher named Xitilon the new Title Update king and one day will soon have more Gamerscore then like what 10-15% maybe more Gamerscore then like ex. 100,000 gamers with like 100,000 G which no longer sounds like a lot anymore if they also bring the series stacks as well then that number will go closer to 25% at least but before we get to the craziness let's take a step back a really big step back to 2005 when Xbox introduce the achievement system.
So this Xbox 360 system at the time was supposed to be like so many other normal consoles where you play for fun for play with friends maybe on a boring day or something and you try something new then magically they said I have a idea why don't we give gamers achievements for the effort that they put in to play the game it could be spinning 360 degrees or complete your first level or something but basically they had a value for that effort so something easy like a combo from Hexic HD would be 5G something much harder like 3 black pearls could be like 20 or 25G as a example, much better example the first Gears of War game 10G for completing your first chapter getting 10,000 kills would maybe be worth like 30 or 40G as a another example but not Avatar Last Airbender Burning Earth where every cheevo as I call them would be worth like 150- even as high as 300! like seriously 300 for a combo achievement sounds too easy but the 360 did have a balance where they wouldn't have too many easy game completions and keep it fair sport games clearly didn't get the message they were too easy as well and almost give you the Gamerscore for not trying very hard then we met Telltale Games sadly no longer a company but they used to own the system where you play through the story not too much collecting and get a achievement or trophy a couple of years later when PS3 joined 360 the point is they were the king a long time ago alongside easy 20 to 25 hour Lego games which today I still don't know how I dealt with that but hey I put in the effort and I thought well if it's going to be as easy as playing the story at your own pace then it couldn't get easier then that wrong! that's when XB1 came in the scene.
The console started asking us to play through some of the games we already completed like contrast or lococycle and that's when the term stack started to become a reality we were now getting more Gamerscore because of separate achievement lists so could it get any easier well yes! because a few more years later in 2017 we met Neogeo oh boy here we go.
Anyone remember the Neogeo console no well neither did I and sadly I was about to find out why because a lot of the games were easy to complete and they had to get done so I did and can I say it was more frustrating than doable cause some are cheap asses so don't play by the rules as if that wasn't enough they did them again on Windows 10! yes another 108,000 G making it a grand total of 216 K for those who can get them all done and respect as well some are very hard to go not every Neogeo is easy so big respect so can it get even easier god well yes it can! we are still not done now we met Ratalaika Games or should I say Easylaika as we call them.
They started out slowly and were supposed to be another we will see them every now and then well that didn't happen instead they started to do something that started the whole Gamerscore was starting to mean less with 1000G every week! yes you heard right every week like you can play a game for 200 hours and get these games done in about 199.5 hours less than that on average and now surely we couldn't get... oh god dammit it's Xitilon!.
How about getting a game done in under 5 mins then you get a title update done in under 5 mins then you bring another one in under 4 and another TU in under 4 it gets faster then you drop it down to under 3 mins for both base game and TU but why stop there you can get it done in under 2 mins! wait what under 2 mins! for a non AAA publisher for 1000 base Gamerscore and a Title Update as well yes sadly this is where the story turns dark if you want to keep up with the best you pretty much need Xitilon now in order to do that and the system is now way more broke than ever and now other publishers are doing it too so you can't stop playing it for example the Escape Sequence x 2 from Xitilon until at least another 2 years from now and honestly it's getting too ridiculous the systems both Gamerscore and TrueAchievement need to change otherwise we no longer have a accurate true definition of what anything means if it starts to be meaningless then these publishers can't keep on trucking along with it and yet sadly this will go on into 2022 then 2023 then 2024 and hell this could go on until the beginning of the next decade and sadly because of Easylaika and Xitilon the system is completely ruined and needs a fix urgently I hope stay safe during the tough times and please keep on gaming even with the cheap Gamerscore grabs these days I repeat keep on gaming thank you guys for your support and huge shoutout to CJ for putting on a good podcast with me Mephisto & Rogue if you haven't checked it out here's a link
I highly recommend watching it it's a very fun time and as always pop goes the cheevo!

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