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gccboyCars 2gccboy won 7 Achievements in Cars 2 for 263 points
gccboyCars 2CRABgccboy won the BUSHWHACKED! achievement in Cars 2 for 46 points in CRAB
gccboyCars 2LICENSE EXPIRED! achievementgccboy won the LICENSE EXPIRED! achievement in Cars 2 for 38 points
gccboyCars 2SURVIVOR achievementgccboy won the SURVIVOR achievement in Cars 2 for 21 points
gccboyCars 2POWER SURGE achievementgccboy won the POWER SURGE achievement in Cars 2 for 35 points
gccboyCars 2RUNWAY PANCAKE achievementgccboy won the RUNWAY PANCAKE achievement in Cars 2 for 42 points
gccboyMaroonersgccboy won 3 Achievements in Marooners for 82 points
gccboyMaroonersCRABgccboy won the Casino Royale achievement in Marooners for 29 points in CRAB
gccboyMaroonersJackpot achievementgccboy won the Jackpot achievement in Marooners for 24 points
The Lord PeanutDOOM 64The Lord Peanut completed the game DOOM 64 and is the 1,747th gamer on the site to complete it
The Lord PeanutComplete Specific GameDOOM 64The Lord Peanut achieved their Goal - Complete DOOM 64
The Lord PeanutDOOM 64The Lord Peanut won 3 Achievements in DOOM 64 for 616 points
Jewl13Jewl13 has reached a new milestone: 155,000 GamerScore
gccboyRiverbondgccboy won 6 Achievements in Riverbond for 198 points
gccboyRiverbondWhat a Catch! achievementgccboy won the What a Catch! achievement in Riverbond for 63 points
gccboyRiverbondStar Power achievementgccboy won the Star Power achievement in Riverbond for 41 points
gccboyRiverbondCaving In achievementgccboy won the Caving In achievement in Riverbond for 25 points
gccboyRiverbondSilky Smooth achievementgccboy won the Silky Smooth achievement in Riverbond for 8 points
gccboyRiverbondHit the Spot achievementgccboy won the Hit the Spot achievement in Riverbond for 54 points
gccboygccboy has reached a new milestone: 330,000 TrueAchievement Score
gccboyShinygccboy won 7 Achievements in Shiny for 196 points
gccboyShinyCRABgccboy won the Purple Cliff achievement in Shiny for 37 points in CRAB
gccboyShinyHigh on the Rocks achievementgccboy won the High on the Rocks achievement in Shiny for 36 points
gccboyShinyLazy achievementgccboy won the Lazy achievement in Shiny for 7 points
gccboyShinyRock Me Baby! achievementgccboy won the Rock Me Baby! achievement in Shiny for 35 points
gccboyShinyJunkyard achievementgccboy won the Junkyard achievement in Shiny for 34 points
gccboyShinyCall Me Bruce achievementgccboy won the Call Me Bruce achievement in Shiny for 13 points
gccboyIron ManCRABgccboy won the City Protector achievement in Iron Man for 51 points in CRAB
gccboyRiverbondgccboy won 12 Achievements in Riverbond for 279 points
gccboyDOOM (1993)Overkill achievementgccboy won the Overkill achievement in DOOM (1993) for 36 points
The Lord PeanutAnniversaryThe Lord Peanut is celebrating their 11-year anniversary of joining TrueAchievements.com
gccboyKing's Guard TDCRABgccboy won the Blood achievement in King's Guard TD for 97 points in CRAB
The Lord PeanutAchievements WonThe Lord Peanut created a new Achievements Won Goal - 21,200
Comment by The Lord Peanut at 16:11 on 03 Apr 2020

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gccboyDOOM (1993)gccboy won 2 Achievements in DOOM (1993) for 161 points
gccboyWorms W.M.D.gccboy won 4 Achievements in Worms W.M.D. for 180 points
gccboyWorms W.M.D.gccboy started the game Worms W.M.D.
Kitty SkiesLivelockKitty Skies won 2 Achievements in Livelock for 127 points
Kitty SkiesGears 5Kitty Skies won 15 Achievements in Gears 5 for 1013 points
gccboygccboy has reached a new milestone: 8,750 Achievements Won
Kitty SkiesKitty Skies has reached a new milestone: 950,000 TrueAchievement Score
Comment by pTartTX at 23:08 on 31 Mar 2020


gccboyRiverbondgccboy won 11 Achievements in Riverbond for 242 points
gccboyDangerous Golfgccboy won 2 Achievements in Dangerous Golf for 34 points
gccboyRocket Leaguegccboy won 5 Achievements in Rocket League for 118 points
gccboyLEGO Worldsgccboy won 2 Achievements in LEGO Worlds for 138 points
gccboyRiverbondCrystalwatchgccboy started the Crystalwatch DLC for Riverbond
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