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PermalinkTop 150 games ever pt 5 lots of shooting
Here's 100-81 of my countdown let's do it!.
100. Sunset Overdrive- Very fun exclusive game this one it was quite a blast to play!.
99. Mario Kart 64- Welcome to mario kart I mean first of all that alone makes you want to play and second it's still a fun game today!.
98. Diablo 3- Blizzard keeps on delivering often and Diablo 3 is another huge hit from them so good job again.
97. Batman season 2 telltale- A memorable telltale game it has batman looking so good I mean he really looked the part and the characters looked just as good I really wish telltale didn't quit sometimes.
96. Super Mario RPG- Whether it's your first RPG or your 1000th you gotta love Nintendo and square together just awesome!.
95. Red Dead Redemption- Stil a superb quality game from Rockstar who also have a strong game history of being really awesome.
94. Legend of Zelda- The beginning of Nintendo taking off along with SMB I mean these sort of games were so impactful and they still are.
93. Grand Theft Auto 4- Listen you can try to hate gta as much as someone else but you can't it's so addicting that sometimes you can have a lot more fun than hate and gta does that pretty well.
92. Paper Mario TTYD- Such a amazing sequel to the original except for like a few things mainly boring chapter 3.
91. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier- I like a couple of Tc games and here's a couple more.
90. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction- This one is good too even though it's a bit over the top.
89. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands- Still need to play more but I really like this one.
88. Fallout New Vegas- One of the better fallout beshesda games it has some great stuff.
87. Fallout 3- A classic fallout game the story is so good and the graphics even better.
86. Dragon Age Origins- This is how you start a franchise I didn't know about until I tried it and it's fantastic!.
85. Borderlands- If the moxxi dlc and claptrap didn't exist it would of been higher on the list.
84. Borderlands The Pre-Sequel- Yes I like borderlands too as well geez I like shooters more than I thought.
83. Borderlands 2- Even after so many years this is still a must play game it has loads of stuff in it like just play it.
82. Dishonored- A interesting different game but I like the extra options it presents it makes you really think like a thinker sort of guy.
81. Dishonored 2- The sequel brings even more value and there's more to consider smart indeed.
Ok so I'm going to wait till July 6 for 80-51 cause I want to do the final 10 on my birthday so I'll make sure it does thank you guys so much for reading as always and until next time pop goes the Cheevos!.
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PermalinkTop 10 MCU Films
Here we are finally doing a countdown with Marvel i been wanting to do this for a while so it's good to do this so here we go my top 10 MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe films from Marvel!.
Honorable Mentions Both Ant-Man films these films were a good delight especially considering marvel is all serious so to have a bit of laughter to it and he's still one of my favorite marvel characters so it's a good win for marvel anyway on to the list.
#10 Avengers Age of Ultron- A good follow up to the original which for me unfortunately was a big loss for marvel it wasn't good enough like seriously anyway this movie improve on the first one in so many ways more action, more drama and still a good amount of hulk so it's a good film.
#9 Black Panther- Very good film for marvel they took black panther seriously and gave him a strong film it won a nomination for best picture about a year or two ago and it was a remarkable film for black people to be in now i respect that from any studio if you can still be in a marvel film when you have that problem from some people you deserve it and good on Chadwick Boseman he played the panther so well he's one to watch.
#8 Avengers Infinity War- Sadly this is a bit low on the list for me because there was too much character in the way like seriously they overloaded it with like almost everyone and they kinda made it hard to enjoy the same way it was still a impressive film but the characters just cost it too much.
#7 Captain America Winter Soldier- A very good follow up to 1 and not to mention Cap was really starting to show how important he really was just a great sequel for cap.
#6 Thor- Still in my opinion the best origin story film marvel did and it was for thor! for so long i felt he would never be like the others with how good they were but he show me otherwise go god of thunder!.
#5 Spider-Man Homecoming- I really hope Far from home will be like this spidey made a humongous return for marvel and they made him awesome again a huge clap for marvel for that!.
#4 Iron Man 3- Iron Man really step up big time in 3 he was the most incredible version of himself in this movie for so long and not to mention Pepper was surprisingly awesome too i hope one day we can get a new iron man actor cause i still want iron man cause pun intended i am.... Iron Man!.
#3 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2- My goodness look at the incredible effort that went into this one it has action, story, drama, a pac-man reference! and just one of the best films i have ever seen the other two are too as well so marvel is red hot!.
#2 Captain America Civil War- Cap vs Iron Man oh yes please and a few other battles this is why marvel can be fun they turn avengers against each other and i love that idea rubbing the salt on somebody else i mean it's a very creative idea and honestly i don't know why they can't do it more often so let's hope for more.
And #1 Avengers Endgame- Finally the dream Avengers film i been waiting and waiting and we finally got it and let me tell you this right now if you ever seen your favorite MCU film before it won't be better than this i mean the perfect tribute for Stan's final cameo and also the big stuff i mean it was insane i think it would have been criminal if any other Marvel film went to no.1 anyway see you Mon. for 100-81 of my top 150 games ever until then pop goes the cheevos!.
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PermalinkTop 150 games ever pt 4 respect for lara and ezio
Let's get straight into it shall we!.
#120. Kingdom Hearts 3- I finally gave the KH franchise a chance after not being interested in the playstation ones and I got to say it was a fun new experience I mean it was different and in a good way good job square enix please bring FF VIII to XB1!.
#119. Donkey Kong Country- A classic game from DK and it's a fun one even though it can be very frustrating sometimes but again the difficulty does challenge you a bit so you need to embrace it DK Donkey Kong!.
#118. Forza Horizon 2- I haven't played the other ones yet but I like 2 a bit so in the future I hope to play 3 and 4 still good racing game.
#117. Gran Turismo 4- I know it's a bit weird to like this game but it's still the best GT game it has a good amount of cars and I like racing around so it's a good experience.
#116. My Brother Rabbit- A Artifax Mundi game! well yes and I like it too it has a surprising good touch to it and it feels nice for once to enjoy the puzzles again play the id games you may find a surprise too in there.
#115. Lego Marvel Avengers- A Lego game! this is a even bigger surprise I have struggled to like lego games over time but this one is so fun it's cool to play as Cap Iron Man Spidey and Stan the man Lee I miss you stan! seriously sometimes you just need a superhero to help you out now I hope the square enix one will delight!.
#114. Tomb Raider 2013- The reboot is awesome here is a true TR game not a crap one good story and multiplayer and here's more.
#113. Rise of the Tomb Raider- Even better TR game better story, better CGI effects I mean this game is a modern classic for Lara and... one more.
#112. Shadow of the Tomb Raider- I haven't even finished the story and this is the best game lara has ever done so sexy and beautiful!.
#111. Dark Souls- There is no intro for the hardest challenging franchise there is today some say Gears of War but Dark Souls is Tough as nails however the story must be played so just accept dying a million times!.
#110. Bayonetta- A great Xbox 360 game it really changes how you need to react to things and the combat is unique so play it if you haven't yet.
#109. Life is Strange Before the Storm- Look not everyone likes this LIS game but for me it still has a good amount of story to it so please try to consider.
#108. NBA 2K12- If only I didn't complain about the cheap warriors anyway still one of the best sports games ever made.
#107. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood- And finally here's another AC game and this is a must play it has a great story to it and Ezio is still so good!.
#106. Assassin's Creed 2- I prefer 2 over brotherhood it started the legacy of Ezio and a cameo from Mario or should I say it's a me Mario! well his dad but hey he said the famous quote!.
#105. Grand Theft Auto Vice City- You can hate GTA sometimes and love it other times that's my relationship with GTA in a nutshell.
#104. Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga- If you don't like SS you don't like Mario games this is a easy spot in my top 150 for this classic GBA game.
#103. White Night- You probably forgot about this game and if you did no worries I like the style of the game and again you need to think fast so it's a fun puzzle game kinda.
#102. Darksiders 2- The sequel was even better more action, more fun and way more involved I mean seriously let's hope 3 one day will be good.
Finally today at #101. Battlefield Bad Company 2- It always sucks when you're not in the top 100 but in saying that I need to try and play another Battlefield game I haven't really touch the franchise almost at all so far anyway on Saturday I want to do a top 10 I been wanting to do for a while to celebrate the release of Spidey Far From Home and that is my top 10 MCU films what will be no.1 and top 150 ever continues on Mon until then pop goes the cheevos!.
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PermalinkTop 150 games ever pt 3 I'm back and quite a bit of Telltale
I'm back! sorry it's been a while but i'm ready to continue my top 150 games i have ever played updated to June 30 this year so when it gets updated next i'll update it to maybe before this year is over but we'll see anyway let's do 140-121 today.

#140. Jade Empire- A nice original Xbox game to start off unfortunately i haven't played it very much but i like it so i'm putting it on.
#139. The Wolf Among Us- Look i will be honest Telltale had a very bad ending to their life when it comes to the staff they had to cut but they still produce great games like wau it's a fun twist on the usual point and click but we're not done with Telltale today.
#138. Life is Strange- A point and click from square enix?! i mean surely it can't work but it does! i like this game it has a very good story to it well done square now can you announce the release date for FF VIII remastered already!
#137. Tales from the Borderlands- Another great game from Telltale play it if you like Borderlands.
#136. Game of Thrones Telltale- Ok i know a lot of people will shout at me for putting this one on my list but i'm a got fan so i had to ok that's my reason.
#135. Batman Telltale Season 1- My goodness batman was done well by telltale and yes another telltale game will there be more today?.
#134. Witcher 2- A nice game with some interesting mechanics still need to play it more but i think i like it enough to try and go further.
#133. Halo 3 ODST- Not a bad follow up to Halo 3 but it lacks its story way more but it still looks nice.
#132. Darksiders- Good game this one if you're new to darksiders.
#131. Super Mario Land- Not the greatest looking mario but it's still a good game.
#130. Legend of Zelda Minish Cap- A nice zelda game for gba it does have a few extra things i like.
#129. Mario & Luigi Partners in Time- A good sequel to SS i think some would like it if they gave it a chance.
#128. Adera Win 8- A Windows game on the list?! well you better believe it i actually like this game i mean it has a decent story to it maybe give it a go.
#127. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition- Another one and it's a FF one i like the game a bit it has a decent following so yeah there you go.
#126. NBA 2K14- Look before the NBA decided to be unwatchable because of Lebron and GS winning too much i play the nba stuff so hopefully with Raptors winning maybe a comeback could happen.
#125. Ico- I'm not as big on this game and the other one as much as others but i still like it.
#124. Shadow of the Colossus- And here's ico's brother in a way SOTC is another decent game with those huge giant people i mean i got to give it credit for that and it's a ok battle system.
#123. Volgarr- It is a difficult game but i already say this it's ok to have a few challenging games to keep the balance going so it's good.
#122. What Remains of Edith Frich- Surprising good game this one a great gem for Id games it has some heart, some love and some nice story i recommend giving it a go.
#121. Spyro Reignited Trilogy- Me liking Spyro well it's real in fact i like spyro now because of this trilogy it brings three games into one and they are all fun games after the disaster of Crash it's good to see that Spyro listen and step up well done anyway that's all for now see you tomorrow for 120-101 and keep on gaming and pop goes the cheevos.
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PermalinkTop 150 games ever part 2 before hawaii
#145 Pokemon Platinum- Look it's not the greatest pokemon game but it still has some fun factor to it.
#144 Assassin's Creed Revelations- I wish Ezio would of have a greater ending but to be fair it still pays good respect to him n listen if u still bow out on a good high u done well.
Foe me revelations is a decent good ending to ezio's story wish i hoping will one day be challenged until then go ezio!.
#143 Fable 3- This is still a good fable game today i mean sure u could argue 2 is better but sadly 2's final boss is a baby joke so i prefer 3 i also like the different locations so it does well.
#142 AC Rogue- You already know i love nintendo like crazy but i'm also a ac guy so we will be seeing more of them too i like this 1 cause it presents a different system in the game naval battles now speaking of ac.
#141 AC Chronicles China- I actually like this spinoff ac game it presents a combination of combat n stealth also it's a bit crazy they haven't had more of this minor ac games anyway it has some good design in there.
Anyway next time i will do 140-121 which is a lot but trust me i need to speed it up so i will see u after hawaii n keep on gaming earn those cheevos n aloha!.
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