Calling it there! 78,603 True Achievement score in one day!


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Corrupt XBASteins;Gate 0Corrupt XBA won 3 Achievements in Steins;Gate 0 for 64 points
xTAx LegndShotZMinecraft DungeonsxTAx LegndShotZ completed the game Minecraft Dungeons and is the 1,364th gamer on the site to complete it
darkwing1232Warboatsdarkwing1232 registered for the Warboats event
ProfessorPlutoWarlock's TowerProfessorPluto completed the game Warlock's Tower and is the 1,278th gamer on the site to complete it
ProfessorPlutoWarlock's TowerProfessorPluto has rated the game Warlock's Tower 2 out of 5
ProfessorPlutoWarlock's TowerProfessorPluto won 21 Achievements in Warlock's Tower for 1054 points
Corrupt XBAMicrosoft Solitaire Collection (UWP)Strive for Perfection achievementCorrupt XBA won the Strive for Perfection achievement in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP) for 136 points
Comment by Corrupt XBA at 10:39 on 31 May 2020

Just 2 more bronze medal achievements. Gotta love these games that take you a literal year to complete

CheznoIsland SaverChezno won 3 Achievements in Island Saver for 153 points
JimbotUKACA NEOGEO KIZUNA ENCOUNTER (Win 10)JimbotUK completed the game ACA NEOGEO KIZUNA ENCOUNTER (Win 10) and is the 178th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by JimbotUK at 10:16 on 31 May 2020

11 mins lol

Comment by Corrupt XBA at 10:36 on 31 May 2020

lol nice work

CheznoIsland SaverChezno started the game Island Saver
CheznoYosumin! LIVEChezno won 3 Achievements in Yosumin! LIVE for 48 points
CheznoYosumin! LIVEChezno started the game Yosumin! LIVE
A1exRDA1exRD is now in the top 1000 of the Canada TA Difference Leaderboard
Comment by A1exRD at 11:10 on 31 May 2020

It's a start!

QuickdontdieQuickdontdie is now in the top 500 of the GamerScore Leaderboard for Party
SaP RaZzorSaP RaZzor is now 2nd in the Netherlands TrueAchievement Leaderboard for Xbox One Arcade Racing
Comment by WizZy PL at 09:32 on 31 May 2020

Not bad 👏

Comment by SaP RaZzor at 09:47 on 31 May 2020

Atleast I have the highest ratio of them :,)

JimbotUKSite Leaderboard PositionJimbotUK achieved their Site Leaderboard Position Goal - 20 by 30 Jun 2020
SilentBobsTagPikunikuDancing machine achievementSilentBobsTag won the Dancing machine achievement in Pikuniku for 234 points
Comment by SilentBobsTag at 09:00 on 31 May 2020

No more ABABABABAB for me!!!

Comment by DrAvalanche SP at 09:13 on 31 May 2020

Sounds funny!

Comment by SilentBobsTag at 10:15 on 31 May 2020

Yes, I break together! wink

planting42One Leaves planting42 won 9 Achievements in One Leaves for 788 points
Icefiretn'n Verlore Verstand Icefiretn won 2 Achievements in 'n Verlore Verstand for 4 points
QuickdontdieVambrace: Cold SoulQuickdontdie won 19 Achievements in Vambrace: Cold Soul for 1426 points
MatrarchDeadpoolMatrarch won 5 Achievements in Deadpool for 85 points
RedmptionDeniedDeliver Us The MoonRedmptionDenied started the game Deliver Us The Moon
Comment by JBIoves at 09:44 on 31 May 2020

Neat little game

Death DealersDeath Dealers has reached a new milestone: 100 Completed Games
inToX ShredzinToX Shredz has reached a new milestone: 900,000 TrueAchievement Score
inToX ShredzMetro ExodusinToX Shredz completed the game Metro Exodus and is the 491st gamer on the site to complete it
inToX ShredzComplete Specific GameMetro ExodusinToX Shredz achieved their Goal - Complete Metro Exodus
RedmptionDeniedTHE LAST SCAPERedmptionDenied won 2 Achievements in THE LAST SCAPE for 118 points
inToX ShredzMetro ExodusSam's StoryinToX Shredz completed the Sam's Story DLC for Metro Exodus
RedmptionDeniedRedmptionDenied has reached a new milestone: 2,500 Games Played
WhtthfggLife is Strange: Before The StormWhtthfgg completed the base game Life is Strange: Before The Storm and is the 25,083rd gamer on the site to complete it
Bomber37SubaraCityBomber37 completed the game SubaraCity and is the 247th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by WolfWood37 at 05:05 on 31 May 2020


IcefiretnVertical Drop Heroes HDIcefiretn has rated the game Vertical Drop Heroes HD 2.5 out of 5
Ow NitramPlayerUnknown's BattlegroundsOw Nitram completed the game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and is the 1,152nd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by K4rn4ge at 05:22 on 31 May 2020


Comment by xSup3rM4ri0x at 05:36 on 31 May 2020


planting42Moving OutThe Bird achievementplanting42 won the The Bird achievement in Moving Out for 42 points
iMaginaryyiMaginaryy has reached a new milestone: 31,750 Achievements Won
Comment by NoobgamerValbo at 11:14 on 31 May 2020


iMaginaryyiMaginaryy has reached a new milestone: 1,625 Games Played
LordMakanakiLordMakanaki has reached a new milestone: 705 Completed Games
LordMakanakiKONALordMakanaki completed the game KONA and is the 900th gamer on the site to complete it
LordMakanakiKONALordMakanaki won 8 Achievements in KONA for 814 points
iMaginaryyBean DiveiMaginaryy won 1 achievement in 1 new game as part of their Bean Dive
MemoriesOfFinalMemoriesOfFinal has reached a new milestone: 1,300,000 TrueAchievement Score
MemoriesOfFinalTotally Reliable Delivery ServiceMemoriesOfFinal completed the game Totally Reliable Delivery Service and is the 1,219th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by K4rn4ge at 05:23 on 31 May 2020


Inferno118Inferno118 has reached a new milestone: 1,570,000 TrueAchievement Score

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