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PermalinkJimmy Hopper Week 7 - "Ceaseless Attack"
Short one this week the cutoff is becoming slightly tricky and I really need to sleep! Will do a recap on some of the highlights / strategy discussion once this madness is over, though I'm taking it one day at a time and we may see another weekly blog yet!

I now have 22 different games with a 10+ ratio achievement in which seems like a pretty nice stat. Though I'm sure some of you ratio fiends smash that?

Thanks to everyone with the words of support. toast

Also good luck in all the UHH matchups! Has been fun looking over all your lists not having to worry about my own. I think the craziest I spotted was https://www.trueachievements.com/event/UHH3/matchup/8817 Facial La Fleur straight out of the Leapfrog fire into UHH hell! Looks like the list itself has them both #MentallyDefeated at the moment laugh

Leapfrog Stats Breakdown

Games Used: 25 (+7)

Badland: 6 (+1)

Cast of the Seven Godsends: 1 - New Arrival

Cobalt: 5 (+1)

Fermi's Path: 1

Guitar Hero Live: 5

Happy Dungeons: 1 - New Arrival

How to Survive: 1

Killer Instinct: 53 (+19)

Kyub: 8 (+3)

Lies of Astaroth: 2

Lumo: 2

Mighty No 9: 6 (+1)

Minecraft 360: 2 - New Arrival

Moto Racer 4: 8

Path of Exile: 12 (+4)

Pixel Heroes: 1 - New Arrival

Plague Inc: 11 (+1)

Rare Replay: 45 (+2)

Recore: 10 (+7)

Screamride: 4 (+1)

Smite: 2 - New Arrival

Super Dungeon Bros: 1 - New Arrival

Sword Coast Legends: 1 - New Arrival

T-Kara Puzzles: 3

Thumper: 5

First to make cutoff: (13/49) (+7/7) - Clean Sweep this week which is pretty nice. smile

Period 43 - 3 Hours 49 Minutes - https://gyazo.com/6d5eb69cca80460b46b1911b375906f8

Period 44 - 8 Hours 38 Minutes - https://gyazo.com/4ce2d3830ed6399b863a2a1864d9ce2e

Period 45 - 10 Hours 12 Minutes - https://gyazo.com/6c95c452df09344a855169e158aa1457

Period 46 - 6 Hours 40 Minutes - https://gyazo.com/88688f33353c33378ffa8592fcbd0db5

Period 47 - 14 Hours 49 Minutes - https://gyazo.com/d9ab45e4b7d1bd60e1d84165272b8651

Period 48 - 17 Hours 13 Minutes - https://gyazo.com/af23f570307bc62cabbf6fd5830b7d98

Period 49 - 14 Hours 10 Minutes - https://gyazo.com/631fdd8b5e59efa6a6fa37a316fb6142

Correct Ratio Bracket: (128/196) (+37/49)

GTASC Points Burn: Total:
2550 (+1650) - Little bit coming in this week, not as bad as I thought it was going to be at the start. (Still got time to change that laugh)

Guitar Hero Live: 310

Happy Dungeons: 290
Happy DungeonsNo fruit comes after deathThe No fruit comes after death achievement in Happy Dungeons worth 306 pointsResurrect allies 77 times.
Random preload.

Kyub: 730 (+420)
KyubSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Kyub worth 408 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Minecraft 360: 630 - Ah good old Minecraft, everyone's favourite when it comes to GTASC scoring.

Moto Racer 4: 280

Screamride: 310
ScreamRideBulk, Smash!The Bulk, Smash! achievement in ScreamRide worth 320 pointsDemo Expert: Gain a Scream Rating total of 100,000,000
Not planning on preloading this game so this is burn.

Hype song of the week:
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PermalinkJimmy Hopper Week 6 - "The firestorm's getting closer"
Alright! Week 6 has brought us into a top 10 position, very cool. 8 out of my 10 seeds made it so I'll take that as a result. Congrats to TXMOOK & Zylo Grey for beating out Spiral & Christoph! Also congrats to Mr Granstaff on making top 10, you did it man! Way to go! toast

Over on Quickdontdie's contest I am trailing a little in 3rd place. Some tough requirements got thrown in which were a bit counter productive to Leapfrog / GTASC to make them worth going for. JBS has taken a flying lead but after dropping out today has given the rest of us a chance to catch up.

Can see week 7 getting very challenging. Going to be seriously tough and maybe impossible to stay in the correct brackets. My updated power rankings would be roughly:

Tier 1

- Infamous, Cyberber, Jimbot, SherlockGecko

Tier 2

- K4rn4ge, Porkroast, Burnah Bros

Tier 3

- Mr Granstaff, TXMOOK, Zylo Grey

UHH Talk

UHH 3 got announced, however the new rules made it more or less impossible for my account to be competitive. Too many games played with very little progress on. Probably all of my lists would not be doable in a week. Sure I could probably make a decent run and it would be a lot of fun but mediocre UHH result vs pushing for a decent Team / Solo GTASC placing, the choice is obvious.

With these rules you actually need to be somewhat of a completionist so you are able to set your lists up to be competitive. Can't see anyone beating Mattias unless some weird variance goes down. Sure he doesn't have 90% of his collection preloaded but what he does have preloaded will give him a huge advantage going into any match. Also very experienced now with targeted preloads and collection exploiting but still anything can happen. (Madeye save us!!)

I maintain my opinion that UHH is the most fun but least competitive contest on the site. That said good luck to everyone taking part, will sit it out and hop aboard the #TeamTriadTrain for this one! Good luck bud.

Leapfrog Stats Breakdown

Games Used:
18 (+2)

Badland: 5 (+3)

Cobalt: 4

Fermi's Path: 1

Guitar Hero Live: 5

How to Survive: 1 - New Arrival - A fun flashback to last years leapfrog! Desperately trying to fit the spark plugs before realising the S rank is way easier on a different challenge just building a crossbow and walking to the end.

Killer Instinct: 34 (+13) - Arguably the 200 matches / 20 ranked wins could be considered GTASC burn but decided it was a bit too fiddly with no trackers and low points to include it.

Kyub: 5 (+4)

Lies of Astaroth: 2

Lumo: 2

Mighty No 9: 5 (+1)

Moto Racer 4: 8 (+1) - This game turned out to be pretty useful for filling in gaps. Might not be worth going for the back end stuff though need to have a play around.

Path of Exile: 8 (+3) - Double reference in the title this week as my PoE character is built around the firestorm spell with a side of necromancy. Here you can see it in action (After I finish running into walls!) laugh

Plague Inc: 10 (+3)

Rare Replay: 43 (+9)

Recore: 3 - New Arrival - The title update was too juicy to pass up.

Screamride: 3 (+1)

T-Kara Puzzles: 3

Thumper: 5

First to make cutoff: (6/42) (+4/7)

Period 36 - 1 Hour 20 Minutes - https://gyazo.com/4207ed02f9240b778b79b61deb4b40b0

Period 40 - 2 Hours 56 Minutes - https://gyazo.com/bf01ba018e981359872f26b20cff8b7c

Period 41 - 3 Hours 34 Minutes - https://gyazo.com/dee74da49cde644314a7d6054f3781cf

Period 42 - 2 Hours 19 Minutes - https://gyazo.com/c7f8ea52cc9eec224843d41ccfbf4fd0

Correct Ratio Bracket: (91/147) (+33/42)

GTASC Points Burn: Total: 900 (+480)

Guitar Hero Live: 310

Kyub: 310
KyubDark Side MasterThe Dark Side Master achievement in Kyub worth 312 pointsDestroy all pots in level 1-18
Not the quickest thing to pop but 300 even in 20 minutes tops is still worth having.

Moto Racer 4: 280 (+170)
Moto Racer 4R&DThe R&D achievement in Moto Racer 4 worth 167 pointsUpgrade the T.U.R.B.O on Jody and Saul's bikes to the max
As preload city as it gets.

Hype song of the week: - This is maybe my favourite song.
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PermalinkJimmy Hopper Week 5 - "Alive & Hopping" + Leapfrog Power Rankings
Still going strong (somehow)! Safe to say week 5 was the week of death with just a handful of grinders headed into week 6! We saw over 20% cuts some days, the biggest since the start of the contest.

Been giving Quickdontdie's contest a go, currently in tied second on that. With Ethstraad and Steel Latch dropping out it looks like a three horse race going forwards with Granstaff and JBS.

Had a quick look at the leaderboards for the last few days and thought I would put together some good old Jimbot power rankings...

The Power Three

1) Infamous - The Defending Champion. The 'Wizard of Ratio'. Juggles MMOs like the rest of us juggle Telltale.

2) Spiralgamerpro - Placed just outside the badges last year which gave birth to a tale of revenge going into this year. Is there any stopping the #TeamSporl?

3) K4rn4ge - Has said to be more focussed on GTASC this year but we know the big K4 has what it takes and one of the best at sourcing / grinding new games

The Contenders

4) Porkroast
- A strong performance last year and looks to be going for it again, definitely a potential badge candidate.

5) Burnah Bros - Competitive to the bone and nailing correct bracket achievements day in day out.

6) SherlockGecko - The silent ninja of TA contests. Off the back of the Egg Hunt victory and lost only to Mattias in UHH2. Not to mention soon to be top 50 in GTASC solo. Watch out for the Gecko!

Bubble Players

7) JimbotUK - See if we can sneak in a top 10 finish, eliminations have been going quicker than expected so far and still feel I have a bit left in the tank.

8) Cyberber - Move over Mr G I think we have a new Kinect specialist in town wink and this one comes with a side of Deathsmiles!? Only time will tell but Cyberber stood out amongst the rest.

9) Christoph - Always puts in a strong performance in these contest and from what I can tell has the skill to match anyone, will we see Christoph find their debut badge?

10) Mr Granstaff - Can the big G find a top 10 finish? Yeah man! I believe. The Kinect plus extras strategy working well so far.

Stats Breakdown

Games Used: 16 (+4)

Badland: 2 - New Arrival - I had already played a fair bit of this but should start to be a significant player from now on.

Cobalt: 4 (+3)

Fermi's Path: 1

Guitar Hero Live: 5

Killer Instinct: 21 (+2)

Kyub: 1 - New Arrival - Bringing out the big guns! Though not sure how far I'll get with it.

Lies of Astaroth: 2

Lumo: 2 (+1)

Mighty No 9: 4 - New Arrival - Pretty cool achievements list for doing all sorts of random things! Unlike this one other game releasing tomorrow...

Moto Racer 4: 7 (+3)

Path of Exile: 5 (+2)

Plague Inc: 7 (+3)

Rare Replay: 34 (+11)

Screamride: 2

T-Kara Puzzles: 3 - New Arrival - This game came out of nowhere, helped us win the GTASC week and made for an easy leapfrog day!

Thumper: 5

First to make cutoff: (2/35)

Nothing new here :(

Correct Ratio Bracket: (58/105) (+28/35)

GTASC Points Burn: Total: 420 - Mostly fiddly low scoring achievements this week + Rare Replay. I can see this getting much harder to keep up going forwards.

Guitar Hero Live: 310

Moto Racer 4: 110

Hype song of the week: What's it gonna take to make a dream survive?
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PermalinkJimmy Hopper Week 4 - "Lets Get Ready to Rumble"
Not much to say this week, a lot of simple rare replay achievements used to make cutoffs meant I had some time to make a start on Path of Exile as well as some good old GTASC activities. Took our 5th first place badge mostly thanks to AxDEMONxWITHIN pushing for 400k Gamerscore this week so congrats go to her on that milestone!

A couple of more days for top 100 by the looks, lets get it!

Games Used: 12 (+3)

Cobalt: 1 - New Arrival - Finally jumped on the Cobalt bandwagon, lots of free ratio in this game.

Fermi's Path: 1 - New Arrival - Surprised I pulled one out on this as it is one of the few games that triggers motion sickness for me. Definitely will need to force myself to play in short sessions if I do try for anymore.

Guitar Hero Live: 5

Killer Instinct: 19

Lies of Astaroth: 2

Lumo: 1

Moto Racer 4: 4 (+1)

Path of Exile: 3 - New Arrival - Epic game! Intimidating achievement list though, currently 62 leapfrog eligible achievements!

Plague Inc: 4 (+1)

Rare Replay: 23 (+20) - Just a note on Rare Replay, not counting any of this as GTASC burn as I might decide to go for the completion towards the end of GTASC.

Screamride: 2 (+1)

Thumper: 5

First to make cutoff: (2/28) (+1)

Period 21 - 8 minutes - https://gyazo.com/3e36d6f53ff36d0fd230910cd8cd2258

Period 24 - 9 minutes - https://gyazo.com/33b7c35d2a891a0c614a862777a95b31

Correct Ratio Bracket: (30/70) (+24/28) - I think it has got to the point where it is relevant to be using the correct bracket achievements if you are looking to go far. (Unless you are spamming out rapidly decaying achievements on new games or title updates). Three of the four I missed were Path of Exile so a tick there and a spare Rare Replay achievement, so starting to rein this stat in. smile

GTASC Points Burn: Total: 420 (+110)

Guitar Hero Live: 310

Moto Racer 4: 110 - Just a quick misc achievement I could have saved. Wasn't 100% sure it would pop though on this dodgy game so just went for it.
Moto Racer 4FashionistaThe Fashionista achievement in Moto Racer 4 worth 123 pointsCustomize Stella to the max

Hype song of the week: Maybe you're strong, but do you stand a chance?
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PermalinkJimmy Hopper Week 3 - "Never Miss A Leap"
Getting into the meat of the contest now and things are only going to snowball from here on out! Been pretty easy so far always having a lot of choice of what to pop. I think week 4 is where the contest really begins, the daily cutoff is no joke at this point.

Looks like I overestimated my top 100 prediction of day 32, people are dropping out thick and fast. Even at 20 eliminations a day now we will see period 29 for top 100 and I would expect more than that to croak when we hit the first couple of days week 4.

Games Used:

Guitar Hero Live: 5 (+2)

Killer Instinct: 19 (+3)

Lies of Astaroth: 2 (+1)
Lies of AstarothMore Money Than GodThe More Money Than God achievement in Lies of Astaroth worth 286 pointsHave one hundred million gold at hand.
Not considering this as GTASC burn as was truly getting sick of micromanaging the gold total for the preload. Now spamming through the gold for level 20s + resistance shuffles should help close out the last few torment maps and hit dungeon 100 more consistently. Really hoping we see new achievements on LoA before GTASC ends!!

Lumo: 1 - New Arrival - Lots of free ratio on this game. Duck hunt and Old school look scary though. I am not very good at gauging how deep you are jumping in a room, need to practice more.

Moto Racer 4: 3 - New Arrival - Wasted three high ratio achievements on days I was already safe so was happy to be finally able to use it.

Plague Inc: 3 - New Arrival - A lot more fun than I was expecting! Can see it getting annoying trying to close out the back end achievements though. The kind of game that would be fun to mess around on and not worry about achievements.

Rare Replay: 3 - New Arrival - Will probably be using a few bits and bobs from this to make up the numbers going forwards.

Screamride: 1

Thumper: 5 - New Arrival - First game I have got addicted to this year, at least it took until mid August for it to happen otherwise the GTASC run might not have been a thing! Definitely one of the best games I have played in a long while; the mood, the speed, the challenge leaves you in a state of zen like nirvana. Absolutely pains me to have to preload this, would love to just play for leaderboards and have nothing to do with damn achievements for once. Three and a half months to go...

First to make cutoff: (1/21)

Period 21 - 8 minutes - https://gyazo.com/3e36d6f53ff36d0fd230910cd8cd2258

Correct Ratio Bracket: (6/42) - I think it's more of my meta game to try and do really badly on this haha. Though it should get easier to pick up the numbers going into week 4.

GTASC Points Burn: Total: 310

Guitar Hero Live: 310 -
Guitar Hero LivePointdexterThe Pointdexter achievement in Guitar Hero Live worth 231 pointsScore 100,000,000 points in GHTV.
Guitar Hero LiveHero Power-fulThe Hero Power-ful achievement in Guitar Hero Live worth 108 pointsUse Hero Powers 1,000 times in GHTV.
A little bit borderline but 10 minutes for 300 ish would have been worth having. Tentatively going for the completion during Leapfrog but the 1 million strums might prove to be just too stupidly grindy unless I can come up with something a little creative.

Hype song of the week: Thumper Edition
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