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PermalinkInterest blog talk #3 My time in Australia for 15 years story
I've been in Australia for 15 years and yet i haven't told u about it yet so let's talk about it today as i tell u about my aussie adventures!.
First of all i haven't been everywhere but i have been to a few places so let's talk about them separately starring with Melbourne.
Melbourne is a very different city to Sydney because it has more of a cultural flavour to it like the trams and the other luna park and it has a european feel to it i mean it's so different not to mention it's been called best city in the world a few times ahead of Sydney, Tokyo, Barcelona, Rome u get the idea and for me it's a fun city but maybe not best in world honestly in saying that it loves it's sport and fashion like crazy so there's that next place is Uluru.
Uluru aka Ayers rock is a special aboriginal place where we see this ancient red rock that has been in the time of the aboriginals for a really long time and i walked around the thing like the whole 10-20 km thing it's quite a walk but u don't get to do that whenever and u wouldn't go there often either but it's worth going to because it's so unique like the sunrise is so beautiful when it glows on it and we don't have that anywhere else so u can only experience this in Uluru which for me is different and i don't mind it either sometimes u need to embrace the change within and be proud of it alright next is the Gold Coast and i mean gold coast queensland not the other one.
The gold coast is like so fun it's hare to dream of a place more fun and when u can see dolphins and seals and your favorite superheroes i mean it's so crazy u get to go on waterslipes and warm spas and u get to see Batman oh boy let tell u that was a sight and also he had his batmobile oh my god that was so awesome! those moments are worth talking about and well i think i need to go again soon cause i want to see that again but it isn't always fun for Queensland due it being a tropical storm place and they had so many storms it almost feels really bad like u can't go there for a bit due to weather and u have to embrace the fun at the end so for me fun is the real cure alongside laughter because who ever said u can't keep feeling like a kid or being incredibly spoiled for choice it really is super nuts the gold coast is so funit will blow u away if u haven't there and yes i also haven't been to Disneyland but if i could i would literally feel magically stunned with what i could do there i mean i get to say hi to all the disney classic characters and well it would be a true magical moment for me however i will someday for now the gold coast still has good value for its theme parks and what not anyway about how i came to Australia.
Well i was so much younger back then and we didn't know the place very well cause it was so incredibly different to where i was born and it's more hot than cold so i had to get used to the condition change too in saying that i quickly fell in love with it cause it had a lot to show me for it being so different and i took that very well sure it wasn't easy to leave Canada after being there for nearly 15 years and yet i know i will come to visit again so u know i have to be ready at some point and as well i still haven't seen your snow so i really need to see perisher and thredbo cause i wanna see that snow at some point anyway i think there is still more places i like to talk about but i will do a part 2 to this next time as always thanks for reading and pop goes the cheevos!.
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PermalinkInterest blog talk #2 the gun laws in america need to change
Hi everyone welcome to another edition of blog talks every sunday or monday i will talk about something that's been on my mind last week it was do games need change this week i will explain why the gun laws in america need to change now so let's do this.
First of all why the gun laws aren't tougher is way beyond a excuse i mean too many countries not just america don't realise how easy it truly is to get a gun, tempt yourself to become a thief and kill someone for me killing is the worst thing cause the impact is large when lots of people are involved like seriously why do stupid dumb idiots like those thieves need to be so violent like how do u get known by your parents as a sweet innocent person but then become a killing monster like how in god's name does that happen, it's so wrong so evil and yet sometimes it's like sort of playing too many violent games u know like gta and that gta violence is real in today's world we are having real robberies, real stealing, real everything it needs to be more punishing especially in america because there is way too much violence u could literally be in a real nightmare except u don't wake up once your life is taken it's over and although i really must rather not depend on trump to do it but he needs to right now america is a very unsafe place to be in and what about the children i mean we can't have them grow up in a hugely dangerous place like that we need better laws and a tougher no more violence attitude otherwise we will see too many die because the laws are not good enough, they have been a huge problem for too long i mean why should innocent people die and criminals get away with it i mean it's so wrong i should go and rant about it like no end it bugs me like to insanity that the usa still can't get the gun laws right and that's part of the reason why i couldn't live there so unless the laws become more favorable i simply cannot get myself involve in all the madness and chaos it's just too much.
Listen trump if you are going to win the next election you need to change them because if u thought about losing your own people in world wars, battleships in sea and the two mass shootings recently in texas and ohio they need your help, the usa needs your help trump u can't continue to be more hated than loved if you are gonna be that influence, that us president your americans can count on i mean as a serious question why can't it change now, what is stopping you from changing it, do people need to continue suffering no they don't, you should care about their voice and the world's voice if people want change you have got to come through and give them that change, u need to start thinking about how u are gonna win support not lose it all together, u need to get something happening we can't just let it happen to anyone ok we need to tell ourselves we can do better by protecting the people we love and not come to regret cause of gun laws it's hard enough to lose a person let alone like 20 to 30 i mean that's a much deeper and harder amount to forget yet it will keep on growing if we think it's even ok to have guns at home no it's not ok to have them at home i think if u kill someone u love that's where regret will happen it's time to change it like i don't want to wait anymore for this it needs to happen now ok just please don't be a fool about and look i'm sorry about the talk but this needs to be brought up more i hope america will improve, i prey for the children to be safe and not have to live in harsh i thank u a lot for reading a tough blog i'll be back next week and two more things, first pop goes the cheevos ans god bless the usa they can be so much better and i hope u feel the same thank u again and please change them already.
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PermalinkInterest blog talk #1 Are games in need of change?
The first blog talk i'm doing is about the future of gaming and whether or not it needs to change it honestly makes a lot of sense to do a gaming topic first cause i game a lot so let's all enjoy the reading of what i have to say.
First of all does it need to change and my answer is yes because there are way too many franchises like cod, ac i like ac but we need more variety, halo, even mario and zelda you get the idea there are too many gaming franchises and not enough indie gems like inside for some, for me a nice example is sea of solitude where you get a fresh new experience of story and emotion and other stuff we need more bright people, we need more creativity, we need the new generation of people working on games to create new feelings, new adventures we gamers want to take and like never want it to stop and also we need a game that we never saw coming to change our view on something, the problem is we don't have enough thinkers or dreamers or whatever but we can have that if a bad rap company like activision for cod haters tried harder to care about those people and you need to because it's like so important to know your audience and to respect that i mean it's that meaningful to people like me.
So how can it happen well if you have a vision sort of like if u were in a room with your paper and your pen or pencil and a lightbulb you can act like that bulb where it seems so pointless and then a spark comes out and you have the idea all of a sudden now that vision is real and you can start pitching your idea and sure maybe it couldn't work but you shouldn't let self doubt beat you, you got to stand up and say i can make it happen that storytelling version of you wants you to follow your heart and keep pushing, keep going forward and have no regrets i mean if you know you can then you can make it a reality you just need to take the drop and see where it takes you cause in the end you should never give up on your dream so come on next generation step up, read up on inspiring gaming stories and just maybe you can be the next big game changer! see what i did there.
Another reason why gaming needs to change is because there are more people not wanting to game anymore and you just must keep those people if u can otherwise you shouldn't be a game developer i mean it's really simple know your audience, respect your audience and make them love your hard work you don't need to keep arguing about well we should add more stuff or we shouldn't or is that character important or not you need to eventually come to a fair agreement where both the confident people and the doubters can actually work together to create something remarkable it can be quite a show we just need those people to bring the change towards the landscape cause once a franchise can't continue you have to move on and you can't do that if you keep releasing games from that franchise so think about it anyway thank you for reading i will see you next Sunday or Monday for another interesting blog and as always pop goes the cheevos!.
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PermalinkTop 150 games ever finale the top 10!
Here we go everyone the final 10 is here which game do I consider to be the most important game of all time the game I will be talking about for the rest of my life well to be fair 1-10 has the same feeling and to be honest they should cause getting into my top 10 like anyone's top 10 is pretty much a rarity a unheard special event like Endgame for instance they did what they did and Marvel will never beat that and the tribute to Stan in the re-release was so touching and reminds you how special he really was Stan we love you 3000 anyway the point is you can't see those special events very often it's just so rare so we need to look at that list again and thank everyone who made those games whoever they are they deserve the biggest clap some of them legends some of them the unsung heroes who convince those legends to put it in and the countless hours just even that in the end you can't just know how that feels unless you made a game in saying that here we go the 10 games that went above and beyond the call.
#10. Grand Theft Auto V- I don't think you can ever get sick of ever hearing everyone have say about GTA it's awesome it's stupid it's too debatable but you can't say it's not a masterpiece I mean Rockstar really step it up hugely I mean it's straight up one of the greatest games made and that's with it being like the most expensive game ever but the money is so worth it thank you Rockstar.
#9. Super Mario Bros. 3- Iconic hmm let's see here iconic and did I say iconic because it's one of the most legendary games ever I mean seriously you have to play it in order to feel the love just play it now and you will feel the love of Mario.
#8. Super Mario World- Another legendary Mario game I mean I was so lucky to play this back when I was younger it was fun, it was mind-blowing at the time and still played today thanks to maker 2 it's just one of those very happy games that is hard to stop playing once you start playing it again so yeah the music is too jiggly if you know what I mean.
#7. Super Mario Bros.- If you're going to put any Mario game on the list straight away you need to put the original SMB because it change the gaming landscape forever without this game I don't think Mario would be here so you have to it's so legendary and touching and moving and the music is literally a godsend!.
#6. Super Mario Galaxy- And here's where Mario dominates my life I mean he is my main guy well once upon a time it was Link but seriously you can't blame me for being in love with a guy who shouldn't just be a regular plumber that's so 1980's oh wait he is a plumber yikes! anyway the point is he lives a different life and I thank Nintendo every day he exists.
#5. Super Mario Galaxy 2- Another Mario game or should I say it's a me Mario! Galaxy 2 did what not many games have been able to do and that is beat the original more levels, more fun and Yoshi is back how are you doing buddy!.
#4. Batman Arkham Knight- I'm only going to say this about Arkham Knight because it doesn't need me to tell you how awesome it is Batman really was Batman in this game now that is sexy as!.
#3. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time- A former greatest game for me of all time for nearly 20 long years and still is one of the most accomplished games in history what with it sheer graphics alone at the time I mean seriously what was I seeing! and what about the influence as well it's arguably the most influential game I have ever play alongside with the two giant games I'm about to reveal thank you OOT for everything!.
#2. Super Mario Odyssey- And who said Mario was done not a fat chance!, this has got to be the most fun Mario game ever so many tributes including the big one for Mario 64 I mean nothing spells Mario like bringing a blend of old and new and unless they do Odyssey 2 they may never get beaten by another Mario game but what about Zelda?.
The Number #1 game of all time for me is a game that surpass the greatness of OOT somehow they somehow literally did the impossible and made it possible anyone think I'm in love with Disney yet anyway it's so hard to believe a Zelda game yes I know a Zelda game defeated one of it's own to get this title and honestly there shouldn't be any guesses which one did it Majora's Mask no, Skyward Sword no the #1 game of all time for me is Breath of the Wild- Which other game was it going to be as far as gaming experience is concerned this is the only game you ever need in your life alongside with the other 9 of the top 10 but in seriousness this game is a phenomenal landmark in today's gaming industry it's a true once in a lifetime event you can't just recreate what Nintendo did and the crazy thing is BOTW 2 is happening! if that somehow does any better than this I might actually lose my mind and never become quite the best in any case thank you so much and now that announcement of me doing more blogs well every Sunday or Monday if I forget I will do a blog about something that interests me whether it's climate change or my say one the world changing or something or it could be gaming who knows but I will do more blogs and I can't wait to continue my blog journey until then thank you for reading and as always pop goes the cheevos!.
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PermalinkTop 150 games ever pt 8 nearly there
Here's 30-11.
#30. Halo 3- Quite a masterful Halo game in it's own right it does pretty well solo and still one of the best multiplayer games you can still play today 360 bringing back good memories!.
#29. Final Fantasy VII- I've been waiting years and years to get the chance to play this game and thanks to XB1 I finally did that and man I really wish I played it back when it was more iconic for PSX.
#28. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas- If you're telling me you don't like blowing up stuff when you want your inner rage to be unleash with a tank! you don't know how GTA works you need to know that feeling to truly feel that satisfaction.
#27. Pokémon Red- Yet another childhood game I was so addicted into this one cause it had Charizard a Pokémon that at the time was so cool and powerful I mean it was a insane feeling just please choose your own Pokémon and you won't go wrong.
#26. Pokémon Black- Is there anything else to add about Pokémon that I haven't already said it's just so fun to play anytime you won't ever get bored.
#25. Super Smash Bros Brawl- My goodness Sonic and Snake in smash! I never thought that was possible and as well the story is so good I mean they picked up the level on smash a lot and brawl is still a great fun game.
#24. Chariot- Look sometimes the greatest games don't always come from major franchises and chariot is one of the best to ever be played that doesn't come from a challenge the difficulty is fair as well as thinking if you should take the bait there is nothing easy almost with the game but you know you got to be involved and I was so chariot should be proud.
#23. Halo 4- How do you even get better than 3 well better multiplayer and story is one way as well as paying respect to a all time great in Master Chief's story I mean the impact, the emotion it's hard to find games like Halo 4 but hey you have to give it that credit.
#22. Ori and the Blind Forest- Just one of the most beautiful games you will ever play even the difficulty doesn't stop it's beauty I mean it's so amazing!.
#21. Pokémon Y- Best Pokémon yet more options than ever before it's much more than just another Pokémon RPG game it's your second life in a way.
#20. Batman Arkham City- Asylum was great but City was mind-blowing! I mean Batman just nailed it perfectly with the story and the combat and the graphics and the different range of characters it really feels good to have Batman being good at something once in a while like so bloody awesome good!.
#19. Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U- Pac-Man Mega Man and Sonic vs Mario that alone for me is a dream come true!.
#18. Halo: MCC- And here's the MCC the whole collection not only combines everything that made these halo games great but somehow makes it even better I mean that's real passion right there for you.
#17. Final Fantasy X- All you need to know about FFX is it's a ride where you will feel like you never had before so play the greatness and start your legend.
#16. Super Mario 64- Huge game that I feel almost everyone has played at least once in their life and if you haven't you deserve to keep hiding in that rock cause this was the beginning of 3D Mario and it's still one of the most important games in gaming history.
#15. Final Fantasy XV- What can I even say about FFXV I mean it's done so much for me as a huge passion played that loves the FF feel and never let it go I mean I couldn't if I wanted to it's just that good of a game you need to play and really almost every FF should make you feel that way.
#14. Elder Scrolls Skyrim- OMG can I even try to tell you what Skyrim meant to me I mean first of all I love the game so much and second I consider it the greatest RPG ever made I mean seriously it has done so much that few games could do better.
#13. Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past- Again there is like so much I could say about the game I could literally make a whole blog about it if I wanted to and I will have to alongside a few other games.
#12. Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword- Just Masterful Nintendo at work again you know it never gets old and why should it ever it still holds well after like 8 years now.
And I hate to do this to #11. but I'm sorry Assassin's Creed Origins- Well let me tell you if Ubisoft wants to beat Origins anytime soon they will have to deal with one of the greatest changes to a major franchise I have ever seen and that is a lot to say as well as making the argument I feel Egypt is the best place AC has gone to by far with Greece closely behind anyway next Monday on my birthday the final 10 I want to thank everyone who has read these blogs from beginning to end and sorry again about the endgame reference but I truly do love you all 3000 see you next week for the finale and pop goes the cheevos! and one more thing Stan we love you 3000!.
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